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Bible Code related Book Reviews/Critiques

Torah Codes

Torah Codes: A glimpse into the infinite New in September 2005, this is an excellent Bible codes book by Professor Robert Haralick (chairman of the International Torah Codes Society), Professor Eliyahu Rips (renowned Bible codes researcher) and Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson. It is in large hardcover (9" x 12"), and is in full color throughout. That makes it a little pricier, but for those doing any codes research themselves, this is a must have book. Buy it.

Bible Code Bombshell Bible Code Bombshell: Compelling Scientific Evidence That God Authored the Bible Revised and expanded book by a new publisher in June 2005. Ed Sherman presents compelling evidence, via Bible code findings that are complete sentences, that the skeptics are wrong. Anyone interested in the Bible code ought to buy and read this book.

Ark Code Ark Code by Barry Steven Roffman, in March 2004. It pioneers a new concept in the Bible codes--use of code matrices as maps. The book presents an overview of all theories about where the ark of the covenant could be located, and then promotes a new hidden location found in the Bible code maps. If you're interested in the ark of the covenant, then this book will be of high interest to you.

Nephilim: the Fallen Ones NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones by Walter Keith York, in October 2003.  Advanced Bible codes in a thrilling mystery novel. Walter's Bible code matrices use phrases and sentences--resulting in high statistical significance. The book is about a secret government black project, and the Nephilim, in a modern setting. Readers all like the book's fast-paced action.

Cosmic Codes Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity by Chuck Missler. A book with strengths and shortcomings. Published in 1999, I recommend the book highly as a good book on apologetics, but it's somewhat Bible code lite. An interesting read on macrocodes, metacodes, microcodes, etc.

September 11 is in the Bible Codes September 11 is in the Bible Code By Dr. Larry Mitcham with Clifford & Barbara Wilson. Larry's first book on the Bible code, it was published in 2002. September 11 is a large size book with color used throughout. Dr. Mitcham approaches the subject of the Bible code from a christian point of view and has matrixes on a variety of subjects.

Bible Code II Bible Code II: The Countdown By Michael Drosnin. The book came out in Hardcover in 2002 and Papercover in late 2003. Mr. Drosnin's 2nd book on the Bible codes, it was not the blockbuster seller of his first book. He writes well and provides an interesting read. The matrices are somewhat statistically significant, with some phrases as ELS terms. Worth reading as an historical part of the Bible codes category of books.

Future Prospects of the World Future Prospects of the World By Joseph Noah. Published in 2002, the book has many predictive matrices. However, all matrices in the book are simplistic, with single word terms (and usually 3 and 4-letter terms). It has some interesting portions that come from neither a Jewish nor Christian perspective. This book obviously has interest for non-mainstream and New Agers, who are looking for teachings in their own genre.

Genesis Factor The Genesis Factor: The Amazing Mysteries of the Bible Codes By Yacov Rambsel, written from a christian point of view, this book was published in mid 2000. Yacov furthers his view of the codes, that underlying the messianic prophecies are code terms identifying the Messiah by name. The book flows well and is Yacov's best written book in the Bible codes to date.

Decoding the Bible Code Decoding the Bible Code: Can We Trust the Message? By Dr. John Weldon with Clifford and Barbara Wilson in 1998. A well-written book that raises far more questions than it answers. It raised legitimate questions that Bible code researchers need to answer at some point (largely answered since 1998).

Who Wrote the Bible Code? Who Wrote the Bible Code By Dr. Randall Ingermanson in 1999. An attempt by a christian physicist to disprove the Bible code. Of course he doesn't do that, but it is an excellent book which focuses research appropriately. Read why his book uses straw-man arguments. Recent code developments using phrases and sentences in the codes, show how wrong Dr. Ingermanson was in his claims.

His Name Is Jesus His Name Is Jesus: The Mysterious Yeshua Codes The second book on the Bible codes by the late Yacov Rambsel; it was published in 1997 and 1999. Yacov proceeds to try and show evidence for his theory that the Bible code and the surface text of the Bible are tightly tied together. That may be true only for certain thematic categories of Bible code matrixes. Yacov's writing improves with each book.

The Bible Code: Fact or Fake? The Bible Code: Fact or Fake? By Phil Stanton in 1997. The review/critique of this book shows that Phil Stanton is selling false goods and erroneous scholarship. This was a bandwagon book written solely to cash in on the popularity of The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin. Look at the evidence yourself. Don't buy.

Yeshua Yeshua: The Name of Jesus Revealed in the Old Testament By Yacov Rambsel, published in 1996. His methods have been far surpassed by later codes research. Yacov Rambsel is a man who loves God and loves the Bible. If you are looking for an up-to-date Bible codes book, this would not be it. Look at his 2nd or 3rd book instead.

The Bible Code The Bible Code By Michael Drosnin, published in 1997. It became the #1 worldwide best-seller and is a book anyone interested in the Bible codes ought to read. Yes, we have progressed much further in the code than as shown in Drosnin's book, and his musings that perhaps aliens wrote the code is absurd; but Drosnin's and Satinover's books are required reading for the beginner in the codes.

Cracking the Bible Code Cracking the Bible Code By Jeffrey Satinover, published around the beginning of 1998. This book provides the best background material on the very basic level development of the Bible code from ancient, closely-held jewish teachings. Almost everyone I know likes this book, since it is well-written, THE source for background on the code, and a great intro to the Bible code.

The Bible Code: A Journey to Judgment Day The Bible Code: A Journey to Judgment Day By Dan Harlap in 2001. Written from an orthodox jewish viewpoint, it explores some issues in the Bible code quite different than those held by christians. I see the book more as entertainment than as a teaching tool on the codes; and the storyline flows well, reflecting Dan's past experience in journalism.

The Mysterious Bible Codes The Mysterious Bible Codes By Grant Jeffrey in 1998/1999. A book that shows some of the Bible code findings that Grant Jeffrey uses in his in-person presentations. He has a few basic level and interesting Hebrew matrixes which makes the book worthwhile. His attempt to claim a Greek NT code by finding a couple of words is pathetic. You can find this book at 80% off in price.

Book Reviews related to Music Codes

Music Spirit and the Keys to Prophecy Music Spirit and the Keys to Prophecy: Restoring the Sacred Art By R.S. James, published in 2002. A skilled classically trained musician, Roger James is scoring the text of the Torah and Tanakh using the original music notation (te'amim) to resurrect the complete orchestral music as used at the ancient Temple. He applies understanding from music to tackle prophecy topics in his book. Roger is applying the ground-breaking discoveries by the late Suzanne Haik-Vantoura.

The Music of the Bible Revealed The Music of the Bible Revealed By Suzanne Haik-Vantoura, translated to English by Dennis M. Weber, and published in 1991. THE classic work which rediscovered the entire system of musical notation in the massoretic Hebrew text (te'amim). This is a complete system (with the nikud) beside the vowelization marks in the Hebrew text. Background type material for a possible music codes. (not light material).

Healing Codes Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse By Leonard G. Horowitz, Joseph Puleo, & Joseph E. Barber. A large book of over 500 pages, this 1999 book explores the use of tones and music in healing and health. The authors propose that the ancient corrected music scale (not the modern music scale) is a key to body health. Mystical in origin, Dr. Joseph Puleo claims divine revelation from an angel for knowledge of the tie between music and health. It is also about drug company conspiracies.