NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones

Martin McDonald and his wife Rachael were stunned by the turn of events. Wrested from their well-to-do world, they were beguiled into participating in a secret “black” government project that would forever change their lives. That was the cause for the change; that was the cause of their encounter with these modern end-times Nephilim.

Why were the Nephilim and their hired-gun scientists peering into past and future events through the Bible code? It all became apparent very quickly.

The ancient Nephilim, mentioned in biblical ante-deluvian times and in ancient Greek mythology, were physical giants. They were the mighty men of renown due to their size and aggressiveness. Banned from the earth, they've found a way to return; and although not physical giants this time, their aggressive ways are the same as in ancient times.

Walter York weaves real cutting-edge Bible code matrices using all phrases and sentences in the storyline, to reveal both the ancient and end-times Nephilim. NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones is a story of good versus evil . . . of love lost and restored . . . of a secret government project gone awry.

Product Details

  • Papercover: quality trade paperback, large 6x9" size, 315 pages

  • Publisher: Green Shoelace Books; November 1, 2003 (in stock now)

  • Illustrations: advanced Bible code matrices and extensive Notes section explaining code terms

  • ISBN: 0961630663

  • Genre: religion & spirituality fiction; Bible codes

List of Bible Code Matrices

1. Caesar Menorah
2. War in Heaven
3. Nod and the Tree of Life
The Passover to Yahweh :
4. Who is Cain?
5. The Fate of Nod
6. The Rescue of Hell (Nod)
7. Where is the Savior of the Waters?
8. My City Rejoiced
Additional extensive notes on the Hebrew ELS terms in the Appendix

Reader Reviews

5/20/2004 What fun. Reading Nephilim was great from start to finish. Mystery, Bible codes, history, and a final tie-in to our political world today. For a change, a thriller that allowed you to know enough about the characters right from the beginning, so you cared about whom they were, and what was going to happen to them. James Bond has nothing over this group in the international intrigue department. Overall this book provided me with some timely and important lessons. John Ranz, Glenview Illinois.

I enjoyed the book NEPHILIM and read it in two days. It is an interesting story with characters that I found very likeable. It has a good plot, lots of action and good-natured humor. From the first page, there was a gloom of impending doom that loomed over the characters which kept you reading. I'm really not sure what genre this book would fit into, but it gets better the more you read. Tom

Overall I found the book to be very suspenseful and interesting. Your development of characters and their dialogue was very good. I admire your story writing ability, wishing I could do the same. It was a classic story of good vs. evil, with the good guys pulling it off in the end. Bill

This book caught my attention from the very beginning - the storytelling builds to an exceptional climax. For those whose interest lies in bible coding and end-times, you will find this a fascinating read. Robert

I am a slow reader, but my interest was gathered up within the first chapter. Each character is well presented. The interpretations and the codes were well woven into the actual plot of the story itself. As for action, there is seldom a dull moment. I would highly recommend this book for all ages, as well as religions for comparison to their own. For a rating of 1 to 10, I would have to reach beyond 12! The Flood (a pseudonym)

From the first page, I found myself drawn into several levels of interest. The many well placed references to scripture and the fascinating Bible Code interpretations lend thought provoking hints of reality in this fictional work.

There is never a wrong time to contemplate our connection to the Creator and the intended purpose of our life on earth. York offers the reader a creative explorative walk through his vision of Heaven and Earth, emphasizing the prophecies of Earth's final days. He reminds the reader to stay alert, to pay attention to his own thoughts, words and actions, as well as world events as they unfold, and to be aware of the trickery of evil. He strongly portrays the ultimate winning power of Love in this book, and comfort in the ancient prophecies. This book has inspired me to think further into the story, daily. That, to me, is the mark of a VERY GOOD book! Kitty

NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones

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Author Profile

Walter Keith York is a top Bible codes researcher, doing cutting-edge matrices using phrases and sentences. A long-time Christian, businessman, and writer, he orients his codes research towards Christian concepts and apocalyptic possibilities.

Walter York, October 2003

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