review of Dr. Larry Mitcham's book,
September 11 is in the Bible Code
written by Roy A. Reinhold

Recommendation: medium/neutral

September 11... is Dr. Larry Mitcham's first book on the Bible codes, published in 2002, and written with Drs. Clifford and Barbara Wilson. It's a large size book (8.5" by 12") with color used throughout the book for code matrixes and matrix reports (as seen below).

Larry weaves a christian message in with Bible code finds. At this stage in his development, Dr. Mitcham is not yet doing phrases and sentences in the codes, but hopefully in future books he will progess along these more advanced lines. The above matrix is the September 11 matrix, and he has an interesting matrix on the Periodic Table of Elements from chemistry. Dr. Mitcham covers a wide variety of subjects on Bible code matrixes in his book. I like the use of color for Bible code matrixes as used in this book.

September 11 is in the Bible Code is only available right now through the Genesis to Jesus website. (it's not available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble at this time). It's modestly priced at $15.95 plus shipping for this large book in color.