review of Barry Steven Roffman's book
Ark Code
written by Roy A. Reinhold, December 2006

Recommendation: If you are interested in the ark of the covenant, then this book has merit for you. Barry Roffman covers many theories about where the ark of the covenant may be hidden. He then goes on through many Bible code matrices to try and locate the exact site where the ark is hidden. Barry pioneers a unique new Bible code method by suggesting that the matrices in this instance are maps. He also has regular Bible code matrices in the book. In the interest of disclosure, I edited the book for publication. However, I can highly recommend it for people who have an interest in locating the ark of the covenant and who are interested in the Bible code.

Barry Roffman assembles a number of corroborating Bible code matrix maps which indicate that the ark of the covenant is hidden at a site in northern Egypt. He then provides historical evidence for the prophet Jeremiah secreting it there when surviving Jews fled there after the catastrophe of the Babylonian destruction and captivity. Jeremiah stayed there for a time before going to ancient Ireland, as Irish history records.

Time will tell if Barry's theory on the location of the ark is correct, and whether the use of the Bible code matrix as a map is warranted. He recently went to Egypt and scouted out the site in Northern Egypt, taking pictures from a distance, since the area is an Egyptian military area. He hopes to conduct a more indepth site investigation in the near future. Of course others believe the ark is hidden underground in Jerusalem, others that it is at the Sinclair estate chapel in Scotland, others that it is in Axum, Ethiopia, with many other theories held by still others. Of course we won't know where the ark of the covenant is really located until it is actually found and brought out into public view. In the meantime, Barry's work weaves an interesting story and possibility.

243 pages, Green Shoelace Books, published March 2004 in large Trade Papercover, ISBN: 0961630647, 9.3"x7.3"x0.7".

Available at for $12.21 in Dec. 2006 (retail is $17.95, 32% off) for a new Papercover book. Also available here for $10.74 (40% off).