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Many articles are in HTML using GIFS, however, some are in PDF format to display Hebrew text and to allow the viewer to zoom in and out. Those will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program and browser plug-in (available at ). Click to go to Part 2 of Hebrew Matrices.

NEW May 2008 Mathematical Relations and the Year 5768 (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov. Lyuben investigates mathematical relationships between terms in a Bible code matrix.

The AD 2006 Torah Code Revisited: A Wonderful Tale of a Comet (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov. The author looks back over predicted 2007 events and has new findings related to recent comets and other events.

The AD 2006 Code in the Torah and the Time of the End: A Connection Between a President of Israel and a Lord Jesus Allegory Pointing to 2007 (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov. A new matrix by that investigates Shimon Peres gaining the presidency of Israel in the Bible code. He also ties it to other events expected by Lyuben in 2007.

Part 3: Solomon, His Throne, And The Latter Days: Quantum Computation in Action? (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov. An investigation of terms related to Bulgaria with musings on possible numerical relationships of terms. Lyuben is trying to develop additional ways to look at a codes matrix.

Hurricane Katrina Bible Codes Matrix (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. New matrix with 22 terms that are sentences. It investigates the possibility that hurricane Katrina has an X-Files type twist involving scalar electromagnetic waves. The matrix is far beyond chance in the universe, and I think you'll see that the findings are extremely interesting. 650kb, 16-page article.

The Coming of Elijah Matrix (PDF) by EP. A comprehensive (and nice looking) matrix on the Coming of Elijah. Make sure you show the matrix at 100% size in order to clearly see all the terms in the matrix. The matrix has 72 terms and is statistically very significant. It also has a predictive element.

New Bible Code Matrix on 9-11: Learning the Value of Snooping (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. I decided to develop a new advanced matrix on the 9-11 attack, that is both statistically significant and meaningful. My purpose was also to show the reader how to go about developing more advanced Bible code matrixes. I think everyone will find this matrix visually stunning.

Protocol of a Statistical Evaluation of Some Items in the AD 2006 Matrix (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov of Bulgaria. A paper by Lyuben to answer some e-mails he's had concerning the statistical relevance of his matrix and some of the terms in his AD 2006 matrix. An interesting paper. I also duplicated his matrix in CodeFinder and put a note at the end on the odds I came up with using the R-value method in CodeFinder.

Dispelling A Myth About Transliteration Of Names (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. After a recent article by someone giving bad transliteration advice, I thought it would be helpful to show everyone that both logically and from the Bible itself, that the bad advice is disproven. The bad advice was in regard to transliteration of names in the Bible code, and stated that certain letters can only be used for people who are Jewish. In fact, the Bible clearly shows many, many non-Jews whose names are spelled within the Bible using these so-called "prohibited" letters. A short 6-page article that should be helpful to most people.

A Strange Code About AD 2006 Discovered In The Torah (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov of Bulgaria. A paper that investigates a Bible code concerning the year 2006 and its relation to prophecies.

Falsifying Moshe Shak's Papers on Mel Gibson (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. After privately confronting Moshe Shak over his papers attacking Mel Gibson and pointing out numerous illegitmate Bible code techniques employed, Moshe has asked me to remove his papers from the website, which I have done. I consider Moshe Shak to be one of the world's top Bible code researchers, but he stepped way over the line. In reality, we don't have a handbook on the Bible code giving all the rules, so read this paper to see the problem areas. It will help everyone to see what techniques and problems to avoid in codes research.

Safe States For Jews During The Holocaust In Europe 1941-5: Encoded in the Torah (PDF) by Lyuben Piperov of Bulgaria. An extensive paper investigating the Holocaust in Bulgaria and the rest of Europe in WW2, in the Bible code. Lyuben looks at encoding of "safe states" during that tragic period in world history. Specifically, Lyuben wanted to know whether the Bible code showed the extent that heroic Bulgarians went to in order to save Jews and not comply with Nazi extermination plans. It's an aspect of WW2 that people are largely unaware of. The PDF allows you to save it and print it if you desire. E-mail Lyuben with any comments.

WMD from Iraq Matrix (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. The WMD (weapons of mass destruction) from Iraq matrix was introduced on the new History Channel Bible code special which premiered on April 11, 2004. It is shown here in its entirety. The matrix investigates whether Saddam Hussein relocated his WMD to Syria and the Beqaa valley of Lebanon prior to the recent war which began in March, 2003. The matrix affirms the investigation thesis and adds predictive elements.

End of Days Matrix (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. The End of Days matrix was introduced on the History Channel special, The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon, although they didn't show the matrix itself on the show. It's an important attempt at using the Bible code to see if we can identify the timeframe for the end of days period. The matrix is ultimately about the coming of the Messiah to reign on the earth.

Nibiru and the End of Days (PDF) by Bob Schneider. He has developed this preliminary work looking at the subject of the supposed planet Nibiru in the Bible code. The matrix article has a number of matrixes. The article may be controversial and Bob welcomes e-mails on the subject (address at end of article).

Saddam Hussein Captured matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. Bible code matrix on the recent capture of Saddam Hussein from a rat-hole in Iraq near Tikrit, north of Baghdad, Iraq.

The Hidden Message in Psalm 22 Matrix by Richard C. Prendergast. He has developed a low ELS matrix in the area of Psalm 22, that ties in the prophecies of Psalm 22 with Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. He uses names and titles for the Messiah in the surface text of the Bible and locates them in this matrix with excellent odds. Feel free to read the matrix and e-mail Richard if you have questions or concerns. Richard Prendergast is a Christian missionary and former Master of the OM missionary ships Doulos and Logos II. He resides in England.

Jerusalem Terror Bombing on August 19, 2003 Matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. A Bible code matrix on the terrible bombing in Jerusalem, Israel on August 19, 2003.

Electrical Blackout in the USA Matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. Dr. Asali's Bible code matrix on the electrical blackout in the Northeast USA in early August 2003.

NEW Advanced SARS and the Health of the Lungs Matrix (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak. Moshe's advanced version Bible code matrix on the SARS virus. The new additions include quite a few new matrix terms and hints at an avenue for a cure. Extensive PDF file with impressive statistical significance.

SARS Bible Code Matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. A Bible code matrix on the SARS virus.

SARS and the Health of the Lungs Matrix (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak. Moshe's Bible code matrix on the SARS virus. It's an issue that has many people concerned, especially in Asia or if you travel from Asia.

Iraq Crisis Matrix, Part 1 by Dr. Asali Zaki. Part 1 is a quick look at the current events taking place in Iraq, in the Bible code.

Columbia Shuttle Disaster, Part 2 by Moshe Aharon Shak of Canada. Part 2 delves more deeply into the Columbia disaster. It's oriented towards a Jewish view as it relates to Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, who was on Columbia.

The Final Flight of Shuttle Columbia Matrix, part 2 by Dr. Asali Zaki. Part 2 builds through a series of matrixes, what appears to be a graphic picture of the shuttle in the matrix. The term for the left wing saying, "fire consumed". It's very interesting.

The Final Flight of Shuttle Columbia Matrix, Part 1 by Dr. Asali Zaki. Part 1 has two different matrixes on the Shuttle Columbia disaster. They are both meaningful and statistically significant. As always, Dr. Asali Zaki's take on events is good Bible code work.

Columbia Shuttle Disaster Matrix, Part 1 (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak of Canada. An interesting look in the Bible codes on the Shuttle Columbia disaster. His matrix is oriented towards a Jewish view as it relates to Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut who was on Columbia.

A Scientific Proof for the Validity of the Bible Codes (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak. He has put together a 6-page paper outlining the methodology he used to create the Washington Sniper matrix and Israeli Elections matrix. Both of these matrixes were done BEFORE THE FACT and accurately showed what took place. Even if you are not a Bible coder yourself, and merely a casual reader of the work of others, this paper's methodologies will help you by giving you a framework to judge whether the coder uses good methods.

New Revised Israeli Election of January 2003, Bible Codes Matrix (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak of Canada. (January 24, 2003) Moshe has expanded the January 9 article with a 2-page Postscript and new expanded matrix and matrix report. The Israeli election is scheduled to occur on January 28, 2003.

Israeli Election of January 2003, Bible Codes Matrix (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak of Canada. (January 9, 2003) Moshe has endeavored to do and make public this Bible code matrix, BEFORE the coming Israeli election in 3 weeks. Oftentimes, skeptics have said, "Well, I don't see many matrixes done before the fact." Here is one example of a predictive matrix. Whether Moshe is shown to be right or not, we who work in the Bible codes will learn from it. Newly modified on January 16, 2003 to fix Annex A where the Hebrew had gotten mixed up. Also added two polls graphics.

Malvo Identified as Shooter in the Bible Codes Matrix (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak of Canada. In part 2, Moshe has revealed previously developed findings that showed that Lee Boyd (John) Malvo was the shooter in multiple shootings in the Washington D.C. area murders. He had developed these findings from the Bible codes BEFORE the information was publicly announced on TV and in newspapers.

Washington D.C. Area in Fear Bible Code Matrix paper (PDF) by Moshe Aharon Shak of Canada. (January 8, 2003) Originally online November 29, 2002. Moshe has found and developed a wonderful matrix paper on the recent snipers in the Washington D.C. area, which includes known information on the suspects Muhammed and Malvo. The paper also includes speculative information about a tie-in with Iraq and sympathy for the 911 terrorists. The statistical significance is far beyond chance. In order to facilitate understanding, Moshe has many sub-matrixes to break down the findings into more easily understood chunks, with entire matrix & report at the end.

A Look At Rock Music by Bill DePace. Bill is a Christian schoolteacher who has taken a look at Rock Music and it's possible effects on people. There is also an article after the Bible code matrix section.

Breast Carcinoma (cancer) Matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. Dr. Asali takes a look at breast cancer in the Bible code.

Anthrax Article and Bible Code Matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. A very good introductory article on anthrax and a compact Bible code matrix showing anthrax in the codes.

The Big Bang & Creation? Matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki. A kabbalistic view of the creation of the universe as explored in the Bible code. This matrix is not too significant statistically, so it doesn't prove the case; but Dr. Asali has written an excellent article that you'll find very interesting.

World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001 Matrix by Roy A. Reinhold. A tragic event took place on 911, where many hate-filled terrorist teams took over airliners and flew them into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, plus the Pentagon building in Washington DC. This matrix has many sentences and is an extremely significant matrix from a statistical view. We extend our sympathies to the families of the victims, both on the ground and on the airplanes. The American people are now wide awake to the threat of terrorist events from the same people that have planned and carried out a number of attacks against the USA in the past 8 years.

Melchizedek and Yeshua (Jesus) Matrix Part 2, with long terms by Cindy Marcell of MN. Partially snooped by Roy A. Reinhold with Dr. Nathan Jacobi, and Walter York. The result is very long terms that are complete sentences; a 40-letter term, a 35-letter term and more. This matrix is just the tip of the iceberg regarding very long terms in the Bible code. The statistical odds are phenomenal. The matrix shows the case that Melchizedek and Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth are the same person. View part 1 below before viewing part 2. The matrix is large due to the long terms (580k in GIF) so the page will take a little time to download.

Melchizedek and Yeshua (Jesus): Are they The Same Person? Matrix by Cindy Marcell of MN. A highly significant Bible code matrix that explores the question of whether Melchizedek and Yeshua were the same person. Melchizedek was an enigmatic individual sparsely mentioned in both the Tanach (OT) and New Testament of the Bible, but at the same time a person spoken of in a very different way than as an ordinary human. In the article is also an excerpt from the Dead Sea Scrolls that speaks of Melchizedek. Presented from a mainstream christian view.

Hebrew Matrixes Part 2 has many more older Bible code matrixes. Click to go there.