Music has the ability to uplift our soul, to inspire creativity, to calm a troubled mind, or to raise emotional levels. It seems that music touches a deep part of us, beyond our physical senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. We hear music through our ears and feel it in our body.
Can we use music to create and to bring about a sense of well-being? (Legal Disclaimer: We make no claim that anyone has been healed using music therapy or that this methodology will heal your health problem. If you have a medical problem, you should consult a qualified physician for care).
The ancient Pythagoreans believed that music was the basis to explain the universe and to touch the hem of God. To them, mathematics was the basis for understanding music and the mystical approach to God.
Ancient jewish legend says that the world was created by the One God through speaking and singing the worlds into existence. The 22 Hebrew letters (27 with the 5 end letters) in pre-determined combinations were used to accomplish this task. So in essence, God created the worlds and entire universe through music. Those Hebrew letters were the means to represent the physical forces used in the creation.
Another old Jewish legend in the kabbalistic tradition tells us that "he who possesses the knowledge of how to form the right combination of Hebrew sounds can create and destroy worlds...." If that is so, then music is just another "delivery method" of those powerful forces and actually has the same effect on people (or matter) as the Hebrew text has when it is read aloud. The Psalms set to music may bring about a sense of well-being when listened to, and sound energy may alter the properties of matter.
Can we tap into the creative forces which put the universe into motion using encoded music?
Modern physics has developed the Standard Model which purports to show the basic building blocks of all physical things: quarks, electrons, and neutrinos along with messenger particles. At the quantum level, mass seems to disappear into forces in Super Strings Theory (or the mass is so small we cannot possibly measure it). Meanwhile, at the macro level we can view the 4 known forces of the universe; electro-magnetic, gravity, the weak nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force.
In Super Strings Theory the strings are vibrating and their state defines the type of particle or force they exhibit; is encoded music a key to those vibrational levels?
Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation wrote, "When the Hebrew letters are understood as pointing directions of our hands, they can also be understood as pointing directions in the more abstract sense. All entities in quantum mechanics are specified by what is called a "quantum state vector." The 27 letters of the full Hebrew alphabet appear to be isomorphic to the 27 lines that solve the general cubic equation, and define pointing directions from a hypersphere.
Is there a direct connection between hyper-dimensional physics, the 27 Hebrew letters, and playing the letters as music that taps into these fundamental creative forces?
This ancient book, the Torah/Tanach or Bible, revered by christians and jews, along with many others, may hold encoded musical keys for creation of, and altering physical matter. Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Len Horowitz are investigating the 6-tone medieval scale and Pythagorean musical scale for physical altering properties and have a CD anyone can buy. Uri Harel and Kevin Zadai have produced a CD called Music From God that musically plays 10 or more Psalms for musical effects of calmness and well-being. We believe they are tapping into encoded musical properties in the ancient texts that can and does change a person's sense of well-being.
Music from the Torah/Tanach allows anyone with a PC and sound card to make their own music from the ancient Hebrew texts. It also can drive external synthesizers, electric pianos, or a rack. With this completely new and powerful software program, anyone can play the text as music or play it at equidistant letter spacing for more deeply encoded music. Music from the Torah/Tanach allows anyone (with no knowledge of Hebrew required) to develop even more indepth and rich music than has been done to date, even by the people mentioned above with CDs for sale. Music from the Torah/Tanach may be the tool needed to allow anyone to tap into these encoded and hidden creative forces.

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Music from the Torah/Tanach program features:

  • selectable text start point for the Torah or Tanach by book-chapter-verse or in the Torah by Parsha (a division of the Torah into 54 segments to cover it in one year).

  • mapping of Hebrew letters to musical notes

  • full 16-channel Midi Sequencer

  • individual tuning of channels on a semi-tone basis

  • selectable tempo and beats per measure

  • common chords and scales built in

  • selection of stereo panning and volume on a per channel basis

  • Midi driver allows control of external synthesizers as well as PC sound cards

  • Master Volume Control allows setting of overall volume

  • drives external electric piano, synthesizer, or rack; or play superbly using just your PC sound card.

  • Save To File feature to record your musical creations as a small Midi file. Make your own CDs! (requires conversion from Midi). The very small Midi file size enables them to being easily sent to others in an e-mail.

  • Dynamic Text, with both Hebrew and English translation windows, scrolls as the music is played.

  • great HELP program feature to fully explain everything

While some of the program features mentioned to the left sound complicated, the Music from the Torah program is very easy to use and intuitive. Absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew is required.

You can install this program and be playing music from the text in less than 5 minutes. All the vast tools and built-in functions merely allow you to more deeply develop the music.

You can record Midi files and make your own CDs, but that requires a CD writer and a conversion from Midi to .wav. Or you can store the small Midi files on your hard drive and play them for yourself and others, or use it as music on a website.

Did you know that plants can be stimulated to grow faster or slower by playing different music? Doesn't it seem likely that there are similar effects on human beings?

Listen to Some Simple Sound Files Made Using the beta of Music from the Torah
by codes/music researcher Walter York
Note: These are Midi files that will play well using RealPlayer or MS MediaPlayer or QuickTime

Sarah's Song 2


Kevin's Long Journey

Music From The Torah works with Win 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP & VISTA (32 & 64 bit)


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