Bible Codes Breakthrough: Amazing Matrices and How-To Guide
by Moshe Aharon Shak

202 pages in full color, sold as a PDF eBook, 8.2mb download size.

Bible Codes Breakthrough promises to be the book that many people have long waited for, a book that shows the Bible code at the next level. It's a book that explains how you or anyone else can do good Bible codes work, and then shows matrices developed using the stated protocols.

Skeptics have had a field day picking apart simplistic Bible codes matrices on the level of Michael Drosnin (author of The Bible Codes, and Bible Codes II). What skeptics cannot respond to cogently are Bible code findings at the next level, where phrases and complete sentences comprise a matrix with a common theme. Bible Codes Breakthrough is the beginning of a number of books by top codes researchers who directly answer the skeptics; not with endless arguments, but with real, concrete findings. These findings are statistically beyond the level of chance occurrence in the universe. In the end, the argument of atheists that there is no God and thus there can be no Bible code, versus code proponents who adamantly maintain there is a Bible code, will be proven by real findings and not by shrill voices. The proof is in the pudding.

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In the 10-commandments matrix, Moshe has developed the main vertical term at an ELS of +14, as shown on the cover. In English, Console them from (the book of) Exodus in writing that letter-words are of his mouth. The following graphic shows more of the matrix where it identifies who did the writing in letter-words.
The long term is vertical in the matrix as the main term, but is shown here horizontally to more easily display what is occurring in the matrix. The Hebrew letter yud in the word his mouth is shared in 3 directions. Going upwards is YHVH eloheykha (YHVH your God, or YHVH is your God). The letter-words (Bible code) are from the mouth of YHVH (the memorial name of God identified throughout the Tanach), and he is identified as your God to Israel and all nations.
Going downwards from the shared yud, is the abbreviation for YHVH (yud yud) and ken (true, thus, yes, so). The meaning is: YHVH is true.
In its entirety, just this small portion of the 10-commandments matrix tells us: Console them from Exodus in writing that letter-words are of his mouth; YHVH is your God; YHVH is true.
Others have postulated that perhaps aliens wrote the code into the Bible, but the surface text of the Bible tells us that it is YHVH (God) who is the author of the Bible (through his prophets). And the Bible code tells us a message consistent with the surface text, that it is YHVH who is the author of the Bible code (letter-words).
The complete10-commandments matrix as shown in the book, contains many additional terms that support this theme plus other sub-themes. It's an impressive matrix.