review of Joseph Noah's book
Future Prospects of The World
According to the Bible Code

written by Roy A. Reinhold, December 2006

Recommendation: I would suggest that this book doesn't have any matrices that are statistically significant. The author does not calculate the statistical odds for any matrix, and every matrix uses single words rather than phrases and sentences as others are doing now. However, if viewed from the level of Bible codes in the 90's, then Mr. Noah's matrices are examples of that early stage of codes research. The author does make many predictions from his elementary codes work; but those predicted for the intervening years from publication in 2002 to the end of 2006 have all largely not come to pass. recommendation is that the book is lukewarmly recommended for purchase.

People new to the Bible code are often wowed by supposedly good matrices which are nothing more than randomness. One way we can somewhat reliably determine whether a matrix is significant or not, is to calculate the odds for the matrix. After all, the critics have shown that simplistic matrices made up of short, single-word ELS terms can be found at equidistant letter spacing in any sufficiently long text in any language. In other words, the simplistic findings are due to randomness.

Joseph Noah's book is like that, comprised of simplistic and elementary level searches with no odds calculated. One has to peruse a number of the book's matrices to even find a single term in one of them that has 6-letters. In almost all the matrices, the vast majority of ELS terms are 3 and 4-letter terms. 3-letter terms can be found in any matrix, and 4-letter terms likewise can be found in almost any matrix. The point is that these short words are unreliable as stand-alone terms.

When Joseph Noah writes that Jesus was an incarnation of the Angel Gabriel--who had also incarnated as Adam, Enoch, Isaac, Joseph, Joshua and Solomon (pg 86)--he is promoting a specific NEW teaching based on statistically insignificant Bible code matrices. He is mis-using the Bible code to promote his own odd beliefs. It's interesting that Isaac and Joseph were both alive at the same time on earth, and therefore a theory beyond normal reincarnation is presented--where a spirit can be incarnated in multiple bodies on earth at the same time?

Some of the author's predictions for the period 2007 to 2012 are very interesting in light of Bible prophecy and as compared to events taking place on the world stage today. Perhaps one can create statistically insignificant matrices and sometimes stumble into the truth? The Bible code is valid in the Hebrew Torah and Tanach, as shown by many advanced matrices on this website using phrases and sentences as ELS terms. Therefore, one can view a small portion of Joseph Noah's matrices as containing a kernel of truth, but not well developed enough to show the entire picture or be statistically significant.

208 pages, New Paradigm Books, published January 2002, ISBN: 1892138077, large Trade Papercover book.

Available at for $13.22 in Dec. 2006 (retail is $16.95).