Exciting New Bible code optional search texts available for the CodeFinder: Millennium Edition program. Each pack has a number of search texts (only $5 per codes pack). Go to info page for complete info. Pack#1- Peshitta Aramaic NT; Pack#2-Hebrew Torah & Tanach with letter substitution-Albam, Atbash, Atbach; Pack#3-Greek NT.

Click here for article comparing all the Bible codes programs by Roy A. Reinhold. Ranks programs; has speed tests; and discusses functions and capabilities of all the Bible code programs. (PDF file 165kb in size).

Keys To The Bible, #2 ranked in world.
e only sell Keys to the Bible as a Download in order to save customers money and provide fast delivery and the latest changes.

$54.95 as a Download. (using Paypal purchase method).

Keys To The Bible builds on the base level of Bible Codes Plus/2000 and adds lots of new desirable features. It's the #2 ranked codes program in the world just behind CodeFinder. This premium codes program has accurate automatic statistics for matrix odds, an excellent gematria engine with 8 methods, automatically generated matrix report, mirrored matrix, plus full Rashi commentary verse by verse, Bible chronology, 613 commandments of Maimonides and much more. Use it to search the Bible code for your name, and past/present/future events. It's also an excellent gematria investigation tool, and the program concordances, commentary and other features are great Bible study aids. For a PC with Windows 98 , XP, Vista and Win 7&8.

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Ark Code has over 55 high-quality matrices and 10 geographic maps. 243 pages in oversize 7.3" x 9.3" book size, trade papercover. Written by Barry Steven Roffman. Retail price is $17.95 + shipping.

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Is it possible that the Ark has been found using the Bible codes? Ark Code is a fascinating read about locating the Ark of the Covenant using the Bible code. Barry Roffman pioneers the unique concept of actual ELS maps encoded in the Bible code. Not just any sort of encoded maps, but maps focused on locating the precise position of the long-lost Ark of the Covenant - maps that use our modern lattitude-longitude grid system. If the maps encoded do result in the recovery of the Ark, the impact on science, religion and geopolitics could be earth-shaking. Excellent critical analysis of other sites for the Ark.

In Ark Code, Barry explores many of the stories and myths on where the Ark might be located, and then shows redundant ELS maps in the codes to pinpoint where he believes the prophet Jeremiah hid it 2,600 year ago.

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NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones

by Walter Keith York. 315 pages with advanced Bible code matrices

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Martin McDonald and his wife Rachael were stunned by the turn of events. Wrested from their well-to-do world, they were beguiled into participating in a secret black government project that would forever change their lives. That was the cause for the change; that was the cause of their encounter with these modern end-times Nephilim.

Why were the Nephilim and their hired-gun scientists peering into past and future events through the Bible code? It all became apparent very quickly.

The ancient Nephilim, mentioned in biblical ante-deluvian times and in ancient Greek mythology, were physical giants. They were the mighty men of renown due to their size and aggressiveness. Banned from the earth, they've found a way to return; and although not physical giants this time, their aggressive ways are the same as in ancient times.

Walter York weaves real cutting-edge Bible code matrices using all phrases and sentences in the storyline, to reveal both the ancient and end-times Nephilim. NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones is a story of good versus evil . . . of love lost and restored . . . of a secret government project gone awry.

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Bible Codes Breakthrough: Amazing Matrices and How-To Guide, by Moshe Aharon Shak

Bible Codes Breakthrough is an excellent 202 page book, with the first half being a practical How-To guide on how to do valid Bible code matrices. The second half is filled with many fascinating matrices at a much higher level of statistical significance than other books on the Bible codes. The 24-letter term on the cover is the main term for Moshe's 10-Commandments matrix. That ought to give you a hint at the level of codes work Moshe produces.

All the matrices, illustrations and pictures are in full color. We are making the book available as a PDF eBook, precisely because we can offer it in full color at a modest price of $8.95, while a book like this printed in full color would be $30.00 or more. There are over 100 matrices in the book with accompanying tables and full explanations. Frankly, there is far more substance in this book than in Michael Drosnin's books and other Bible code books. After purchase, you will receive a download e-mail with a link to download the book (8.2 mb in size because of all the color matrices). You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view the eBook. Moshe Aharon Shak is an Orthodox Jew who approaches the Bible code from a traditional perspective.

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CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is the world's #1 ranked codes program $57.95 as an immediate download (using Paypal purchase option).

Version 1.23 is optimized for Vista and Win 7 & 8 (32&64-bit), works also with Win 98 to XP, and has a new Tutorial.

Unequalled in capability, CodeFinder: Millennium Edition allows the user to enter unlimited words and phrases (limited only by ram), searches for all terms, and then automatically does terms matching to find the best matrix. Matrix filter capability and new feature allowing lengthy terms with spaces between words while searching as a continuous string. It has a very good bilingual Hebrew-English dictionary for entering search terms without typing. Loaded with advanced functions, it reduces what used to take hours to a few minutes. Use it to find your name in the Bible code, and investigate past/present/future events.

Most top codes researchers use CodeFinder: Millennium Edition for their work. It has the Koren edition Torah and Tanach plus English texts for practice purposes. Great matrix display with complete user modification capability, plus you can save the matrix as a graphic, save the matrix report, or print directly.

Buy CodeFinder: ME as an immediate Download using Paypal for $57.95. Immediate download with a followup download e-mail sent to you after you pay. Burn the downloaded file to a DVD/CD for permanent backup. Paypal accepts all credit cards.

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The Bible code is a fascinating area of research, that shows accuracy of the Torah and Tanach handed down to us from ancient times. You can find a matrix on yourself or your family, see modern and historical events encoded, and quite possibly do accurate matrices on the future.

What is the Bible code? It is the large-scale clustering effect of topically related words and phrases in a small area that describes the topic; whether it be a person, event, or thing.

With the best codes software, one can now do as much in an hour today, as a dedicated scholar might have done in a year, by hand, in olden times. Yes, there are critics, but the results speak for themselves.

Would a person with absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew be able to do credible Bible codes research and get good results? Yes, since the software does most of the work. However, knowledge of Hebrew helps and a person can learn as they go. What a wonderful hobby and a means to learn more of and appreciate the Bible God has given to us.

Music From the Torah/Tanach, a new Research Area of Musical Encoding in the Hebrew Scriptures. Program Enables You to Play and Record Your Music. Now only available here as a Download $22.95.

Complete assigment capability for notes, many musical instruments and voice effects (over 125), measure, beat, and save as a MIDI file. Dynamic text allows you to read and view the text as played in both Hebrew and English translation. This software allows the user to prepare, play and record the text of the Torah/Tanach or Bible as music. The encoded music may increase your sense of well being, as well as lifting your soul to higher levels.

We believe that there is musical encoding in the Hebrew Torah and Tanach, just as there is a Bible code with words, and number encoding using theomatics/gematria. Be a part of this exciting and fun research area.

Made by the same company that built the world's number 1 Bible codes program, CodeFinder: Millennium Edition. This is a completely new area of research, of musical encoding in the Hebrew texts. It requires absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew. The more you know about music, the better will be your results. For a PC with Windows 98 to XP & Vista (works with both Vista-32 and Vista-64 bit) and Windows 7. Use the Paypal option for immediate download (credit card direct purchase is delayed to manually process the order).

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