The Nairobi Embassy Bombing matrix was shown on the TV program, Secrets of the Bible Code Revealed by Roy A. Reinhold. Done a couple of weeks after the embassy bombing.

Terms: central term is embassy -- shagreeroot (vertical red letters black ovals)
USA (aleph resh hey bet), 3 shown crossing embassy (two share an aleph, the other aleph is bottom of embassy (red letter in black oval; blue letter in octagon; green letter in box), (of 6 total)
truck -- masa'eet, near top of matrix (octagon with pink letters)
bomb -- petsatsah, last letters of truck and bombs touch vertically (rounded box with blue letters)
Datsun -- reported as either Datsun or Mitsubishi, crosses truck bomb, (semi oval with purple letters)
were killed -- nehergoo, just below truck, vertical, light brown letter in octagon
247 -- (resh mem zayin), crosses "were killed", black letter blue box
were killed -- nehergoo, 2nd one is right of embassy, dark blue letter in octagon
Nairobi -- lower left from embassy, green letter in black box (nun yud yud resh vav bet yud)
Kenya -- 2 times cross Nairobi and share a kuf, brown letter in flattened oval, dark blue letter in house shape
to murder or destroy -- laheros, just above Nairobi, teal letter in house shape
247 -- (resh mem zayin), crosses at end of laheros, green box black letter
1998 (5758) -- (tav shin nun chet), lower right of embassy, purple letter in black box
15th of Av -- (yud hey bet aleph bet), closely parallel 1998, green letter in flattened oval
in the morning -- baboker (bet bet vav kuf resh), crosses 1998 and 15th of Av, brown letter in black box
10:45 -- (yud mem resh), 5 times by letters of in the morning and 15th of Av, black letter in purple box
verb, to kill -- laherog, crosses in the morning, pink letter in black octagon
15th of Av -- (yud hey bet aleph bet), vertical to right of embassy, teal letter in rounded black box
1998 (5758) -- (tav shin nun chet), crosses 15th of Av, red letter in black octagon
Howaida --(hey vav vav yud dalet hey), alias first reported, real name is Saddiq Odeh, pink letter black oval
Nacha -- (nun aleph chet hey), alias first reported, real name ?, dark blue letter house shape
Howaida and Nacha cross the terms truck and bomb, they occur again crossing each other just above the center term embassy. (lower 2nd time crossing; blue letter in house shape, magenta letter in flattened oval)
Saddiq -- (shin dalet dalet yud kaf), crosses lower term of alias Howaida, blue letter in house shape
Odeh -- (aleph vav dalet hey), crosses lower term of alias Howaida, black letter in blue circle
Khalid -- (chet ayin lamed yud dalet), crosses truck near the top, red box black letter
-- (shin aleph lamed yud mem), red circle black letter
This is the man identified as the one who threw the flash grenade at the embassy guards. Khalid and Salim cross. Khalid Salim is an alias for Rashed Daoud.
Rashed -- (resh aleph shin dalet), teal circle with black letter
Daoud -- (dalet aleph vav dalet), teal box with black letter
Real name of man with alias Khalid Salim. Rashed and Daoud cross, and they cross Khalid Salim.