Automatic Find Best Matrix Function

A marvelous new function in CodeFinder Millennium Edition is a means to automatically explore the multi-dimensional aspects of the Bible code. As a result of research finds, the Bible code seems to be designed with an optimal display for each matrix. Normally, you would look for a main search term and other terms that are in the vicinity of the main term. When doing this, the main term is vertical and centered in the matrix. However, by using row-splits, we can look for the optimal display of the matrix, which is the multi-dimensional aspect of codes design.

Before, we manually looked at row-splits of 2-11 to see which was the best matrix. Now in "auto" row-split, the program evaluates all possible row-splits for each occurrence of the main term, and chooses the best row split for each occurrence of the main term. In essence, it is automatically finding the best matrix. Now, the user merely looks for the greatest number of matches and is immediately clued into the best matrix with the most terms in it. You should still look at the best 2-3 to see which is better for your purposes, but this capability cuts hours off the process (something no other Bible code program has). After the search is complete, CodeFinder sorts by number of matches and lists them from highest numer of matches to lowest. Therefore, you can just look at the few best at the top of the list.


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