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CodeFinder: Millennium Edition software for Bible codes research. #1 ranked Bible code software program in the world. Wonderful new 54-page Tutorial with 2 Lessons that teaches you the program step-by-step on real matrixes. Available on CD or save money and buy the download version (same program as on CD).

Easy to use, very fast, and function rich with groundbreaking tools. Cuts codes research time by 100's of hours. FREE update for owners on installed program. Works with Windows 98-ME-2000-NT4-XP-VISTA-Windows 7.

There are other Bible code software programs, so why consider CodeFinder over all the rest? The main reason is that CodeFinder is faster, and the unique automatic matrix determination feature sets it apart from the rest. You can search for unlimited search terms; and the program will find all occurrences of each and then match the finds into close proximity matrixes. The tree of results shows how many terms are in close proximity to the main search term, quickly leading you to the optimal matrix.

New version 1.23. Many great new features and optimized for Windows VISTA (32&64-bit) and Windows 7. Below are new version 1.23 features:

1. Actual/expected numbers in search results. (in Search Results pane)
2. Faster import.
3. Matching may be faster.
4. Faster display of cached results.
5. Extra movable separator bar between search list and seach results. (can resize the two panes in the main screen)
6. The search results instantly displays any changes that are made in the search list.
7. There is now no limitation on the number of search terms that can be entered, only the computer available ram memory limits it now.
8. Spaces in terms. (this is a huge change, since it allows your Hebrew terms that are multi-word to have spaces between the words in Hebrew while still searching as if it were a long continuous string. The changes show throughout the program).
9. The program calculates the matrix odds automatically and shows the odds in the matrix report. A few extra lines have been added in the summary at the bottom of the matrix; where it now shows total R-value and the matrix odds. An excellent new capability.
10. Alternating Word Highlighting (AWH) makes the surface text in the matrix alternate the words in black and gray so that one can easily recognize the surface text words in the matrix. To turn AWH on and off, a new menu selection called "Word Highlight" is under the Options menu. This works very well and is an excellent new function.
11. Onscreen keyboard has space bar to type in terms with spaces between words.
12. Changing the ELS range in Settings automatically changes the ELS range From--To: on the Main screen.
13. New HELP system that works with Windows VISTA and Windows 7.
14. Allows to delete ELS +1 from search range with easy menu selection.
15. Optimized for Windows VISTA (32&64-bit) and Windows 7.
16. All new Tutorial with new step by step Lessons. Includes Peshitta Aramaic Grammar section and more.

Main Features:(click on links to see graphics of functions)

  • Will search for codes in the Hebrew Torah and Tanakh, Greek New Testament, or English New & Old Testaments (for practice codes searches and to learn the program easily). Also has in Hebrew: Genesis, War & Peace the same length as Genesis, and an electronically randomized Torah. In English we also include Moby Dick.
  • Bilingual dictionaries for English-Hebrew and English-Greek, automatically available in the correct language depending on the text you load for search. Click on the dictionary button and start typing an English word and a double column appears. Double-click on the Hebrew (or Greek) term and it's entered for search without typing.
  • Hebrew onscreen keyboard and Greek onscreen keyboard can be used to type onscreen using your mouse, or guides you as you type in Hebrew (or Greek) letters on your computer keyboard, when entering search terms by typing.
  • Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, VISTA and Windows 7 design integration with buttons for quick access to most-used functions, and menu selections for other functions.
  • Automatically adds different colored shapes around the letters of each term in the displayed matrix, making it easy to pick out terms. Also, you can turn off individual "found terms" in the matrix with a right click in the tree of results when the screen is too cluttered.
  • Enhanced Matrix Report is created with one click of the mouse; and includes all the terms in the matrix in both Hebrew and English, the term ELS, statistical text R-value and matrix R-value, and beginning and ending of the term by book-chapter-verse. Also includes matrix summary information. Save it as an RTF file, or a tabbed text file, or print it directly. This function makes it easy to prepare a complete Matrix Report for the web as a GIF.
  • CodeFinder can search for unlimited terms, words or phrases at once, and find them all in a few minutes. What used to take hours of computer time 10 years ago, now takes a couple of minutes.
  • New 54-Page Tutorial for the new version 1.23 just released. The Tutorial has 2 Lessons that take you step-by-step through the process of creating 2 real matrixes; and teaches all the program functions at the same time. The best Tutorial available in any codes program.
  • It was fast before, now it smokes! There is no other codes program that even comes close in speed.
  • With a double click on any letter in the displayed matrix, the program opens up a scriptures window showing the book-chapter-verse which contains the letter, and the verse in both Hebrew and English, Greek and English, or English-only depending on the text being searched.
  • Export Search Results function saves a complete search including the entire tree of results, matrix, and remembers the text searched and all settings. If you're part way through refining a codes matrix and have to quit, just save the search and you can come back to it another day at the exact same spot where you left off, with one click on Import Search Results. A fantastic function!
  • Advanced Printing Capabilities. Allows you to selectively print a matrix sub-area, print to file, or print the entire matrix. Also print the matrix Report. Color printing of matrix now done directly from CodeFinder.
  • Dictionary Manager program allows you to add words or import an entire bilingual dictionary at once, that you can use in codes searches.
  • CodeFinder comes complete with all fonts and texts, nothing else needed.
  • Bilingual display of Search Terms list and Search Results list When you enter terms with the dictionary and do a search, many people forget what each Hebrew (or Greek) term means in English. Now you can toggle them to English by a simple right click in the Search Terms list window. You can also manually add the English word equivalent when paging through search terms using the Search Parameters power-user function.
  • breathrough cursor tooltip function allows you to click on a marked letter in the matrix, and the cursor tooltip window opens, showing the term in Hebrew and English, the term ELS, and a statistical R-value. No other codes program has anything like this capability. No more wondering what it all means (for people with no knowledge of Hebrew).
  • HELP pages, electronic manual that outlines a step-by-step method for doing a simple codes search, explaining the functions. Also, another HELP page explaining how to use all CodeFinder functions in a power-user search.
  • Great Calendar Conversion tool converts Gregorian dates to Jewish calendar dates and allows entry of date search terms without any typing. All four possible date forms are selectable.
  • Number Conversion to Hebrew Letters allows you to type in a number, have it converted to Hebrew letters, and send it for Codes Search without typing. Quick, accurate, and useful.
  • Priced low at $67.95 (US$) plus $5 for shipping worldwide (USA-Priority Mail, elsewhere-International Air Mail), the CodeFinder: Millennium Edition program (version 1.23) comes on CD-ROM. More features below, or go directly to secure online ordering page. We have ultra-strong 128-bit encryption for online credit card orders (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express).

    Buy the Immediate Download version through Paypal and be using it in less than an hour, at $57.95. Saves ~20%, 18 mb download, exact same program as the CD. Also, followup download e-mail sent too.

    If you'd like to order by mail using a check, money order, or credit card, you can display and print out a text order form here. Or PDF. Codes in the Bible, 1221 Buttonwood Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525 USA

    Ranked #1 among all Hebrew Bible code programs in the world.

    We offer full technical support for CodeFinder: Millennium Edition via e-mail, by mail, or occasionally be telephone upon request.

    ...Paypal purchase

    Paypal for $67.95 + $5.00 shipping
    for all countries (CodeFinder on CD).

    More Advanced CodeFinder Features:

    CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is the codes program you need, and it's available at at low $67.95 (US$, plus shipping) on CD-ROM for the new version 1.23 (CDs in stock). Go to the 128-bit secure online order page.

    Here's how a simple search is done by anyone very easily using CodeFinder:

    1. Select "Load Text" and then the text you want to search
    2. Set in the ELS search range
    3. Use the Bilingual Dictionary, or type in terms for search using the onscreen or computer keyboard
    4. Press "Search" and CodeFinder finds every occurrence and automatically determines close proximity matrixes
    5. Click in the tree of results to display the desired matrix.
    6. Analyze results.
    7. You're done, refine as desired!


    Codes in the Bible is an independent business in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. We will never give your name, address, or e-mail to anyone else and will guard the information as if it were our own. The Codes in the Bible website also creates a central place where anyone can display their codes findings with attribution (no simple 2-4 term matrixes that can be random occurrences :-).We offer full technical support for CodeFinder.

    Codes in the Bible, 1221 Buttonwood Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525 USA

    We use the CodeFinder program extensively and participated in its development. We can answer any question on using the CodeFinder program. E-mail us at the link below.

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