Angelic Announcement to Mary
& Yeshua's Conception
, part 3
by Roy A. Reinhold February 1, 2001

We've gotten to the point where we are looking for corroberation for the 1 Tishri, 3759 birth date for Yeshua (September 11, 3 BC) by investigating whether the matrix also has the angelic announcement to Mary and the conception. The conception should be 270-271 days prior to the birth, or ~December 13, 4 BC. The matrix report follows:

As you can see above, the sub-matrix area on the conception tells quite a story. It shows that the year is 3758 (4 BC), and something surprising showed up. In looking for all possible dates for Kislev in the matrix area, it came up with 22 Kislev, plus it showed the evening 1 of Hannukah as a date. These are both in 3758 (4 BC). I would have guessed that the angelic announcement to Mary and the conception took place together, but that is not the case.

It seems that the Angel Gabriel visited Mary on Kislev 22 in 3758 (December 11, 4 BC), and announced to her that she would conceive and bear a child by the power of the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit). However, the conception didn't take place until Evening 1 of Hanukkah, which begins on the 25th of Kislev every year. Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights and commemorates the Maccabees victory over Antiochus Epiphanes and the Syrians. They liberated Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and lighted the menorah in the holy place of the Temple, with just enough oil for one day and it burned for 8 days. Hanukkah commemorates that miraculous cleansing of the Temple and the 8 days the menorah was lighted supernaturally.

The matrix shows that as 24 Kislev was ending and 25 Kislev beginning, marking the beginning of Hanukkah, that the power of the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and she conceived. That day was December 13, 4 BC, when Mary conceived and became pregnant with Yeshua. The matrix shows that Mary was a virgin (bethulah). Her child was Yeshua the Messiah who came from heaven to earth. Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth of the Galilee.

Erev 1 of Hanukkah is more specific than just saying 25 Kislev, since it pinpoints the time to a few hours in the evening of December 13, 4 BC. Our criteria has been met now, where the conception of Mary was shown to be 271 days prior to the birth date. The bonus was in finding out the date that the angel made the announcement to Mary, which was a couple of days prior to the conception. What we'll need to look at now, is whether the Brit Milah (first-born dedication and circumcision) at the Temple was on the 8th day following the birth of Yeshua.

First, a quick look at the matrix below, followed by a few comments on matrix design.

One thing you'll notice is that there are many parallel terms, but the letters seem to be spread out somewhat in the matrix. The reason for this goes back to my comment in part 1, where I said that this was a 3D matrix, but that we would have to show it in flattened 2D format. Many of the terms appear at around 304 or double that of 608. This is indication of the cutoff size for each pane in the 3D cube. 304 divided by our matrix ELS of 19 gives us 16. We forward the view that this matrix in 3D would have individual panes with the size of 16 rows by 19 columns. At that size, a term at 304 would be a horizontal term from front to back with one letter on each pane in the 3D cube, while 608 would be a horizontal term from front to back in the cube, but with a letter on every other pane. Plus or minus 19 from 304 and 608 would give us additional diagonal terms in the 3D cube. I realize that some of you cannot easily picture this in your mind, but for those who can, it is prima facie evidence for a 3D matrix.

CodeFinder: Millennium Edition Bible code software was used for all the matrixes shown in this multi-part article. It is the number 1 ranked codes program, and hopefully in the future we will venture into actually building a 3D codes program.

Let's go to the next matrix which shows the Brit Milah at the Temple, and you'll find that matrix much simpler to view and understand.

Part 4, Brit Milah at the Temple on the 8th Day

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