Book review by Roy A. Reinhold, June 8, 2004


Ark Code by Barry Roffman

Ark Code is a new book just out in April 2004, and it provides a fascinating take on finding the Ark of the Covenant. Many people have found articles by the late Ron Wyatt on the internet, where he claims to have found the Ark in a crypt deep underground, under the Golgotha site in Jerusalem. But the fact is that we never saw it, and supposedly pictures of it were unusable and unavailable. My own view is that until the Ark is brought out in public, we don't know for sure where it is at. Meanwhile, Barry Roffman proposes a specific archaeological site for the ark. He weaves an interesting Ark history in chapter 2, and goes on in chapter 3 to explore the many theories on where the Ark is hidden. As an Orthodox Jew, Barry provides unique new information that Christians may find particularly helpful.

Ark Code is a Bible code book, where Barry Roffman pioneers a new methodology of developing ELS maps in the Bible code. The book has 45 Bible code matrices, 10 Bible code ELS map matrices, 9 geographic maps, and a number of interesting different artists' graphics on how the Ark of the Covenant may look. It has 180 pages, plus appendices and index, plus an incisive Foreword by Dr. Robert Haralick, the chairman of the International Torah Code Society (ITCS), total 256 pages. The large 7.3" by 9.3" size means the matrices and graphics are large and easy to view. It's a quality softcover book and I strongly recommend it.

Table of Contents:

Satellite photo of site in Northern Egypt, and Dr. Haralick's Foreword
1. ELS Maps in the Torah
2. Ark History: Construction to loss with the First Temple
3. Alternate Ark site theories
4. Motivation to set sail
5. Time to really learn the scientific method
6. The question of Baal Zephon
7. Zuaba and treasures in the sand
8. Altering timelines and destiny
9. Drosnin's atomic holocaust prediction
10. Tree of Life -- The Blessing?
11. Who wrote this code?
12. Code reliability and structure
13. From Rome to Israel
14. The International Torah Code Society
15. Adolph Hitler
16. The Jerusalem Post
17. Survey in Egypt
18. Looking ahead after Egypt
19. Shocking surprises
Appendix A
Appendix B
Illustrations Index

For Bible code skeptics, Dr. Robert Haralick has recently published a scientific paper refuting the claims of noted skeptics like Dr. Brendan McKay. Dr. Haralick is a distinguished professor at City University of NY (CUNY) overseeing PhD degrees. He applied more advanced statistical measures and shows that the skeptics tuned (read as deliberately fixed) their experiment. In the Foreword to Ark Code, Dr. Harlick explains why the skeptic's paper is disproven and the original Rabbi's experiment by Dr. Rips. et al. is proven. This is important, because it pulls the rug out from under the skeptics claims and provides an important scientific underpinning to the validity of the Bible codes.

To the right is ELS Map 8 from the Ark Code book, one of 10 ELS Maps which together pinpoint the ark location. The courseline runs from "Jerusalem" which is the vertical term in the upper right, to "Katib al Qals" in the lower left. In Jerusalem, the point of origin is the center of the Temple Mount, and it runs to a site in Northern Egypt.

I think readers will find Barry's explanations intriguing, and the tie-in to the prophet Jeremiah is quite surprising. After the Babylonian captivity, Jeremiah accompanied survivors to Northern Egypt.

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