book review
Torah Codes: A glimpse into the infinite
by Professor Robert Haralick, Professor Eliyahu Rips, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson
written by Roy A. Reinhold, December 26, 2005

Recommendation: A new book in September 2005 by Dr. Robert Haralick (the chairman of the International Torah Codes Society), Dr. Eliyahu Rips (renowned Bible codes researcher), and Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson. It's a must have book for anyone doing any level of Bible codes research themselves, laying out experimental protocols for properly obtaining accurate statistics. Beyond that, I liked the book although it is oriented to an orthodox Jewish religious viewpoint (and I'm not Jewish). The book is 9" x 12" in hardcover and in full color throughout, including graphics, photos and all matrices. This full color printing makes it a little pricier ($26.00 + shipping). You have to order it by telephone in NYC at 1-866-363-3297 or 1-212-372-7553, and ask for the Torah Codes book by Robert Haralick. Outstanding book, BUY IT. As of Dec 2006, Amazon sells it at 34% off, a great discount.

Although there are some distinctly Jewish code matrices in the book, most matrices in the book are about contemporary topics in the news--the twin towers/9-11, terror attacks in Beslan, Madrid, Chechnya, Russia, and the Sinai Peninsula, matrices about the Palestinians, the USA election, the December 2004 tsunami, and Messiah and the End of Days. The point is that the authors provide a complete menu of code matrices for the reader to consume. For each matrix, the authors provide the list of terms considered for the initial search, including those they did not find. From this they calculate the odds of the matrix found based on a Monte Carlo simulation using 10,000 to 100,000 monkey texts. Afterwards, they often further develop the matrix, but the new additional terms don't add to their initial calculated odds even though the additions may greatly expand the meaning of the matrix overall. They make the proper protocols easy to understand.

Only two of the 14 chapters go indepth into the mathematics theory for statistical analyses; but a reader not inclined mathematically can skip over those two chapters leaving most of the book for the more casual reader to gain knowledge of the codes and code findings. I think this is a proper relation of a little medicine (the mathematics) in relation to lots of actual code findings. The use of color in the book really makes it far easier for readers to see and understand the code matrices; and the authors are careful to provide both the Hebrew and English meanings of all terms.

Is there controversy in the book? Yes and no. If you're a code skeptic, the authors are going to step on your toes big time. They demolish code skeptic Dr. Brendan McKay's pathetic hoaxes masquerading as legitimate code findings. Dr. Haralick takes some delight in showing that NONE of Brendan McKay's findings have any statistical significance whatsoever. Yet there are 10's of thousands of people who've visited Dr. McKay's website and believe what he has there (deceptive hoaxes). This is unfortunate, as if Dr. McKay were convincing large numbers of people that the earth is flat, although any observer can plainly see that the sun, moon, and all planets are spherical and round appearing. If all observed celestial bodies appear round, then how can anyone believe the earth is flat, since the earth is another body in the solar system? This is what Dr. McKay and other skeptics have done by using hoaxes and deception to dissuade 10's of thousands from evidence that the Bible code is real. It's really not an issue anymore, except to those predisposed to reject the Bible code solely because then it gives credence to the Bible which they reject in their personal paradigms. For this reason, Torah Codes is worth obtaining, to provide the ammunition to dispel the arguments of the critics.

Some sensitive Christians may take offense at the overt orthodox Jewish tone of the Torah Codes book, although I as a Christian take a different view. I believe that religious orthodox Jewish ought to have the freedom to express their religious views without Christians becoming offended. My advice is to respect the religious orthodox Jewish viewpoints and learn from the book about the Bible code. It is worth it.

Published by Mazal & Bracha Publishing Inc. in New York, September 2005. 190 pages in full color in hardcover and large 9" x 12" size. ISBN 0974049395. Only obtainable by calling 1-866-363-3297 or 1-212-372-7553 and using a credit card, although if you want to use a check or money order ask them for a mailing address. $26.00 + shipping, and ask for the Torah Codes book by Dr. Robert Haralick. Cheapest at