Book review by Roy A. Reinhold, June 9, 2004


NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones
by Walter Keith York

The Nephilim are mentioned in the Bible as being on the earth both before and after the flood of Noah. They were giants, ancient men of renown, and mythic-type larger than life characters. Walter York weaves an appealing story of these ancient Nephilim appearing in our present day and time; and intertwines advanced Bible code findings that are both real and eye-opening.

His book is new as of November 2003, and has garnered across-the-board praise from readers. They've written that the advanced Bible code matrices with all phrases and sentences stretches their understanding; but they loved how the Bible code findings fit perfectly with the story. NEPHILIM is 299 pages plus an excellent Notes section which explains all the terms in all the Bible code matrices. Large 6"x9" quality trade papercover.

Personally, I thoroughly checked all matrices in NEPHILIM for accuracy, relevancy and correct use of Hebrew during the book editing process. Unlike most top Bible coders, Walter is a Christian and focuses his codes research on Christian themes. I strongly recommend the book for purchase if you like a very good adventurous story, with Christian and Jewish themes weaved throughout. It is about the end-times without being an end-times book, meaning that the concepts raised point to us being near to the end of days without the need to incorporate all of prophecy and the predicted events of Revelations.

The matrix on the right is the WAR IN HEAVEN matrix from the NEPHILIM book. It tells the story of the Messiah cleaning house against the rebel people and nations, as well as against spiritual forces.

As you can visually see in the matrix, Walter works in sentences in the codes, which is statistically far more significant than in other books like The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin. Another visual feature is parallel terms within the matrix. The terms are not just randomly appearing in the matrix, but show the visual features of ordered design.

The storyline of the book centers on a high-tech wizard named Martin McDonald, who gets dragged into a "black" government project. Unknowingly, he places his wife and daughters at great risk It is the appearance of the Nephilim as terrorists causing havoc that is the problem. It's good versus evil, right versus wrong, pacificism versus militancy, and ultimately the spiritual forces of God versus the spiritual forces of fallen spirits.

I highly recommend NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones for people interested in a good read and for its Bible code matrices (which are real despite being weaved into a fictional story). The book is available from the publisher and at and Barnes & Noble, although buying from the publisher nets you a nice discount and free shipping. Retail is $14.95 and the publisher is offering NEPHILIM for $10.50 plus $3.00 shipping (saves 30%). You can buy from the publisher using the Paypal link below.

Another special deal involves buying Ark Code + NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones for a total of $20.00 + $3.00 shipping in the USA. (retail of Ark Code is $17.95, and retail for NEPHILIM is $14.95). Total savings 40%. Ark Code is an exciting new non-fiction Bible code book (new April 2004) that uses the Bible code to locate the site of the Ark of the Covenant. The Paypal link below is for the 2-book special at $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping in the USA.

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