review of Walter Keith York's book
NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones
written by Roy A. Reinhold, December 2006

Recommendation: Walter York weaves advanced Bible codes research into a fictional book set in modern times. Readers comments on call the book an interesting mystery, suspenseful, fun, history mixed with modern political world--a good read. Walter's Bible code work involves using terms that are phrases and sentences and not the old simplistic type of codes research with single words as ELS terms. In this respect, his codes work is highly statistically significant. Disclosure: I edited the book for publication. I highly recommend this book, even for people who don't normally read fiction.

The fictional storyline involves muslim terrorists carrying out a spectacular terrorist event within the USA. One family is drawn into the web of a government black project--technology which the terrorists seek to obtain. The FBI is drawn into the story through an investigation, with the Marines coming to the ultimate rescue.

My review is short because as editor of the book, I feel that I should be circumspect in talking about it. The readers' comments on Amazon however speak about enthusiasm for the book. Fiction readers will like the story and be drawn into the advanced Bible code matrices. While those with Bible code interests will be drawn into the story while perusing the interesting and advanced Bible code matrices. I think you'll find the book to be a winner.

315 pages, Green Shoelace Books, published October 2003 in large Trade Papercover, ISBN: 0961630663.

Available at for $10.61 in Dec. 2006 (retail is $14.95, 30% off). Also available here for 30% off, $10.50.