Exciting new Search Texts for the
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We've developed 3 new optional Code Pack Extensions, which add extensive search capabilities to the Hebrew, Greek and English search texts provided with the CodeFinder: ME program. When someone buys CodeFinder: ME as a download or on CD it comes with the Hebrew Torah and Tanach, Greek NT (1550 Stephens manuscript which was used for the KJV Bible), and KJV OT&NT English search texts, plus a few others. The new optional code packs extend this capability at a modest price of $5 each; and they are suitable for either the Download or CD version of CodeFinder: ME. CodeFinder: ME must be installed already, in order to install any of the three Code Packs below.

Code Pack #1: Peshitta Aramaic New Testament (NT)
This Code Pack includes the 1905 Syriac Peshitta Aramaic NT (27 books) and the Khabouris codex Peshitta Aramaic NT (22 books). We've created these search texts using the same font types used in the Hebrew search texts (Ashuri/Hebrew block letters rather than the later used Estrangela script, which became popular in Israel in ~100 AD). We've also created a statistical control text for both, which is an electronically scrambled version of the text suitable for statistical comparisons research. In addition, we've provided an English translation for both the 1905 Syriac and Khabouris codex using Murdock's English translation from the Peshitta Aramaic NT. The English translation shows when the Verse Window is displayed from the matrix, and shows the verse in Aramaic and English. Many scholars have come to believe that the Peshitta Aramaic NT may be the original for some or all of the NT, and therefore is of intense interest for Bible code researchers. Cost is $5 using a credit card through Paypal with immediate download. (6.8 mb download)

Buy Code Pack #1, Peshitta Aramaic NT

Code Pack #2: Cipher Codes Pack (Hebrew texts)
This code pack offers 3 Hebrew Torah and 3 Hebrew Tanach texts that have been modified with the 3 most common letter substitution methods from gematria--Albam, Atbach, and Atbash. Rabbinic gematria teaching includes 22 approved letter substitution methods in Sefer Yetzirah, but the three mentioned are far more popular than all the rest. The Albam method works by substituting aleph with lamed, bet with mem, and so on. The Atbach method works by substituting aleph with tet, bet with chet, and so on. The Atbash method works by substituting aleph with tav, bet with shin, and so on. See the link at bottom for full charts of all 3 letter substitution methods from the teachings of Rabbi Ginsburgh. One example in the Bible is the word Sheshach in Jeremiah 25:26 and 51:41; which is Babylon using the Atbash cipher method. Now researchers can look for Bible codes in these 3 common letter-substituted texts. They may offer great finds, who knows unless we look? Cost is $5 using a credit card through Paypal with immediate download. (8.8 mb download)

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Code Pack #3: Greek New Testament (NT)
This code pack contains 4 additional Greek NT search texts--Byzantine-Majority, Nestle-Aland, Wescott-Hort and Tischendorf. With a more complete suite of Greek NT search texts, researchers are now enabled to more fully explore the possibilities of Bible codes in the Greek NT texts. The Greek textus receptus is the Stephens 1550 manuscript, which is already a part of the suite of search texts in CodeFinder: ME. Cost is $5 using a credit card through Paypal with immediate download. (6.9 mb download)

Buy Code Pack #3, Greek NT



Purchasing and Installation: Quick and easy purchasing through Paypal by credit card or funds on account, and then immediate download of the purchased Code Pack. Once downloaded, double-click on the file icon and it will install the files properly. CodeFinder: Me program must already be installed on your computer in order to install any Code Pack.

Offsite Links to show complete tables of Albam, Atbach and Atbash letter substitution methods.

Site with tables for Albam, Atbach and Atbash showing Rabbi Ginsburgh's teachings

e-mail Roy with any questions you have about the 3 Code Packs: codes04@ad2004.com

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