Matrix on Ehud Barak's election as Prime Minister in Israel (uploaded May 18, 1999). The creator of this matrix is anonymous, because the person is well-known and has made statements on not using the Bible code to do matrixes on future events. This matrix was done a couple of weeks prior to the election. I chose not to upload it at that time, since I didn't want to influence the election in any way, and it was a small test of the accuracy of a code on the future. Besides, it doesn't have a lot of terms in it yet. The other point is, that with two major candidates, one could have guessed that Ehud Barak might win. Therefore, at best it had a 50-50 chance of being right.

This matrix doesn't prove that Bible code matrixes on future events are easy to do. I've seen others do matrixes that were wrong. We have much to learn about the codes before we can easily do accurate code matrixes on the future. And then there is the ethical question of doing a codes matrix that may itself affect the future event it covers.

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