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by Roy A. Reinhold March 1, 2007

This article has been periodically updated for over 7 years, and discusses the features of a number of Bible code software programs which enable the average person to look for the hidden codes in the Bible. From my own research, the extent of the codes is much greater than shown in books on the Bible codes. There have been huge advances in Bible code software since the mid-90's (over 1000 times faster and also automation). The best commercial codes software programs makes it all far easier for everyone, beginner or expert. You need a program that has automatic terms matching and also statistics capabilities.


A. My recommendation for Mac Owners

There are NO Bible codes programs for the Mac. However, Mac owners have 3 options. VirtualPC will run the top 3 ranked Bible code programs made for the PC, as evidenced by feedback from Mac owners who have done it (downside is $200 cost). Secondly, Parallels Desktop allows newer Macs to run Mac OS and Windows on their machine (cost $70-80 and highly rated). Thirdly, Apple has Boot Camp in a free beta that allows new Intel-Macs to run either Mac OS or Windows XP. It is better to use Boot Camp if you have a new Mac, because Windows runs natively without emulation, so Windows will run at higher speed; however, those selling Parallels Desktop say it is better to run Windows in an emulation. You can read online about the options. No one is developing a modern Mac Bible codes program because of perceived market size.

B. Torah Codes MAC from Torah Educational Software

This is the only program available for the Macintosh that I know of. Torah Educational Software in New York and Israel sells the program for $19.95.
Speed Test--same test as for PCs below, at least 6 hours or more. (versus less than 30 seconds for the PC programs).
Pro's--absolutely no positives, this program is a waste of money
Con's--more than 1000 times slower than PC programs, OS9 or earlier, searches only the Torah (first five books of the Bible), NO display of matrix onscreen, you have to print a matrix and limited to 28 columns, searches only for one search term. It's old, it's slow, and in summary, it has nowhere near the capabilities of PC programs. I give it two thumbs down, although if I had more thumbs it would rate more than 2 thumbs down.


PC Windows Bible Code Software: in ranked order (#1 and #2 are the best by far)

1. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition, by Research Systems, (Win 95 to XP)
2. Keys to the Bible from Computronic Corp., new program Jan 2004 (Win 98 to XP)
2. Bible Search PRO, from TorahSoft, (Win 98 to XP)
Bible Codes Plus (formerly Bible Codes 2000) from Computronic Corp. (Win 95 to XP)
5. Unlocking the Bible Codes, from Doko Media Ltd., (Win 95 to XP)
ABC Decoder from Computronic Corp. (Win 95 to XP)
Bible Code Oracle, version 1.6 by Xentao (Win 98 to XP, requires .Net from MS)
Torah Codes 2000, from Torah Educational Software (Win 95 and up)

Note: I have eliminated the (3) free Bible code software programs from this article, because they are not up to the standards and capabilities of the commercial codes software programs. I have found that those who've downloaded the free programs, often become frustrated and most abandon the Bible codes; because these free programs are hard to use and have no technical support (and don't work with Win XP). I'd rather see someone buy a commercial program and see that they can achieve results, rather than to try and go the free route, become frustrated, and give up. Why is this true? Because the best commercial programs have automatic terms matching which cuts the time necessary to achieve results by 99%; and the old free programs required the user to do everything manually, which required extensive knowledge of Bible codes theory to achieve results (if possible). Having been at this a long time, I just think I should help you achieve results.

Test parameters for ELS codes searches:

1. What does it search? e.g. Torah only, entire Tanach, other languages than Hebrew?
2. How fast does it search? Is it accurate?
3. Does it search for single terms only or multiple terms in a search, & how many?
4. What are maximum program ELS skip search ranges? For example, -30k to 30k, -50k to 50k, etc.
5. What advanced codes research features are available in the program? e.g. specify begin and end of search range, user sets the matrix width or is it automatic only, search within searches, dictionary searches?
6. Printing of search finds and/or matrix?
7. Hebrew and English scriptures in a window?
8. Overall ease of use?
9. Is the program complete with fonts and scripture texts?
10. Extra program functions, not directly related to codes research.
11. Subjective reviewer affection for program? What I like. :-)


1. What does it search?
[The Tanach (or Tanakh) is called the Old Testament by Christians, the Torah is the first 5 books; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The order of books in the Tanach is different than the Christian Old Testament, and the chapter and verse divisions are often different.

All 8 programs search the Hebrew Torah, and I believe all programs use the Koren Edition Torah, so that results will be the same for all programs in the Torah. Not so for the Tanach.

The Tanach in Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes 2000 is the latest from Koren researchers in Jerusalem with some changes (14 letter changes?) from the printed Koren The Jerusalem Bible. I consider it to be the most accurate Tanach in the world. The Tanach in CodeFinder: ME and Bible Decoder is hand corrected to the printed Koren, The Jerusalem Bible. All the other programs have a somewhat less accurate Tanach as compared to the Koren Tanach. Bible Code Oracle only searches the Torah.

2. How fast does it search? (updated 8/05/2004)
Speed Test One:
The following speed test is for a single search term (6 letters), the name Edison (aleph dalet yud samech vav nun), ELS skip range from 1 to 20,000 and looking for forward and reverse occurrences. The text range is the entire Torah (1st 5 books of the Bible). Statistical number of expected occurrences is 60.2. Test Computer A was a 475 mhz AMD K6-2 PC with 128 mb of ram, using Windows 98, 2nd edition, and Test Computer B is a 2.0 ghz AMD using Windows XP Home (256 mb of ram).

Program Name
Test Computer A (475 mhz)
Speed to complete search, 1 term
Test Computer B (2.0 ghz)
Speed to complete search, 1 term
CodeFinder: Millennium Edition 1.1 seconds, found all 61 less than 1 second, found all 61
Keys to the Bible 65.2 seconds, found all 61 19.5 seconds, found all 61
Bible Codes Plus (Bible Codes 2000) 65.2 seconds, found all 61 19.5 seconds, found all 61
Bible Search Pro 2.0 seconds, found all 61 1.0 seconds, found all 61
Unlocking the Bible Codes 6.2 seconds, found all 61 2.4 seconds, found all 61
A.B.C. Decoder 56.0 seconds, found all 61 23.0 seconds, found all 61
Bible Code Oracle not on my old computer 32.0 seconds, found all 61
Torah Codes 2000 5.4 seconds, found 58 of 61 (a problem) unable to run under Win XP

Speed Test One Notes:
1. Since all the programs above allow for search of multiple terms in the initial search, a speed test for a single term may seem to be not quite representative. However, they all search for multiple terms sequentially, therefore the above speed test really does give a fairly accurate look at performance.
2. The discrepancy in the number of finds for Torah Codes 2000 is due to an unknown reason right now. The Torah in that program has 304,805 letters, the same as in all the other programs. So either the Torah has a few different letters in it, or Torah Codes 2000 is simply unable to find all occurrences.
3. I could not get Torah Codes 2000 to run on my newer computer with Windows XP.
4. I am unable to accurately time CodeFinder: ME at less than 1 second, since anything that gets down in that range is too quick to time accurately.

Speed Test Two: The purpose of the 2nd test is to search for a shorter word, with a much higher number of expected finds, in this case above 3000. Some programs bog down with higher numbers of finds, while others search faster on shorter terms even though there are many more finds. Compare with the results in test one above, it's eye-opening. The search is for a four letter name, George (gimel vav resh gimel); text is the entire Torah; ELS range 1 to 20,000 forward and reverse occurrences; and the same 2 computers. Statistical number of expected occurrences is 3132.

Program Name
Test Computer A (475 mhz)
Speed to complete search, 1 term
Test Computer B (2.0 ghz)
Speed to complete search, 1 term
CodeFinder: Millennium Edition less than 1 second, found all 3161 less than 1 second, found all 3161
Keys to the Bible 13.8 seconds, found all 3161 4.5 seconds, found all 3161
Bible Codes Plus (Bible Codes 2000) 13.8 seconds, found all 3161 4.5 seconds, found all 3161
Bible Search Pro 9.0 seconds, found all 3161 2.2 seconds, found all 3161
Unlocking the Bible Codes 18.8 seconds, found all 3161 3.8 seconds, found all 3161
A.B.C. Decoder 13.8 seconds, found all 3161 5.0 seconds, found all 3161
Bible Code Oracle not on my old computer 160.0 seconds, found all 3161
Torah Codes 2000 4.5 seconds & quit at 1240 finds unable to run under Win XP

Speed Test Two Notes:
1. This second speed test highlights a serious design shortcoming in Torah Codes 2000. Although the program allows users to search for multiple terms, it has a maximum cumulative number limitation of 1240 finds. This limit is far too low as compared to all the other programs.

3. Does it search for single terms, or multiple terms, and terms matching?
In my opinion, as someone who has been involved in Bible codes research for many years, terms matching is the key feature desired. All programs search for multiple terms, but only the best programs do terms matching well. Without terms matching, everything has to be investigated manually, one by one; and terms matching cuts down the time needed to achieve excellent results from 10's of hours to minutes. Many people have dabbled in the codes with a free or old program that didn't do terms matching, and it was so difficult for them, many gave up. Terms matching enables a novice to achieve what used to take extensive knowledge and experience to achieve. I cannot overemphasize this point.

CodeFinder: Millenium Edition, Keys to the Bible, Bible Search Pro, Bible Codes Plus/2000, Unlocking the Bible Code and Bible Code Oracle have terms matching. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is superior in this aspect, both in data handling and the user-customizable methods for searching data.

1. CodeFinder: Millenium Edition: Search up to 500 individual terms at once, at a blinding speed, faster than all others. In using CodeFinder: ME, the program designates the first term in the search list as the main/key term and matches all other terms to it based on the desired size matrix set in Settings. As a plus, CodeFinder: ME is also the only program that allows toroidal searches (circular text). All other programs allow a straight codes search as if the text were a straight line with no spaces between the letters. CodeFinder: ME allows a straight search text and also a toroidal search where the beginning and end of the search text are connected (a circular text). Many of the incredible matrixes I've done lately have been toroidal matrixes (for example, the matrixes shown on the last two History Channel specials: End of Days matrix and WMD from Iraq matrix). Superior automatic terms matching.

2. Keys to the Bible (and Bible Codes Plus/2000): Both of these programs by Computronic Corp in Israel allow search for 7 terms in the initial search, and then allows either dictionary searches in the displayed matrix, or searches within searches with up to 6 terms at a time. In a code search, one enters the main/key term and up to 6 other terms in the initial search; and the program matches the occurrences of the other terms to the occurrences of the main/key term. It works well.

2. Bible Search Pro: Allows best-fit match for 2 to 50 terms. Matches made via choice of least area, smallest diagonal, or WRR distance measure for best-fit matches. Flexibility in matching terms gives users some control in how best to arrive at desired results. It works well.

5. Unlocking the Bible Code: Terms matches only word pairs. It's a primitive start in the type of terms matching done by the best programs, but not up to the capabilities of these better programs.

7. Bible Code Oracle: Program has matching and automatching for designated terms in an already searched list. While fully automatic, the program is slow as compared to the other programs, and doesn't allow varying matrix ELS for row-splits as do the four programs above. Row-splits are the means to flatten a 3-dimensional matrix into a 2 dimensional flat matrix. As a long time codes researcher, I find Bible Code Oracle doesn't give the flexibility needed for advanced codes research, since the program designers decided they knew best and built it to operate in only one way.


4. What are the maximum ELS skip ranges in the program?

a. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition to text size and term length.
b. Keys to the Bible, Bible Codes Plus (2000) & ABC Decoder to text size and term length.
c. Bible Search Pro to limit of text.
d. Unlocking the Bible Codes to 65,000.
e. Bible Code Oracle to (unknown but probably to limit of the Torah and term length).
d. Torah Codes 2000 to (limit not shown).

All programs are good in this category.


5. What advanced codes research features are in the programs?

Software Name Terms Matching Bilingual
Statistics Date
CodeFinder: ME best good best best best best best best good
Keys to the Bible good best best best better best best better best
Bible Search Pro better better best none manual best good better better
Bible Codes Plus (2000) good best poor best better best none better best
Unlocking the Bible Code primitive better none good manual good good good good
ABC Decoder none better poor good good better none OK better
Bible Code Oracle limited decent none none none good none better good
Torah Codes 2000 none good none good manual OK none OK good

Terms Matching: CodeFinder: ME is the fastest codes program and automatically matches up to 500 terms. It does it with row-split enabled or disabled, something no other program does. Bible Search Pro matches 2-50 terms in a variety of selectable methods. A crucial function.

Bilingual Dictionary: Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus (2000) have 5 bilingual Hebrew dictionaries that are superior to all other programs, plus date conversion, years database, and anagram function; and most notable it does dictionary searches in the matrix using all dictionaries. Bible Search Pro has a small bilingual dictionary and includes the massive Babylon bilingual dictionary program on the CD. It does dictionary search with the smaller dictionary, a good feature. Unlocking the Bible Code has a number of bilingual dictionaries that work very well.

Statistics: CodeFinder: ME and Keys to the Bible use the R-value system, giving a quick "in the ballpark" statistical calculation for the matrix. I think they both work extremely well. Bible Search Pro has a more academic and complicated set of statistics tools that work well, but require a bit more knowledge of statistics to wring out the meaning. A really helpful way to judge the value of a matrix mathematically; since some can portray seemingly meaningful matrixes to the unwary but when analyzed statistically, it falls short on relevance. That doesn't mean the matrix is wrong or not valuable, but if not statistically significant, the question is open.

Date Conversion: CodeFinder: ME, Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus (2000) have fantastic and easy to use date and calendar conversion tools. Unlocking the Bible Code has a good capability but doesn't allow selectively using the "hey" for thousands; it uses only the short version for the year.

Row-Splits: A means to collapse a 3D matrix to 2D, and CodeFinder: ME does it best. Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus also do it very well. This capability leads to far more relevant matrixes, and one has to know the theory to do it all manually and at a great expense in time spent.

Matrix Display: All the programs do this well except Torah Codes 2000. Unlocking the Bible Code is downgraded because it repeats the matrix horizontally which many times has caused confusion to the users. Bible Code Oracle actually has visually nice looking color display, but doesn't allow for any modification making it suitable only for trivial codes work.

Matrix Report: A crucial capability, since this function allows you to make your finds available to others. CodeFinder: ME and Keys to the Bible are clearly superior here, with my preference slightly going to the CodeFinder matrix report.

Data Handling: When looking for many terms, the ability to handle large amounts of terms and finds is crucial in order to not get lost. CodeFinder: ME's tree system is the best. It's only limited by amount of ram memory. Some other programs have a lower "maximum number of terms found", which limits the program.

Scripture Window: Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus (2000) is the only program that has nikud (vowelization marks) in the Hebrew scripture window display, or you can turn them off. These programs actually have many supplemental functions that enable Bible study including outstanding concordances. In actuality, the price of Keys to the Bible is about the same price as a Bible program that has the Koren Torah and Tanach and concordances, so Keys to the Bible is a great deal. The scripture windows in Bible Search Pro are good and it has excellent concordances.

Software Name Able to Vary
Search text
Toggle to
English tools
Add terms seen
in the matrix
CodeFinder: ME best free better best best best best
Keys to the Bible best none*** best good none better best
Bible Search Pro good free none better better manual best
Bible Codes Plus (2000) best none*** best good none better best
Unlocking the Bible Code good none none good none manual better
ABC Decoder best none*** none good none better better
Bible Code Oracle none none none OK good manual better
Torah Codes 2000 good none none none none manual good

Able to Vary Search Text: The best programs allow the user to not only search the Torah and Tanach, but to select a book for search, or from letter number to letter number, or book-chapter-verse to book-chapter-verse. Those marked good allow Torah, Tanach, or book, or section, but don't allow a small custom length search text. Bible Code Oracle only searches the Torah and one cannot vary that at all.

Program Updates: Does it cost to upgrade a program when a new version comes out? With CodeFinder: Millennium Edition and Bible Search Pro, updates to new versions are a free download for owners of the program.

***Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus (2000) from Computronics provide free bug fixes, but do not come out with new versions. Instead, Computronics comes out with a new program that is significantly better (example is Keys to the Bible coming out in 2004 and superseding Bible Codes 2000/Plus).

The other programs marked none have never come out with newer versions.

Numbers Conversion: This is the capability to convert numbers to Hebrew letters or words. Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus are outstanding in doing both. CodeFinder: ME does it well. The rest of the programs do not have a numbers conversion function.

Toggle to English Tools: CodeFinder: ME allows the user to toggle the Search List and Search Results List from Hebrew to English and back again; and it gives the user a cursor tooltip function to click on a marked letter in the matrix where a small window pops up showing the term in Hebrew and English, and gives the ELS skip and statistical text R-value. The rest of the programs don't have toggle capability, but show terms in a list with Hebrew and English. Bible Search Pro also has the unique capability to toggle the entire matrix from Hebrew letters to English letters. Since it doesn't have vowels when toggled, one still has to know the Hebrew words, perhaps limiting usefulness.

Matrix Filter: CodeFinder: ME has a unique set of functions of matrix filters called "closest" and "smallest". These allow the program to automatically analyze all results and come up with the smallest size matrix, or where the terms are closest from each other. Bible Search Pro has choice of least area, smallest diagonal, or WRR distance measure for best-fit matches. While Bible Code Oracle is limited in many ways, it does have a setting for matching terms based on distance.

Add Terms Seen Visually In The Matrix: CodeFinder: ME has a cursor rubberband feature where you drag over the letters in the matrix and add the term to the search list without typing. This is handy when you visually spot a new term in the displayed matrix. Keys to the Bible, Bible Codes Plus and ABC Decoder allows the user to select symbol and symbol color and then click on each letter in the matrix to add a visually spotted term. With all the other programs, one would manually type in the letters in the search list for a visually spotted new term in the matrix.

Tutorial: All the programs have a solid HELP as an electronic manual replete with graphics to show functions and explain features. Don't ignore the HELP in the programs. CodeFinder: ME comes with an extensive PDF Tutorial with 3 step by step Lessons to teach program functions, teach the alphabet, transliterations and aids; plus an extensive HELP electronic manual with graphics. Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus both have an onscreen color Tutorial going through a search, plus HELP, plus a 100-page printed manual. Bible Search Pro has an extensive HELP with Tutorials with graphics, alphabet tutorial, statistics tutorial; and has codes articles and codes audio files on their website. Unlocking the Bible Code has an good HELP with graphics. ABC Decoder has an onscreen color Tutorial going through a search example, plus HELP. Bible Code Oracle has HELP with extensive color graphics. Torah Codes 2000 has a good HELP.

6. Does it include printing capabilities?
Matrix printing: yes (saves as .BMP file)

Matrix report: CodeFinder: ME is superior saving the matrix report as an RTF file with color. Keys to the Bible is second best with a matrix report and statistics report. All other programs are lacking good matrix reports.

7. Hebrew and English scriptures displayed?
All programs display Hebrew and English scriptures (in different ways). The best display of the entire Hebrew Torah and Tanach with nikudim (vowelization marks) is in Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus.

8. Overall ease of use?
All the programs have become very easy to use and function-rich as compared to the mid 90's. The Bible codes software companies and authors have pushed codes research ahead by leaps and bounds. I applaud your work.

9. Is the program complete with texts and fonts?
All programs come with everything you need.

10. Extra program functions, not directly related to codes research.
I added this section to the article, since some of the programs have many excellent functions in addition to those directly used in codes research.

Keys to the Bible: (everything shown below for Bible Codes Plus (2000) plus the following)
1. Statistics-- accurate statistics for a matrix (R-value method).
2. Gematria--an outstanding gematria capability with 7 numbering systems plus a user defined numbering system. Includes: Ragil, Katan, Klali, Millui, Kolel, Hakadmi, Haperati, and User-Defined. The Gematria calculator works with all 5 bilingual dictionaries, years database, numbers, and date converter.
3. Letter substitution tools: Atbash, Atbach, Previous, Next.
4. Chronology of Biblical Events
5. Bible Festivals
6. Rashi Commentary of the Torah in Hebrew and in English.
7. 613 commandments.
8. Rambam biography.
9. Concordances: Hebrew text, English text, KJV text, and Festivals concordance.
10. Weekly Parasha and Haftarah (Sephardi and Ashkenazi) readings.

Bible Codes 2000 & ABC Decoder:
1. Hebrew Concordance--look for any word in the Hebrew Tanach, gives book-chapter-verse location for each instance, click on word to go there in the text. Also, counts number of occurrences. (not in ABC Decoder).
2. English Concordance--same as for Hebrew Concordance except uses English Bible. (not in ABC Decoder).
3. Statistics Report--shows total number of letters and number of each letter in the ELS text range.
4. Go-To and Get functions--for letter number, word number, and verse number.
5. Word-Processor--send English or Hebrew to a word-processor with reverse function to properly display Hebrew.
6. Excellent Gregorian calendar date to Hebrew calendar conversion function, with multiple display options. (not in ABC Decoder).
7. Years database--pre-calculated Hebrew equivalents for years from 1583 to 2150 AD.
8. Number to Hebrew conversion function, with the output in Hebrew letters or in words. (not in ABC Decoder).
9. Find Hebrew word/phrase.
10. Anagram Search--bilingual anagram search function. (not in ABC Decoder).

CodeFinder: Millennium Edition:
1. Statistics--automatically counts the number each of the letters for Hebrew (22), Greek (24), or English (26) for the text loaded, plus the total number of letters. When a small area of text is specified, it automatically recounts for that area.
2. When a search term is entered, the program automatically calculates an accurate statistical number of "expected occurrences" based on text range used and ELS range selected.
3. English KJV Old & New Testaments for codes PRACTICE in English. NOT VALID CODES RESEARCH.
4. Moby Dick in English for codes PRACTICE. NOT VALID CODES RESEARCH.
5. Electronically randomized Torah--search for codes in a statistical "control text."
6. War & Peace in Hebrew--search for codes in a statistical "control text."
7. Extensive Gregorian calendar date to Hebrew calendar conversion function, with options.
8. Numbers to Hebrew letters conversion function.
9. New Rotenberg R-value statistical calculation, shows whether a term is likely in the matrix by design or by chance. Calculates R-value for the text searched and for the specific matrix you are working on.

Torah Codes 2000:
1. Gregorian calendar to Hebrew calendar conversion function, with options.
2. Find How Many function, determines the number of letters or words or verses, in a book, the Torah, or the Tanach.
3. Find function searches for a word.
4. Hebrew concordance searches for any word in the Torah, Prophets, Writings, or all.
5. English concordance searches for any word in the Bible.
6. Go To function to go to any book-chapter-verse.
7. Gematria function calculates the numerical value in Ragil (only 1 of 7 methods), then allows searching for the entered word/phrase.
8. View the Hebrew scriptures normally or using 3 letter substitution methods: Atbash, Albam, Atbach.
9. Codes searches using atbash, atbach, or albam letter substitution modified text.
10. Letter Count determines number of each of the 22 Hebrew letters for any range.
11. What Is function answers queries, like what is the 100th letter/word/verse in Exodus?

Unlocking the Bible Codes:
1. Gregorian calendar date to Hebrew calendar conversion function, with options.

Bible Code Oracle:
1. Verse of the day
2. Search and retrieve verses in English in the OT and NT.

Bible Search Pro:
1. Full Hebrew and English concordances; searches for any word in the Torah, Prophets, Writings.
2. Extensive HELP with interesting background on the history of the Bible code, Statistics for Dummies, etc.
3. Built in Hebrew alphabet tutor, language tutor, and statistics tutor in HELP.


11. What is the subjective assessment of the reviewer towards all the programs?
Unlike almost all codes researchers, I have all of the programs on my computer, so I could pick and choose and use different progams for different tasks.
Personally, I choose to use two programs for ALL my codes searches: CodeFinder: Millennium Edition and Keys to the Bible. Bible Search Pro also has equally advanced Bible codes capabilities, which makes it a viable candidate for you. I would not hesitate to recommend CodeFinder: Millennium Edition, Keys to the Bible, or Bible Search Pro as your only logical choice, since they are clearly superior to all the other programs by a comfortable margin.

You've read about all the functions in the various Bible code programs above, but the bottom line is that if you want to achieve the best results with a lot less work, then you'll get CodeFinder: Millennium Edition , Keys to the Bible, or Bible Search Pro; all the others are less capable.


My overall rankings are: (as of August 9, 2004), #1 and #2 are superior
1. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition, by Research Systems, $67.95 on CD, $57.95 as download.
2. Keys to the Bible, by Computronic, new Jan 2004, $59.95
2. Bible Search Pro by Torahsoft, $59.00

4. Bible Codes Plus (formerly Bible Codes 2000), by Computronic, $49.95.

5. Unlocking the Bible Codes, by Doko Media Ltd., $29.95.
6. ABC Decoder by Computronic, $14.95.
7. Bible Code Oracle, by Xentao, new in 2004, download only, $19.95
8. Torah Codes 2000 by Torah Educational Software, $39.95

Best for Advanced Bible Codes Research Capabilities:
1. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition
2. Keys to the Bible
2. Bible Search Pro

Best for Simultaneous Search of Multiple Search Terms & Automatic Matrix Determinations:
1. CodeFinder: Millennium Edition
automatic matrix ALL terms (up to 500), all the time
2. Bible Search Pro automatic matrix match for 2 to 50 terms, multiple match methods.
3. Keys to the Bible automatic matrix up to 7 terms in initial search

Best Bible Study Aids, Gematria, & Other Non-Codes Features:
1. Keys to the Bible
2. Bible Search Pro


CodeFinder: Millennium Edition (version 1.22, May, 2002)
Powerful number 1 ranked codes software. It comes with text for search of the Torah, Tanach, Greek textus receptus (New Testament), and KJV English (Old & New Testament). Blazing fast & function rich with outstanding program HELP, plus excellent Tutorial. On CD-ROM at $67.95 plus $4.00 s&h, and as an immediate download at $57.95. Order securely through the website at: Fax orders to +61 3 9228 1966. Mail orders to: Research Systems; 15/1540 Main Road, Research; Victoria 3905 Australia. E-mail to:

CodeFinder: ME North American Orders available through Codes in the Bible at $67.95 plus $4.00 s&h for CD and $57.95 for the immediate download. 2-3 day delivery using Priority Mail in the USA. You can order securely with 128-bit order encryption at using VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express or through Paypal. 3-5 days using Global Priority mail for other than USA. Order through the mail using checks, money orders, or credit cards to: Codes in the Bible, 1221 Buttonwood Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525 USA. E-mail to:

Codes in the Bible has a great package deal (save $24) on CodeFinder: ME + Jerusalem Dictionary/Super Milon deluxe dictionary/thesaurus program for translations from Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew.


Keys to the Bible (new program January 2004)
Bible Codes Plus (formerly Bible Codes 2000) (release July 2001)
ABC Decoder (12/02/1999)

The Computronic Corp. programs are available at their website:

Keys to the Bible on sale for $59.95 + shipping. On CD with printed manual and electronic tutorial. Everything in Bible Codes Plus (2000) and accurate statistics, gematria, Rashi Commentary (English and Hebrew), and more.
Bible Codes Plus (2000)
on sale for $49.95 + shipping. On CD with printed manual and electronic tutorial.

You can fax an order to: +972-3-536-4091. Or you can mail a check for sale price + $10 shipping for international air mail, 7-14 days) to: Computronic Corporation; PO Box 102; Savyon 56530 Israel. Or you can call in an order to: +972-3 536-4383 (Sunday-Thursday during normal business hours in Israel, 7 hours ahead of EST). They can be contacted at:

NORTH AMERICAN ORDERS for Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes Plus/2000 and Jerusalem Dictionary/Super Milon are available from Codes in the Bible with 2-3 day shipping by Priority Mail in the USA (same price as from Israel but lower shipping cost and faster delivery). Others by Global Priority Mail, 3-5 days shipping, or International Air Mail. 128-bit secure online order encryption using VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express, or through Paypal. You can also order by mail using a check, money order, or credit cards. Codes in the Bible; 1221 Buttonwood Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525 USA

Bible Search Pro (version 1.21, 2004)
Torah Soft Ltd. offers the latest version of Bible Search Pro, shipping to the USA and Canada from the USA ($6 shipping), and all other orders from Jerusalem, Israel ($10 shipping). USA/Canada orders are $59.00 + $6 shipping (Priority Mail or UPS). Telephone orders, USA: 866-280-1818 (toll free); USA fax 206-202-4253. Telephone orders, Israel: 972-2-624-2891; Israel fax 972-2-625-3280. Mail orders to: Torah Soft Ltd., PO Box 61038, Jerusalem, 91060, Israel. E-mail:

Unlocking the Bible Codes (version 2.0 new 2/01/1999)
Doko Media Ltd. offers Unlocking the Bible Codes direct. The program comes on CD for $29.95 plus $6 shipping. Order online at: or at Telephone orders (toll free): 1-888-470-6739. Their e-mail address is: Fax number in Israel: +972-3-634-4690 Telephone number in Israel +972-3-634-4776. Toll-free in USA 888-470-6739. Their mailing address is: DOKO Media Ltd., P.O.Box 611, 8 Ha`amal St., Or-Yehuda 60371, Israel

There may be other sellers of Unlocking the Bible Code within the USA.

BTW, DOKO Media Ltd. is a long-time maker of Holy Land films, and they offer 18 DVDs/videos on either website above. Select the FILMS button, and you'll see videos like Holyland Journey, the Last Supper, and topics like Mt. Sinai, Dead Sea Scrolls, Armageddon, Israel in Song, and the Temple in Jerusalem. Some videos are in as many as 19 languages. Check them out, it's much less costly than a trip.


Torah Codes 2000 (4/01/1999)
You can order this program on CD by Torah Educational Software at their extensive website for $39.95 plus shipping, at or call 800-925-6853 or 845-362-6380 in the USA or Canada, fax 845-362-6337. They are located in Monsey, New York.


Bible Code Oracle (version 1.6, new 6/01/2004)
A new Bible codes software program by Xentao, only has the Torah. $19.95, only available as a download. Free time-limited trial version available online.

Dictionaries: Printed and Dictionary Software

There are many people in the USA who would like to search for the codes, but they have no knowledge of Hebrew. There is help and it's not that hard. Computronic Corp makes a superb translation software called Jerusalem Dictionary or Super Milon 2000, ($69.95). This is their flagship software product, and translates words and phrases from Hebrew to English and from English to Hebrew. It also has synonyms and antonyms, verbs, and a spell checker. It's a super program with over 200,000 word & phrase capabilities in both languages, and I use it myself. I have it set up as a start-up program, and can bring it up any time in any program, with a simple keyboard command. It works by allowing translation from English to Hebrew, then click on the Hebrew word and it's entered in the window for codes search. It will aid you in translating to & from English to Hebrew. Special package deal price for Jerusalem Dictionary and Bible code programs at: or in North America

NOTE: Jerusalem Dictionary/Super Milon 2000 will paste translated words directly into either CodeFinder: Millennium Edition, Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes 2000, without any typing. Just hit the "send/paste" button.

Hebrew World is a complete multimedia Hebrew training program on CD, and one used by US Embassy personnel in Israel to learn Hebrew. It takes the user from learning the Hebrew alphabet and vowel marks, through the biblical numbering system, Hebrew calendar, and ascending level of words, to reading the Torah (with correct pronunciations). Hebrew World is on sale now for $49.95 + shipping. Hebrew World is the best way to begin learning Hebrew, and has Hebrew World.

The second thing needed is a printed Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew dictionary. I use the Ben-Yehuda's Pocket Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary extensively; and it is very inexpensive (~$7.00), while also comprehensive. The Oxford English-Hebrew dictionary is more comprehensive and includes technical, scientific, and slang terms, but is more expensive at ~$20.50 (papercover). The Oxford dictionary only goes from English to Hebrew, whereas Ben-Yehuda's Dictionary goes from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.

My ranking of what I consider the top 3 print dictionaries is:

1. Ben-Yehuda's Pocket Hebrew-English Dictionary (~$7.00)
2. The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary (~$20.50 papercover)
3. Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary (~$13.00).

All 3 should be available at or Barnes& at a nice discount. Don't buy all three. The above prices are what I saw on Amazon today.

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