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Practice English Bible Code Matrices

January 2007. The KJV Old and New Testament texts were included in the CodeFinder: ME software program for practice purposes. We do NOT expect to find any statistically valid Bible codes in a TRANSLATION. We should only find valid Bible codes in the original Bible text. However, if someone new to the Bible codes has no knowledge of Hebrew, then practicing Bible code searches using the English texts is helpful and fun. It can facilitate learning how to use the Bible codes software program.

The PRACTICE Bible code matrixes on this page come from the English KJV New Testament or Old Testament, or other English texts and books. No one says that these matrixes in English have any statistical validity, but they are interesting. There are two programs that come with English texts and the ability to search them for codes, CodeFinder: ME and Bible Decoder.

Asteroid & Comets Matrix by Roger Lalik. A look at comets and asteroids.

Science Topics by Kevin Acres. Faraday matrix, electrical matrix.

J.F. Kennedy Assassination by Anonymous. Names of the shooters taken from the book, KILL ZONE, by Craig Roberts.

Roswell/Alien Matrixes by Kevin Acres. Three matrixes on the 1949 Roswell crash?

Disappearance of Freddy Matrix by Kevin Acres. A matrix that explores things about a man who supposedly had an encounter with aliens over Australia many years ago while flying in his small airplane, and disappeared.

Edgar Cayce Matrix by Dallas James. Makes an assertion about the "sleeping prophet" which may or may not be true.

Orbital Warfare Satellites? Matrix by Kevin Acres. Terms related to warfare using satellites.

CNN & Ted Turner by Dallas James. A few terms about CNN.

Beatles Matrix by Dallas James. A number of close terms on the 1960's music group, the Beatles.


I am not interested in putting many English Bible codes on this page; because I have never seen any that are statistically significant. However, if you develop one that is really interesting, then I will consider putting it here on the website. You can send it to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.