Return Policy:
1. In keeping with international software license agreements, we cannot give refunds for software purchased from Codes in the Bible.
2. We will quickly and cheerfully replace any defective software or materials. Our aim is satisfied customers. Therefore, if you receive a defective CD, just let us know and we will replace it.
3. We will provide technical support as needed. All you have to do is ask. We want you to be able to fully utilize the software, and sometimes programs can interfere with each other, or during the installation process, you may not get a good installation. On PC's with Windows, this can often be avoided by temporarily turning off anti-virus software when installing a new program, and closing all programs that might be running. After the program installation is complete, then turn your anti-virus software back on.
Why are international software agreements so restrictive?
In the early days of personal computers in the 1980's, many software companies allowed consumers to return software if they were dissatisfied. What happened was that people found out they could buy software, install it on their computer, and then send the disks back to the manufacturer or take it back to a store, and get a refund. This knowledge spread very quickly. What a deal that was, where you could install the program and keep it, and return the program disks and get a full refund!! Needless to say, many people figured out very quickly that they could get free software by manipulating the system. In some cases related to games, as many as 75% of purchasers got a refund while keeping the software. They drove the companies into bankruptcy.
An analogy is buying a book at a bookstore, taking it home and reading it, and then taking the book back to the store and asking for a refund. After all, you've already read the book and used the intellectual content within it. The same situation occurs with software, because you can install the software and no seller or software manufacturer can know whether you removed the software from your computer, when you ask for a refund. Therefore, international software agreements state that when you buy the software, you own it. What the seller and software manufacturer must do, is replace any defective materials. They must also provide technical support.

Contact Information:

Our mailing address is:

Codes in the Bible
1221 Buttonwood Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525 USA

We can be contacted by e-mail at:


Telephone contact:

E-mail us your telephone number and a good time to call, and we will call you, saving you the cost of a telephone call.

PayPal Online Orders:

We offer visitors the opportunity to purchase products online using the PayPal service. It is a completely free service to purchasers. With PayPal, you can buy products and services very easily, and use all types of credit cards, checks, or a direct debit from a savings account or checking account. You do not have to join Paypal to purchase with a credit card on Paypal. As a PayPal user, you would give your credit card or checking/savings information to PayPal, and not have to give the information to each merchant you purchase from. It's free, and is a way to protect your account information.

PayPal then informs the merchant that you paid for the product or service, and the product is shipped. Merchants pay an amount similar to the costs associated with processing credit cards. That's why PayPal is free to buyers. Personally, I think it is a wonderful service and is a way to safeguard your credit card information, since only PayPal has the credit card number and not the merchant. It also allows people without credit cards to make purchases on the internet in a secure manner.

Privacy Policy:

We will not share, give, or sell any customer information, ever.

Multiple orders:

If you place multiple orders on the same day, we will automatically combine them and reduce the shipping charges to the minimum required.

Shipping procedures:

For all USA orders, we ship using Priority Mail for program CDs, which usually takes ~3 days, although we reserve the right to occasionally use UPS or another shipping service. For Canadian orders, we almost always ship using International Air Mail, but sometimes may use Global Priority Mail. Shipments to Canada usually take 5-10 days when using International Air Mail, and 3-5 days when using Global Priority Mail. Occasionally, Canadian Customs has held up a package, causing a delay that may cause the package to take 3 weeks or more to arrive at the destination.

For International shipments other than to Canada, expect 7-10 days unless your country's Customs service holds up the package.

For books, we ship using USPS Media Mail in the USA to save you money on shipping.

Custom Duties:

Some countries charge customs levies, and many do not. The customer is responsible for any customs duties levied, and not Codes in the Bible. When we fill out the customs forms for international customs, we put the price before shipping costs, in order to show the lowest possible cost. In this way, we contribute to the least customs duties for any customers so unfortunate as to be charged customs duties.

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