The World's Best Three
Bible Code Software Programs

by Roy A. Reinhold

It's not hard for someone who has no experience, to buy a top Bible codes program and begin doing codes research in a credible way. Even if you have no experience with Hebrew, you can learn as you go, and utilize the bilingual Hebrew-English dictionaries in the software to begin doing your own searches. Of course there is a learning curve involved, but it is not that hard. Link to full article comparing all codes programs.

Bible code software overall rankings
based on capabilities:

1. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition, by Research Systems
2. Keys to the Bible, by Computronic Corp.
2. Bible Search PRO for Windows, by Torah Soft Ltd.

Bible Codes Plus/2000, by Computronic Corp.
5. Unlocking the Bible Codes, by Doko Media Ltd.
6. ABC Decoder by Computronic Corp.
7. Bible Code Oracle by Xentao.
8. Torah Codes 2000 by Torah Educational Software

Although there are 8 codes programs available, three stand out head and shoulders above all others: CodeFinder: Millennium Edition, Keys to the Bible and Bible Search PRO. These programs are used by top codes researchers. Why should you want the best program available? The answer lies in the fact that your time is limited and it is valuable. With the top three programs, you can do in a couple of hours, what might take 50 or 100 hours with less capable programs, if you were able to duplicate the results at all. This article is written to help you choose between these stellar programs.

#1 CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is built by Research Systems Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia. Its features were created by top codes researchers to meet their needs. CodeFinder is the number 1 pure codes program, is the world's fastest codes program, and cuts codes research time by multiple hours through fast terms matching. It works on a PC with Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista (32&64-bit). 128 mb of ram needed for reasonable performance. Price $67.95 (US$) + shipping for the CD and $57.95 for the Download version (same program on CD and download). Latest version is1.23 (just out in October 2008 and optimized for Vista 32&64-bit).

#2 Keys to the Bible is built by Computronics Corp. in Savyon, Israel. Computronic created the new premium Keys to the Bible program on the base level of their Bible Codes Plus/2000 program, and then added many new wonderful features. It adds accurate statistics, an extensive gematria engine, and many aids. It is fast, accurate, intuitive, and easy to use. Works on a PC with Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. 64 mb of ram needed for reasonable performance (128mb or more is better). Price $59.95 (US$) + shipping (new sale price, retail is $69.95).

#2 Bible Search PRO is built by Torahsoft in Jerusalem, Israel. Torahsoft has been building Bible codes programs for over a decade, and has made great efforts in the last year to bring their program up to the level of the top codes programs. Bible Search PRO is very fast and has terms matching for 2-50 terms. It has multiple statistics methods built-in, concordance and much more. Works on a PC with Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. 64 mb of ram needed for reasonable performance (128mb or more is better). Price $59.00 (US$) + shipping.

All three programs come with fonts, texts, and everything you need, including bilingual Hebrew-English dictionaries. They are easy to use, and have tutorials. Even 3 years ago, it used to take hours to do searches, while now with CodeFinder, Keys to the Bible, or Bible Search PRO, it takes seconds or a few minutes. The following speed tests show a few types of representative searches:

Test Computer: AMD XP 2000+ running Windows XP Home with 256 mb of DDR ram.

Test 1: 6-letter term searched in the Torah with an ELS range of -20,000 to 20,000; statistically expected number of matches is 60.2.
Test 2: 4-letter term searched in the Torah with an ELS range of -20,000 to 20,000; statistically expected number of matches is 3132.

.Program Name
 Test 1
 # matches
 Test 2
 # matches
 CodeFinder: Millennium Edition  less than 1 sec.  61  less than 1 sec.  3161
 Keys to the Bible  19.5 seconds  61  4.5 seconds  3161
Bible Search PRO 1.0 seconds 61 2.2 seconds 3161

As far as speed goes, CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is fastest and Bible Search PRO is second best. However, Keys to the Bible is faster than most all other codes programs and is sufficiently fast to do excellent work. What becomes of more importance in selecting a codes program, are the additional tools for the user.

 Table of Features

 Program Features

CodeFinder: Millennium Edition

Keys to the Bible

Bible Search PRO

 1. number of terms in initial search? unlimited or limited only by ram, can customize ELS range for each term (best of all programs) main term plus 6 others in initial search many terms, customizable
 2. terms matching? (very important) yes, in all searches all the time (best of all programs)  only in initial search matches 2-50 terms, selectable by least area, diagonal, or WRR distance
 3. can a user do searches within searches?  yes, easy & straightforward  yes, straightforward and has unique dictionary search of matrix yes, straightforward
 4. bilingual dictionary, and entry of terms without typing?  yes, 100,000 words yes, 5 different dictionaries including Main, First Names, Bible Names, Lexicon, and Personal (best of all programs) smaller built-in bilingual dictionary, but includes the huge Babylon Hebrew-English dictionary on the CD.
 5. date and number conversions? yes, both are excellent  yes, both are excellent none for either, user must do it manually.
 6. matrix view with marked letters? yes, excellent display and aids yes, excellent display and aids (slight edge) yes, excellent functionality
 7. matrix report of search results? yes, extensive report with a terms in Hebrew, English, statistics, where found, and matrix summary (best of all programs) yes, very good, lists terms in Hebrew and English. Second best of all programs. good, but not as good as CodeFinder or Keys to the Bible.
 8. can you save the search results and pick up again another day? yes, can export either search list or complete results. (best of all programs)  yes, can save complete results yes
 9. does it have a tree of results for findings?  yes, expandable and collapsible tree of results (best of all programs)  no, serial list of results no, serial list
 10. normal and toroidal searches?  yes, both, only in this program  no toroidal searches no toroidal searches
 11. accurate Torah and Tanach texts? yes, Koren edition Torah and Tanach yes, Koren edition Torah and Tanach Koren Torah, non-Koren Tanach
 12. row-split function that collapses 3D to 2D representation?  yes, manual and automatic, from 1-11 (best of all programs)  yes, manual only but very good, from 1-9 yes, manual
 13. can you locate book-chapter-verse info in the matrix?  yes, 3 ways, one way brings up a window showing verse in Hebrew & English  yes, locate letter brings up window with verse in Hebrew and English yes, multiple ways
 14. matrix aid to keep track of terms in the matrix and English equivalent  yes, cursor tooltip shows term in English, Hebrew, ELS and R-value (best of all)  yes, drop down pane shows terms in English and Hebrew colored as in matrix yes, list in Hebrew and English, and has unique function to toggle matrix to English letters.
 15. onscreen display of Hebrew and English Bible texts for studies?  no, strictly a codes program  yes, the best of all programs, great Hebrew text window with vowelization marks and recent rabbinic translation to English yes, displays texts and allows user modification (no vowelization marks).
 16. concordances for study purposes?  no, strictly a codes program  yes, both Hebrew and English concordances yes, both Hebrew and English concordances
 17. print matrix and report in color?  yes, save as files in a number of formats, and print in color  yes, prints both in color  yes, prints both in color

If you want the best pure codes program, that is CodeFinder: Millennium Edition. However, if you want an excellent codes program with the additional study aid benefits of the displayed scriptures and concordances plus other tools, then get Keys to the Bible or Bible Search PRO. A beginner could be happy with any one of these three top codes programs.

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