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Biblical Math Mystery: Solution For PI
Greatly Expanded August 1, 2010
Solution for a common supposed mathematical problem in the scriptures, concerning whether God knows the value of PI. This is a direct solution and not some mystical belief. The article was greatly expanded to tackle the scriptural problem of 2000 baths of water in the Temple great sea in one book of the OT versus 3000 baths in another book. Elegant solution to the problem; only one value is correct.

Days Of The Week For The Original Passover At The Exodus NEW July 15, 2010
A new 7 page article which explores scripture evidence to determine on what days of the week the events of the Passover at the Exodus in Egypt took place, whether Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It's an important discussion, since the findings add evidence to teaching on the day of the week the crucifixion took place in the NT. The article is in PDF, right click on the link and select "save, or save as" to download.

The Mystery of the Two Harvesting Angels of Revelation 14
Most Bible Commentators have not covered the two Harvesting Angels of Revelation, or in most instances they got it wrong. This new article originated with a Forum discussion where there was no agreement at all concerning this subject. You will be surprised at the true meaning of these two Harvesting Angels. The article is in HTML, but if you would like to download a printable PDF version, click here.

Book Review: The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament
The world has long needed a complete Interlinear of the Peshitta Aramaic NT, and this fresh new translation proves to be an invaluable study tool for all Christians. After using this Interlinear for over 6 months, I can truthfully say that it has added more to my understanding of the NT than any other Bible version or tool. Take a look at the book review, and then get it!

New vs. Old Covenant: Specifically, How Does Each Impact Man's Spirit, Soul and Body?
By popular request, this new article reveals exactly how the spirit, soul and physical body of humans are affected differently under the Old and New Covenants. It should prove helpful to all believers as well as to anyone interested in learning about the subject of mankind and his relationship to God. [12 page PDF] Right click on the above link and select "save as" to save the article to your computer. Then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sin Nature of Mankind: Real or Imputed--Creationism or Traducianism?
New article that pinpoints where the sin nature is in mankind, where it comes from, and how Yeshua (Jesus) was different than the rest of us. Presents a new solution to an argument that has been ongoing for 1800 years. I think you'll find this to be a very interesting article and worth your time. [13 page PDF]

Divine Name of God (YHVH) in the New Testament
A powerful new article showing the divine name of God (YHVH) in the New Testament. I went through the entire Peshitta Aramaic NT and collected all verses where the divine name is used for Yeshua (Jesus). This will astound almost everyone, and is a powerful witness. I think you'll find the article itself interesting too. [9 page PDF]

Nature of God article
New extensive article dispelling some errors concerning the understanding of the nature of God. Direct and to the point, with relevant historical and background information. This article will shock some people, and for others, they'll find their beliefs were largely on target. How do your beliefs stack up against the evidence? [31-page PDF file]

Nature of Man article
Extensive new article that explores the controversy of the nature of man as a tripartite being versus a duality. Explodes the myth of the eternal soul and explains the eternal spirit and heart of man. Introduces the reason for the design of the Tabernacle. [32-page PDF file] You can right-click on the link and save it to your harddrive (save link as, or save target as).

Nature of Man: Part 2 Counter-Arguments
An 8-page article that explores the "supposed" counter-arguments to the Nature of Man article above. It's interesting to explore these counter-arguments and address them directly. Read this after reading the part 1 main article.

Should the USA Go To War With Iraq?
The prophetic words in this article shows what the will of God is in relation to the Iraq question. It is important to know what God wants us to do.

The Last Supper: Was It A Passover Seder Meal? Part 1
Compelling evidence examined which should conclusively prove the point (you'll have to read the article to find out whether yes or no on the question).

The Last Supper: Was It A Passover Seder Meal? Part 2
Additional compelling evidence conclusively proves the point. Compares actual events to a seder meal, and looks at the tough, troublesome verses.

The Last Supper: What It Means, Historical Church Practices, and the Prophetic Significance Part 3
Part 1 and 2 proved that it was not a seder, and Part 3 shows what it is, the history, the prophetic meaning, and a plan for action.

NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones book review
Advanced Bible code findings and a great story, what more could you ask for? Walter York's book weaves an intriguing storyline of the ancient Nephilim appearing in our time and the havoc they raise, which may yet be another signal of the end of days.

Ark Code book review
As seen on the History Channel Bible code special, Barry Roffman's new book pioneers a new concept of ELS Maps in the Bible code, and he applies it to find the location of the Ark of the Covenant. Intriguing book!

Who Will Be Left Behind and When? book review
An excellent and strongly recommended new book (Sept 02) that examines scripturally the rapture timing and end-times events as portrayed in the Left Behind series by Lahaye and Jenkins. This book by Dave Bussard is well worth your time and you can buy it at a nice publisher discount .

The Watchmen's Cry book review excellent book
The new 2nd Edition (June 2007) ably presents the Fall Feasts of Israel as prophecy and how they will be fulfilled in the end-times. Covers all areas of Bible prophecy, but has a unique exegesis of "The Elect". Strong buy endorsement.

5-Part Article--Exact Birthdate Of Jesus From The Bible Code
Many scholars have hypothesized possible dates and years that Yeshua (Jesus) could have been born on, other than the traditional December 25, 1 BC. Using the Bible code, the complete scenario from date of the conception, to birth date, to date of the Brit Milah at the Temple on the 8th day, may now be more clearly seen. It's not 1 BC. Updated 3/28/02 in part 5, with a Flash movie on what the Star of Bethlehem most likely looked like in the skies. It's good!

World Trade Center Attack Bible Code Matrix
We extend sympathies to the families of all the victims of the hate-filled terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I've put a phenomenal Bible code matrix done in the week after the attack, on my Codes in the Bible website. This matrix is statistically significant far beyond any matrix you've ever seen, with 30 terms that are sentences.

Online Shopping Website with Bible Code & Hebrew Learning software
Great products at good prices; check it out.

Proves Jesus Was Crucified on a Wednesday
Read the newly revised part 1, then go on to the new part 2. Together they provide irrefutable proof from the scriptures, that Jesus did not die on a Friday, but on a Wednesday afternoon. 100% proof. Go ahead, read it, then prove me wrong if you can.

Proves Jesus was Born in the Fall of the Year & Pagan Aspects of Christmas
Goes into proofs for the pagan origins of all Christmas practices and the tie to Mystery Babylon. It's hard hitting and sure to raise the hackles of those who love mixing paganism and Christianity (syncretism). Laodicean-types should avoid this article.

Biblical Proof For A Literal 7 Year End-Times Period
There is comprehensive and overwhelming proof for a 7 year period. This proves that the preterists (all happened in 70 AD) and historicists (prophecy gradually fulfilled over time) are wrong and teaching error.

Modern Prophecies through Thomas Gibson & others
Over 40 modern prophecies through Thomas Gibson & others that give details concerning World War 3, impending economic crisis, and specifics for USA & Canada. The 9/27/97 prophecy details 3 distinct and easily recognizable signs for the end-times period. We now have all prophecies given through Thomas Gibson in 11 Books accessible through the Siteindex page.

Unbiased Comparison of Hebrew Bible Codes Software
Consumer guide to the best Hebrew Bible codes software programs (8 tested) for the PC and Mac. Speed tests, discussion of features, ease of use considerations, and ranking of all programs. Prices, links & the best places to get the software. Click here for PDF version.

Greek-Capable Bible Codes software
Comparisons of codes software that will search the Greek textus receptus NT for hidden codes. This is a new, unproven area of research, and no one is making claims for valid codes in the NT (yet). However, it's a worthwhile research endeavor, and these programs wll make that research possible and easy.

2 Days Equals 2000 Years article, what happens after the 2000 years & when is that period ended?
Many have wrongly forecast prophetic dates based on a predicted 2000 years of the church age, calculated from the birth of Yeshua (Jesus). Find out the truth concerning the 2000 year period, what it portends and when it is complete!

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