New unique Search Parameters window that allows customized ELS search for EACH term in the search list. You can type a complete list of terms (unlimited, limited only by free ram memory) and then customize the ELS range for each term to control the amount of finds for each. The window shows a very accurate real-time statistical calculation of expected occurrences which clues you in to the best ELS range for each term. You can also ignore some terms for search in the initial search.

After conducting an initial search, you can now add new terms, search for previously ignored terms, or modify existing terms in the subsequent search (es). The program will retain all the unmodified terms from the initial search and only search for the new or modified terms, and re-match the terms in automatic matrix determination. This function will cut many hours off the codes search process.

Notice also that you can manually enter the English translation for a typed in Hebrew (or Greek) term, allowing you to later use bilingual toggling to see what each term means in English.

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