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Music from the Torah is now available ONLY as a Download. For a PC with Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP & Vista(32 &64 bit).

The graphic below allows the user to set any of 127 instruments and sounds to each of the 16 sound channels. The Midi capability enables the user to uniquely play and record using Music from the Torah/Tanach.

The graphic below is the dynamic text screen, which scrolls as the music is played.

As the music plays, you can see the letters played as notes (in red in the Hebrew text window on top). If you can read Hebrew, you can read along, or read the English translation in the lower window. Music from the Torah allows the user to select start points for play from book-chapter-verse, or by Parsha reading. The parasha are a weekly division read in synagogues all over the world at the same time, on the Sabbath. It allows the entire Torah to be read and studied in 1 year. No knowledge of Hebrew is required in order to fully utilize Music from the Torah, however, some interest, appreciation for, and possible ability in music is helpful.


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