Better than a just a dictionary, Jerusalem Dictionary (formerly called Super Milon) translates Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew. It is a thesaurus with synonyms and antonyms, helping to show someone new to Hebrew the nuances of possible words to use in Bible code searches. It is a wonderful way to learn Hebrew verbs, with over 8000 fully conjugated verb tables. Jerusalem Dictionary (Super Milon) pastes words and phrases directly into the following Bible code programs for codes searches:

  • CodeFinder: Millennium Edition
  • Keys to the Bible
  • Bible Codes 2000

In addition, Jerusalem Dictionary will paste words and phrases directly into any Hebrew supporting word processor (that supports right to left typing like Dagesh, DavkaWriter, or Accent Express). It also has a reverse paste function for pasting into any regular word processor. Also pastes into Wordpad and MS Word (if you format it to the Hebrew font).

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Jerusalem Dictionary goes from English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English. The above graphic shows English to Hebrew, and shows the word as a noun, as a verb, and with antonyms for nuances of meaning. The cross check function allows further quick analysis for nuances of meaning, as does the synonyms function. This is a very robust software program, that is quick and easy to use.

Although the Bible codes programs have their own bilingual dictionary built-in, we recommend Jerusalem Dictionary, the bilingual dictionary/thesaurus, as a wonderful complement to Bible code programs because it is a SPELL-CHECKER, TRANSLATOR AND BILINGUAL VERB CONJUGATOR ALL IN ONE:

  • It includes synonyms.
  • It includes antonyms.
  • It suggests the correct spelling if you wrote the word with a spelling error.
  • It allows cross checking the translations to pin point the closest to the intended meaning.
  • It includes thousands of phrases and expressions with translations.
  • It includes thousands of verb tables, fully conjugated, showing their classification, root and other information.
  • This an invaluable tool for students of the Hebrew language.
  • It works inter-actively with the best Bible code programs. Operating in the background, it can be brought up with a simple keyboard command, for instant use.
  • Requires PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (does NOT work with Vista)

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