Breakthrough Cursor Tooltip Window

One of our objectives in builging new functions into CodeFinder, is to make the whole process of Bible codes research easier for the beginner as well as the experienced user. New in CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is the capability to easily view terms in the matrix rather than just seeing it as a jumble of Hebrew letters which you might not understand.

Now you can right-click and hold on a marked letter in the matrix, and a cursor tooltip window opens that tells you the letter is contained in a specific term. The window displays the term in Hebrew, in English, shows the term equidistant letter spacing (ELS), and gives you a statistical R-value which helps you to determine whether the term is likely there by chance or design. The portion of matrix below showed the tooltip window when the red yud letter in Einstein was right-clicked (the computer cursor doesn't show).


We have Einstein in English,

in Hebrew,

the S-value is the term ELS at -3322 (meaning a reverse occurence read from bottom to top),

and statistical R-value.


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Besides seeing what the term looks like using the cursor tooltip window in the code matrix, you can bilingual toggle the Search List and Search Results by simply right-clicking in the white area of the Search List pane area. Toggle from Hebrew to English, or back to Hebrew.