Pinpoint Matrix -- Part 3


Webmaster: Walter York didn't provide a matrix view of the whole pinpoint matrix, so I replicated his matrix and did it in 8 pt font, and then reduced the entire matrix by a factor of 5 in order to show the concept visually. Then I put a black background so that only the marked letters are in white, in order to show the matrix.

As Walter stated, any of the ELS terms could be the main vertical term in the matrix. From the matrix report, you'll see that there was a term at an ELS of 75, and the next one was at -629. Walter's matrix report showed that he used a matrix width of 75, which meant that there were 75 columns and about 2500 rows. That size matrix doesn't show well on the internet, but is indicative of a 3D matrix. Therefore, I decided to use a matrix width of 629. This gave a reasonably rectangular matrix as you see below. The term at 75 runs horizontally through the surface text, which is the long white horizontal row in the center.

The choice of of matrix width of 629 may not have been optimal in showcasing the various terms, since most of them are diagonal to the center, and interspersed, which confuses the eye. However, you can pick out about 5 of the terms fairly easily.

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