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  • Seven Recent scientific papers on the Bible codes presented at a conference.
  • Recent books and code program changes.
  • Running codes programs on Linux.
  • FREE Hebrew Alphabet Quizzer program. Learn the Hebrew letters.
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CodeFinder version 1.23 Tutorial New September 21, 2008

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Bible Codes News

January 14, 2007 Computronic Corp. of Israel has now made available for purchase, download versions of Jerusalem Dictionary and Bible Codes Plus in addition to their flagship program Keys to the Bible. The download versions are the same as on CD, and allows a purchaser to immediately download after purchase. We offer all 3 programs on our shopping site.

Dec. 8, 2006 Preprints of Seven New Scientific Papers For Presentation in Hong Kong in August 2006. The linked page has 7 Bible code papers presented in August 2006 at the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Hong Kong. They buttress and greatly support the original WRR paper published in Statistical Science (Witzum, Rips, Rosenberg) in the 1990's. It's well worth your time to read them.

Running Bible codes on Linux update. Win4Lin has come out with Win4Lin Pro 3 version which allows Windows XP and 2000 to run at native speeds on a computer with Linux. You would need Win4Lin Pro 3 at $69.99 as a download and then also Windows XP or 2000 to install. Since all Bible code programs are made for Windows (none for Mac or Linux), this is an option for Linux users. The Pro 3 version is a free upgrade for current owners of Win4Lin 99 (which allowed Windows Me/98/95 usage). See the Win4Lin website for more info. The new Win4Lin Pro 3 works with 64-bit processors from AMD and Intel. Note: personally I think Linux users should just dual-boot to either Linux or Windows. That way they can run programs natively at the highest speed with no problems. If a person did set up their computer for dual-booting, then they wouldn't need Win4Lin.

Bible codes research in the Peshitta Aramaic NT has seen some excellent recent successes. Pastor Dave Bauscher has found long Bible code terms and has them on his website at: Aramaic New Testament. There are some excellent articles on the subject of Peshitta Aramaic NT Bible codes there. Pastor Dave is also part of a group making an Interlinear Peshitta Aramaic-English NT Bible. You can view the portions for free at the website.

FREE Hebrew Alphabet Quizzer software for learning the Hebrew letters--runs on all versions of Windows. One can learn the letters using homemade flashcards using 3x5 index cards; but with the software one can also hear the Israeli pronunciation of letter names and learn the letters as numbers. It's free and I think you'll like it a lot. Download here.

Running Bible codes on Linux. One user of CodeFinder: Millennium Edition Bible codes program (Ron) shared that he has successfully run it on Linux using Win4Lin Home, at The Win4Lin Home program costs $29.99 as a download, and then one has to also have a Windows ME or 98 CD (requires a recent Linux distribution with kernel 2.4). Ron says he used Linspire Linux as a distribution even though it is not on Win4Lin's approved list, and all functions in CodeFinder: ME worked perfectly. This is good news for Linux users who want to do Bible codes research.

Owners of CodeFinder: Millennium Edition have the option of downloading the latest beta of the next version (1.23 beta). Those who are using the normal version installed from the CD can ignore this message, unless they want to utilize the new functionality on the beta of the next version of CodeFinder. It works very well.

If you have a Palm OS handheld computer and want a Hebrew-English translation program or module for it, Ectaco Inc. makes a software program with a 400,000 word/phrase database for it for about $50. They also make a Windows program, but I don't think it begins to approach what is in the Jerusalem Dictionary/Super Milon Hebrew-English dictionary we sell on this website. The reason I say that is that Jerusalem Dictionary has synonyms, antonyms, and over 8000 fully conjugated verb tables besides having a simple word/phrase database as large or larger than than in the Ectaco product. In other words, Jerusalem Dictionary is a much more complete and helpful software program than the Ectaco product.

Do you need a FREE graphics program? I know there are some people who have purchased a Bible codes program, and then don't have a graphics program to handle the matrix or matrix report as graphics. IRFAN VIEW 2007 (version 3.99, new 11/22/2006), a PC Windows program (95 to XP), handles all the common graphic file types (bmp, gif, jpg, jpg2, png, tiff, etc.) The program is extremely useful and its price (free) is hard to beat. You can find it at Tucows, ZDnet, and many download sites including Just go to the download site and type in "Irfan" and you should easily find it.

Links to other Bible Code websites

Peshitta Aramaic NT Bible Codes website Pastor Dave Bauscher has found some extremely long Bible code terms in the Peshitta Aramaic NT, which are explosive in consequences. The website has Bible code articles, Peshitta Aramaic articles, and free portions of an in-work Interlinear Peshitta Aramaic-English NT Bible.

Worldwide Witness: Messianic Gematria and Bible Codes by Moshe Zew of Hebron, Israel. The website has articles from a variety of people in a number of countries, Bible code matrixes, gematria, and much more.

Bible Code Digest website A pro-codes site offering a free bi-monthly newsletter. Their work is beyond the little simplistic code matrices of early codes researchers (like Michael Drosnin, Yaacov Rambsel, & Grant Jeffrey). It's a site well worth visiting. Ed Sherman is the author of the relatively new and worthwhile book, Bible Code Bombshell.

The Bible Codes website It has many articles about the Bible codes, matrixes by many people, and FAQ. There are many good articles on this site, and refutation of a great number of works by codes critics. Not updated much lately, but the material is still very good.

Bible Code News website Robert McCoy uses high-quality equipment to record audio interviews with top codes researchers. I've listened to the interviews and they are definitely worth your time. This is a unique new and free service designed to make Bible code research and procedures more accessible to everyone. May not have been updated lately.

Exodus 2006 website A website with perhaps hundreds of Bible code matrices from many codes researchers. Yes, a lot of them are simplistic, but there are also some statistically significant ones mixed in. Their prediction of leaving earth in 2006 is obviously wrong, but their matrix to support it was never statistically significant anyways.

Ark Code website Barry Roffman's website showing his work in the Bible code looking for the hidden ark of the covenant. Website contains extensive graphics, Bible code maps, and articles. Barry is the author of the book, Ark Code, available for purchase here.

Here's an active Yahoo Discussion Group on the Bible Codes. They have over 1400 members and continually cover many basics of the codes there.