review of the Horowitz-Puleo-Barber book,
Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse
written by Roy A. Reinhold

Recommendation: I like the book; but it is sort of music, healing, plus grand conspiracies.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is well known for his book, Aids & Ebola, and his work showing the dangers of contaminated vaccines to newborns and others. In this 1999 book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, he partners with Dr. Joseph Puleo and Joseph E. Barber to bring out a multi-faceted book of immense size (517 pages). In Healing Codes, the central thesis is the discovery by Dr. Puleo (or should I say angelic revelation) of music as a healing tool. And not any music, but the ancient Solfeggio scale which they tie into a Pythagorean number skein.

This is sort of a kitchen sink book tying in a masonic conspiracy; the international drug companies conspiracy which is well documented with actual documents; and a sort of international governmental cooperation with the masonic lodge and drug cartels. The authors provide a good appendix of biblical herbs and the ailments they supposedly help to alleviate, and tie that into the Pythagorean number skein for the music. They have another appendix where they tie sicknesses and diseases into the same Pythagorean number skein which ties directly to the music. I don't know if they have it right or not, but it surely is interesting.

While the book isn't about musical codes, the background knowledge that the authors apply to the musical scale for healing may apply to a musical codes. That's the reason that I have provided this short book review. The topics covered may sound somewhat New Age, but the authors are (sort of) mainstream. Yes, they are somewhat skeptical of the status quo of medicine, which is seemingly in it for the money while masquerading as being there for the people.

Dr. Horowitz provides documentation that there are eugenics groups who want to reduce the population of the earth from its current 6 billion people, down to 500 million, which they view as the sustainable population level. Some may pooh-pooh that notion, although there are corroborating documents to that effect. Dr. Horowitz believes that disease and biological agents are being developed to release on the populations to reduce the world's population, and that the program is imminent. He believes that both aids and ebola were developed in the laboratory and have been released against targeted populations.

If you want to be challenged in your worldview by grand conspiracies (with documentation) then you might like to read this book. The musical aspect of it for healing and categorization of diseases by music/Pythagorean number/frequencies is also interesting. The book is available at or at and Barnes& Check all 3 sites if you are interested, because I saw that there is a $5 difference in price between the lowest and highest cost website.