At "Minimal Encounter"

Copyright 2003  by Asali Zaki  August 20, 2003

The following article contains matrixes about the cutting (loss of) electricity to New York City and dozens of other cities in the USA . Attention !! All the words of the matrix have been found at Minimal ELS ( Equidistant Letter Sequence ). "Minimal Encounter" in One Chapter of the book of Numbers in Ch. 18.


The Matrix starts at Numbers 18:4 and ends at Numbers 18:15.

Webmaster note: You might notice that the background letters in the above matrix has black letters and gray letters, and wondered how Dr. Asali accomplished that feat. This is a new function in the beta of CodeFinder: Millennium Edition version 1.23beta. Alternating Word Highlighting (AWH) was an idea of Dr. Asali and quickly built by Kevin into CodeFinder. If you can read Hebrew, you could actually read the surface text directly out of the matrix with this new AWH feature. It allows codes researchers to quickly see the background word separations in the surface text. It hasn't been made available yet for use by CodeFinder owners (but may be made available soon in beta on the Private webpage for CodeFinder owners).

Also, you might notice that the matrix report above the matrix has a few extra lines in the summary lines at the bottom of the matrix report. The new beta of CodeFinder automatically calculates and shows the matrix odds. I think it puffs it up a little, since a matrix R-value for surface terms at ELS of +1 are added in, and I believe that surface text terms at ELS of +1 should have a matrix R-value of 0.0 (we know ahead of time with 100% certainty that they are there). In this case, Dr. Asali's term at ELS +1 is "ner esh" and is thus different than the surface text, and therefore should be treated as an ELS term. The total R-value of 15.535 means the matrix odds are 1 chance in 3.426 times 10 to the 15th power.

The Matrix in detail :


A) The light is the opposite of dusky (black-out)


B) Spoilage of the Electricity  apparatus


spoilage (ELS 25) "Minimal Encounter"- 4 in the torah

Apparatus ( ELS 99 ) "Minimal Encounter" -4 in the Book of Numbers

Electricity ( ELS -1 ) "Minimal Encounter" with the word Spoilage



C) of the USA

The word "of USA" crossed the word "blackout" at ( ELS 52 ) in the torah.

Webmaster note: I took a look at Dr. Asali's main term and snooped its preceding letters to see if it was part of a sentence or phrase. The following is what I came up with.

The only controversial word above is "b'ri" translated "with overflowing". It's only used once in the Tanach in Job 37:11 and means "with a downpour" as in a cloud. The standard explanation of electricity uses water in a river or stream as an analogy, so a sudden overflow seems apt as an analogy. We've found out that a sudden reversal in line voltage and flow in Ohio caused the blackout in the USA, tripping the grid offline. That directly corresponds to what the extended main term is stating.

Also interesting, if you have a conspiracy mindset, is that a few days later the entire nation of Georgia lost power; and today on August 28, a large portion of London and the surrounding area lost electrical power. A conspiracy mindset might postulate that the NWO order crowd is testing their ability to shut down electricity in nations and regions. Roy.

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