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by Roy A. Reinhold

Recommended Publications For Use With The Bible Codes This article contains recommendations for dictionaries, concordances, and a Biblical Hebrew Grammar course for self-study. If you want to learn Biblical Hebrew Grammar and do sentences in the Bible codes, this article explains how you can do this and the books to buy for self-study at home. Also, where you can get them for the least cost.

Dispelling A Myth About Transliteration Of Names (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. After a recent article by someone giving bad transliteration advice, I thought it would be helpful to show everyone that both logically and from the Bible itself, that the bad advice is disproven. The bad advice was in regard to transliteration of names in the Bible code, and stated that certain letters can only be used for people who are Jewish. In fact, the Bible clearly shows many, many non-Jews whose names are spelled within the Bible using these so-called "prohibited" letters. A short 6-page article that should be helpful to most people.

Intro to Statistics in Bible Code Programs--part 1 Introduces the subject of statistics in current code software programs. Explaining R-values--part 2 Defines R-values as a tool for calculating the probability of a matrix, and how to apply them. Solutions to Calculating an Accurate Matrix Probability--part 3 Present methods and proposed solutions to arrive at a single number for matrix probability. Full Calculation of the Sid Roth Life Matrix with Cluster Calculations--part 4 Shows a method for fairly accurate statistical calculations for the probability of a matrix with clusters of terms comprised of many terms. Also, powerful evidence for the existence of the Bible code.

Life Matrixes: Their Design and Lessons Learned--part 1 I use the Sid Roth life matrix recently done for the radio and TV shows to demonstrate the clustering effect in life matrix and teach 10 Lessons Learned that you can apply in doing life matrixes. Life Matrixes: Their Design and Lessons Learned--part 2 Part 2 continues on with the Lessons Learned from life matrixes, on Bible code design. Life Matrixes: Their Design and Lessons Learned--part 3 Part 3 gives the last 2 Lessons Learned and summarizes all 10 design aspects of the Bible code learned in doing life matrixes.

Multi-Dimensional Design Aspects of the Bible Code Written to explain one design aspect of the Bible code that I discovered a few years ago. This discovery helps move Bible codes matrixes from simplistic displays, to the optimal matrix display characteristic in the codes. Part 2 of Multi-Dimensional Design Aspects of the Bible Code Shows how the research has been implemented in the CodeFinder: Millennium Edition codes software program, with screen shots. Part 3 of Multi-Dimensional Design Aspects of the Bible Code Shows how the research has been implemented in a couple of other codes software programs, with screen shots.

Exact Date of the Birth of Yeshua (Jesus) from the Bible code--Part 1 Explains the process of finding the exact birth date from the codes. Date of Birth Matrix for Yeshua (Jesus)--Part 2 Matrix cluster showing the birthdate of Yeshua. Date of the Angelic Announcement to Mary and the Conception--Part 3 Matrix cluster showing the dates for both the Angelic Announcement and the Conception. Date of the Brit Milah on the 8th Day--Part 4 Matrix cluster showing the date for the Brit Milah (circumcision and offering) at the Temple. Other Scholarship Supporting the Bible Code Findings--Part 5 Celestial signs and scholarship on the death of king Herod by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. The new addition is a Flash movie of the Star of Bethlehem made by Dr. Martin and his associates. It's well worth viewing.

by Walter York

The Nephilim: A Primer Walter York has written an excellent 18-page PDF article that is one the best papers I've seen on the topic of the ancient Nephilim, the giants of old, who were on the earth both before and after the flood of Noah. The paper contains Bible code findings related to the topic.

Banding of Terms in a Matrix--Does Banding Determine the Valid Terms? Walter York presents a proposal that banding of terms with a narrow ELS range determined by the ELS of the main or thematic term, constitutes the only valid terms for that matrix.

Parallel Terms in the Bible Code and Jewish Mysticism Article by Walter York that proposes a theory of long terms in the Bible code, in which parallel long terms are topically related.

Pinpoint Matrix--The 70 AD Siege of Jerusalem--Part 1 Walter York presents a new way of design in the Bible codes, and shows it with an impressive group of long string terms (phrases and sentences). Using the historical account of the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, he builds a compelling matrix in confirmation of the details recorded by the eyewitness historian Josephus. In part 1, Walter lays out the Pinpoint matrix theory. Pinpoint Matrix--Part 2, the 70 AD Matrix Display and discussion of the 70 AD Siege of Jerusalem Matrix and Matrix Report. Pinpoint Matrix -- Part 3 Reduced size view of large matrix.

by Kevin Acres

Is There A Message Encoded in PI? or Data Integrity In The Torah (PDF) Kevin Acres of Australia explores different mathematical concepts and applies them to individual books of the Torah and the entire Torah itself to see if they show a pattern from which we can deduce the accuracy of the Torah we have today. He goes on to look at similarly encoded patterns in the mathematical constant of PI. I'm sure it will be a somewhat controversial paper, but extremely interesting. As a bonus, there is a 2 page Addendum which is a Bible codes matrix by Moshe Shak looking for Kevin's mathematical findings in a matrix (should be considered preliminary). Kevin is the creator and main programmer for the CodeFinder: Millennium Edition Bible codes program, the #1 ranked codes program in the world. He welcomes your comments by e-mail.

by Dr. Asali Zaki

The Shroud of Turin in the Bible Code--Part 1 An examination into the validity of the Shroud of Turin by Dr. Asali Zaki of Italy. The Shroud of Turin in the Bible Code--Part 2 More information on the Shroud of Turin.

by Moshe Shak

A Scientific Proof for the Validity of the Bible Codes Moshe Aharon Shak has put together a 6-page paper outlining the methodology he used to create the Washington Sniper matrix and Israeli Elections matrix. Both of these matrixes were done BEFORE THE FACT and accurately showed what took place. Even if you are not a Bible coder yourself, and merely a casual reader of the work of others, this paper's methodologies will help you by giving you a framework to judge whether the coder uses good methods.

by Lyuben Piperov

NEW 12/27/2006 From Genesis to Genetics and Back, Part 2: Words, Flesh and History of the World PDF article by Lyuben Piperov of Bulgaria. Lyuben discusses the possible design of the Bible code in relation to DNA, Quantum Computing, and more. 85 pages.

Safe States For Jews During The Holocaust In Europe 1941-5: Encoded in the Torah PDF article by Lyuben Piperov of Bulgaria. An extensive paper investigating the Holocaust in Bulgaria and the rest of Europe in WW2, in the Bible code. Lyuben looks at encoding of "safe states" during that tragic period in world history. Specifically, Lyuben wanted to know whether the Bible code showed the extent that heroic Bulgarians went to in order to save Jews and not comply with Nazi extermination plans. It's an aspect of WW2 that people are largely unaware of. The PDF allows you to save it and print it if you desire.