Selected Prophecies through Thomas S. Gibson & others
(from Books One and Two)

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November 1, 1994
(Prophecy #4), The Word of the Lord Concerning the United States of America:

I have been somewhat pleased that the people of this country have looked toward me and sought me in some ways. But I have not been pleased in the way they have sought for me. They have looked for a god that would excuse them of their sin and their evil ways and their evil ends that they have longed for in their hearts.

Now I will do this: I will make a statement of prophetic fact of what I shall do in the coming years to them for their evil and their righteousness. They have walked in some ways righteous, I have some people, of me, that will walk with me in everything that I ask! But they are few. Most of the people of this nation, the U.S., will not look to me, but they will look to a god that will support their selfishness! I will not do that!!

Now first I will look toward the future of this nation, the U.S., with a sorrowful heart that they have wholly chosen not the right path of righteousness, but the wrong path of their own device. No longer will they have the blessings that they have enjoyed in the past. A number of things will be brought on them for their evil, starting with their financial problems, earthquakes, and other disasters, of a way that is from the earth and weather. First then, they will have many of the problems that they are now beginning to experience, but more so!

Now after this there must become a way of destruction from the will of satan. He will first desire that abortion on demand be law, and it will be so. You will see this come to pass in the next few years! I do not desire this, but satan does, and the U.S. is being turned over to their own evil lusts and therefore I will let satan have more of his way than in the past. This will cause a number of extra judgments on them, but they will not repent of this evil.

Therefore because of the evil that is in their hearts, I will bring various destructions upon them, but I will not judge them as I will and have other nations, because of the ones who do truly serve me in their midst. I will bring only limited destruction upon them for a short time, BUT then, if they do not repent of their evil deeds, they will be severely destroyed almost to the last of the will to fight against their enemy.

This force that will come against them is the power of the demon of Russia. This force will come upon them without any warning. It will be as though they had peace in their hands, an absolute peace, that would rule the world, BUT THEN the destruction of world war three will intervene; and as they have said, "peace, peace," and as I have said, "when they say, 'peace, peace,' there will be utter destruction!!"

It is my will that they have an understanding of the holiness of God and the knowledge of the ways of God. It is not my will to punish them for their iniquity or their evil ways, but to stand and say that they know the ways of God and do fully follow them. I mean to bring about an understanding of my ways, of my desires of the Spirit, and the things which are from above, not beneath. It is this that they have refused to understand, or try to understand. Indeed they have gone out of their way to avoid my ways, lest they have to repent and follow a God which will tell them what to do.

So therefore do not wait, staying on the path of destruction that the flesh will bring to you, but stay on the path of holiness, that my Spirit will bless you with, if you will simply look to Jesus the one who died for your sins that you may be justified before me without any wrong on your book of actions. It is simply a matter of repenting of your sins and turning around to follow the will of the Lord God of Israel!

Look now to the ways of the Spirit of God. While others may suffer in their despair because of these things going on round about, you, if you walk after the Spirit of God, and not after the lusts of the flesh, which is to be selfish and want to do your thing and not My thing, says the Lord, then you can and will be blessed of God not to be affected by any of the things which will fall on those who do not know the way of the Spirit of God. It is a matter of commitment to My will, says the Lord God of Israel!

April 2, 1995
(Prophecy #10), Reasons for War:

This is the word of God for the new move of the Spirit which shall occur after the war years. This war shall occur in the next several decades and will be a few years in length. At this time I have chosen to allow this war because of the evil that is occurring in this nation and the one to the south. Canada and the USA have walked partly in my will. They have not walked before me in the way I would prefer. They have sought out ways to stay in the flesh and not walk with me, says the Lord of Host. I desire a nation that walks before me, therefore I will do the following. I will bring about a system of problems that will result in a third world war. This will bring My people, the ones who walk after the flesh and not after the Spirit, to stay before me in the Spirit and in prayer. It is because of this spirit of repentance, that I will make a great power out of this My people.

They will begin to lose that earthly interest, they will begin to lose that fleshly tie they have with the world, they will begin to say, "it is the Lord, we can do anything that God wants us to!" For this reason, they will become giants in the land. They will be strengthened in the Spirit, and a strong move of the Lord will begin to move in real strength and power of God.

Then you will begin to see that the leadership of the church, the ones I have put in control, will dedicate themselves to the things of the strength of the Spirit, for I have spoken this, says the Lord of Hosts.

You will start to see as this progresses, the people, those who have been born again for a few days or years, says the Lord, they will do the miracles: such as lifting up of Spiritual power for the world to see. They will raise the dead. They will stand and lay hands on the sick, and arms will be renewed, eyes will see, strength of the power of God; this will be seen by all, and some will believe and walk in the newness of the Spirit of God.

This is My will for all time. But it will take a war, a disaster, for My people to walk with Me, in the Spirit of God, the way they should. I have a few that do this now, but I must have all walk in this powerful way, if I am to take the gospel to all the world in power and strength, says the Lord God of all.

September 2, 1995
(Prophecy #11), Prophecy of Quebec Separation:

This is the word of the Lord concerning the separation of Quebec from Canada. I have anointed this spirit of separation that is filling the heart and mind of Quebec. They have not followed after My Word, My Spirit, My holiness; in spite of My having led them to the knowledge of such things--they have rejected it. So therefore I will send in a much more strong way of the spirit of separation so that they will separate and suffer the financial problems that will come with it.

This separation will not come at the vote scheduled for later this year. It will rather come from a decision made at a later time. This vote scheduled in 1995 will turn down the separation, but by a smaller margin than the last vote. This I am doing to bring about a slow division among the people of Canada.

They will see this division show up in several ways. First, there will be financial problems caused from the vote that will be close enough to separation that it will make the financial community nervous. Second, there will be a change in the attitude of the people of Canada, that will say, "just let them go!" Third, there is going to come a movement into the country of Canada that will make it look good to Quebec to separate from this nation.

December 7, 1995
(Prophecy #20), America At War:

I, the Lord your God, do require of you a repentance for your sins. It has not been forth coming, but rather I have been led down the garden path of repentance of a fake nature. I, the Lord your God, require a repentance of a true nature. One that does not mean you return to the things of evil that have plagued you in the past. I require of you a change in the heart--to not go after the evil, to not change your ways on the surface and claim that I am being served, when you won't even spend an hour a day with Me, you won't spend an hour in prayer, an hour in repentance, an hour in service to Me, an hour in praise. You are so caught up in this earth, and this earth's things, that you will not spend any time with Me, your Creator!

You must repent a repentance that is true, is just, is real!! You cannot stand before the judgment throne and claim that you have served Me, because deep in your own heart you know you have saved yourself from hell in only a form of godliness, that is, unrighteous in its evil way. You who claim to repent, stand and show yourself approved unto God, unto holiness, unto prayer, unto righteousness, unto the ways of God, unto the only right way of the Lord.

You will not do this because you will not have the ways of God, when they will cause you to be laughed at. What is that to the Kingdom of God!! What is that to the ways of the Lord!! What do you think is going to be your answer in the heavens before the throne of Jesus! You will not have any answer!!!!

So thus says the Lord. In a few years from now, you will be impaled on the brink of war. It will come with very little warning. I shall bring this war down upon you who think you can serve the world, and claim to serve Me, saith the Lord!!

In the year of 2005 you will have yet to see this war. But it will then be but a few moments in time by the Spirit, till you will see it. It is close, it is coming, and no one can say, "I will hold it back, I will put a stop to it." I, the Lord, have made a decision to judge the evil hearts of the people, and I will do it!

So it will be, that I have now spoken the year in which I will hold it back to: but by the year 2010, it will have come upon you!!

Now listen to this, that I will bring it down upon you in the following way . I will never leave my people unguarded concerning the horrors of the war, but they will come into a knowledge and into a peace about serving Me in this time. I will protect them with a supernatural protection from the throne of God.

Now as this occurs, as the war progresses, and Russia takes heart to overthrow the entire world, I will put an end to it. I will see that the time will come that they, Russia, will lose this war, and be changed in their political agenda forever. Russia will become a major world wide country to bring My salvation to all of the earth!

So it will be, that this war will come to an end in this way. That by a new invention, that I will see comes to the USA, they will win this war, but this will NOT occur until they have repented for their sins! They must repent before I will turn the tide of the war to them. I will bring them to the brink of disaster, to the brink of destruction, to the brink of all-out loss, before they will turn with their whole heart to Me, says the Lord.

So as these things occur, remember that I have foretold this in an accurate way. I have set up My prophets, My called ones that have been obedient to the Word of the Spirit, to the things of the Lord, to the ways of God-- them have I called to take control of the situation of prophesying this prophecy to the world, to the USA, to all those who shall listen, and obey the voice of God.

As My people will turn their hearts to Me in a total way, they will receive more power from above than they could ever dream about. This power will turn them into the holy ones that I have foretold in the "Ephesians book" of scripture, in the 4th chapter, in the 3rd to 15th verses. For I have said that they will walk in the faith, the one faith, not the divided faith, but the ONE faith!!! I am that faith, says the Lord God of Heaven. I am the one who you shall serve. Rise up into Christ the head!

As My people turn to the one faith, there will then come a persecution like has never been before in this earth, on this planet, in this time of the end--for it will start at the time of the end of the war. Satan will have fought for the destruction of this planet by first trying to take over the world through satanic influences in the country of Russia. But it shall not be.

This is one more situation to learn from. He, satan, is trying to take over the world, to raise up a world kingdom of himself, the evil one. So it shall be, that this will eventually occur, but not at this war. This war will be the war that will bring the sudden destruction, and realization that war is inevitable, and most dangerous, because it cannot be controlled in the earth.

As the people stay away from Me, so shall they be destroyed by their own evil lusts for power, and their destruction shall be in their own mouth.

Now as this war comes to an end, there will be another fear on this earth like has never been before. Yes, it has come before, but not in the way that it will come from, and to, this time. It will come from this earth's system, satan himself-- will go to those who will not walk in My ways, those who will not turn to Me.

I said there will come a time of heart's failing for fear. This will not be the time, but it will be a prelude to this time. The fear of war, which will rise up at this time, will be so strong that every politician will be overcome by this fear, and will try to appease the people with any kind of peace agreement, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. They will sign anything, as long as they can use it to convince the people war will never happen again. This is the tool satan will use to bring about total world power in one being, in one place, says the Lord God.

So as this will come to an end, the war years, there will come a new peace upon this earth for a very short time. This will be the true time of peace, peace. For they will shout it loud and long. They will shout it loud and long! They will shout it loud and long!! They will not only be afraid of the peace that is not to be, but they will be afraid of their own peace accords, because they will know deep down that their own peace accords will result in another world war!

This is not the end of all war, but rather the beginning of world war! It shall so be done, for their master, the devil, will see to it.

Those who will walk with Me will see a new agreement in this earth. The agreement of true peace accord, that will be by My power, says the Lord. My power. My power! Not this earth's power, but by My power, says the Lord God of all!!

December 9, 1995
(Prophecy #21), Judgment of War:

This war that shall occur on America will be My judgment on it. Not to turn it to ruin, but to turn it to Me, says the Lord. I am the one who they must serve. I am the one who they must turn to. I am the one they must listen to. They have all gone after other gods; gods of lust, gods of pleasures of this life, gods of this world's evil reign by satanic forces, gods of this world's money supply. (If they would not lust after the money by making it worth so much on the exchanges, I could change their system and they would no longer have the financial problems they have!!!).

These gods are now ruling the world. They are ruling the world's system through their master, the evil one. Turn to Me, says the Lord God, and I will make you strong again. Stay with your evil, and I will judge a great judgment on you!

So you see that they will not turn, for I have said this war is coming to those who will fight against the kingdom of Heaven, and so it shall be. They have brought it on themselves. They have robbed themselves of the blessing of total service to Me. (The blessings I could have given them!!)

This war will, with all its total cruelty from the earth's point of view, will finally bring about a true repentance and a true love for the things of God in those few who will turn to Me at the beginning of the war! Then those who will follow will make up a nation of true believers with which I can work with. For the nation now consists of those who call themselves christians, but all those who truly serve Me in love and devotion could not be found except one in ten thousand!!

So you see, I must bring a judgment on them for their evil ways. There are those who will say, the God of the Bible is compassionate. The God of the New Testament is love, and not judgment. How can there be love, and not be judgment against the ones that refuse to accept that love?

There cannot be this sin of refusing my love shed on the cross for you, without a judgment on those who will not turn to this love.

Thus it must be that evil will be judged in this land of America!

September 22, 1997
(Prophecy, #117); The Three Signs:

This word of the Lord is for all those who have desired to know the times and seasons. There will come a three fold sign of the end times. This will be, no matter what else may happen. I the Lord have spoken.

1. The Fall of an American President

2. The collapse of the American economy

3. The infiltration onto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to begin World War III

This word shall occur as spoken, says the Lord. Look not to the earth for your ways, but look to Me, says the Lord of all things.

October, 25, 1997
(Prophecy, #122); Wrath and Division:

For thus saith the Lord, the King of Kings.

Here is a time and a place for you to listen and prepare yourself for what is to come. For the world is headed into a place of judgment and disaster. No, not tomorrow or the next day, but it shall soon come. A little bit at a time, then a little bit more, and a little bit more.

And as it steps forward, piece by piece, you shall begin to say, "No, this is all of the disaster, all of the wrath, all of the judgment that can possibly come in this world." Yet more shall occur.

Indeed, as this world goes forward, this time of wrath and judgment shall not end. My people, who are called by My Name, who seek My face: they shall walk through, not with the riches of this world -- no they shall not have that -- they shall have the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, every need and every desire met that is holy and righteous before Him.

For thus saith the Lord, I am that I am, and I cannot fail, I cannot seek the will of man; I seek the will of God. Let the things of this earth fall. They are not important to Me, says the Lord.

For rather in this time of judgment I will raise up a church, like you have never seen a church in your life. I will raise up a church that stands strong, that stands strong, not in the earth in the buildings and in the places that man builds. But rather in this earth, I shall raise up a church out in the open where all can see it. And they shall rise and they shall say, "Yes, I am a christian. Yes, I serve the Lord. Yes, I serve Jesus. Yes, I am the King of Kings servant. I will go where He says go, and I will do what He says do." And I will have a church that is single-heartedly devoted to My will and My cause.

And I will raise up in this time mountains, and people, and things that you cannot begin to understand now. For you will not understand the great changes that will occur in this earth. But as they occur, know this: that I will not depart from you, no not left nor right -- I am with you even unto the ends of the earth, says the Lord. Never shall I betray My people. Rather as these judgments go, and as this wrath comes on this earth -- let it be, let it be -- do not seek to have it held back, do not seek to hold it back. For it is in this time that My power shall go forth like never before. And it is in this time that My peace shall come like never, never before.

And I shall go forth, says the Lord, and My people shall be strengthened by My hand. And miracle upon miracle, which you have never even heard in your lifetime, shall occur as a regular thing in this time and in this age.

For this is the time of the power of the living God, and you are to walk in it.

There is one more thing, says the Lord. Those who have played the religious game shall not walk the religious walk. There will not be a time for them to say, "I can make it through and look good to the earth." There's time for My people, says the Lord, there's time for My people to stand up and realize there is a separation between this earth and My kingdom. You will not be able to walk, in those days, and say, "I am a christian," and look like the world. Though you would not, you will have to choose! There will be such a division, like there has never been a division between those who follow Me, and those who do not.

October 26, 1997
(Prophecy, #123); Need for True Repentance:

Oh, these days, says the Lord, that will pass from Me! For I will bring a wrath and judgment upon this nation of America. But it is not My will that they be judged in this way. I desire, says the Lord, that they repent, and turn everyone from their own way, fasting before me a true repentance.

BUT THEY SHALL NOT!! Therefore, in this hour that I will bring, wrath and judgment upon them for their evil, says the Lord.

December 29, 1997
(Prophecy #132); The judgment of the US:

This is the word of the Living God to the nation of the United States of America.

Listen to Me. Have you reaped holiness in all the sin you have sown? No! You have reaped sin and evil upon yourselves for the sin which you have sown. For what you sow you shall reap! Therefore you shall reap judgment and evil upon your nation.

Pray for it, that some would be saved. Pray for it that through the judgment of God, some would be saved. Pray that the people who realize
what is about to occur will turn and tell their neighbor, tell their friends, tell the people that there is a great judgment of God coming. And when they do so, they may be laughed at, they may be scoffed at, but when it comes the people will remember and some will be saved through that witness.

That is the word of prophecy in this hour, to tell the people, to let them know, this judgment is coming, it is from God. And when it comes, know it, for it was prophesied by the prophets of the Lord.

Hear the word and know that God is seeking to shake up the people to a great repentance. For nothing to this day has brought a true repentance in the United States. But I will bring it, says the Lord, by judgment, for so is the way they have chosen. They will not receive it in another way, therefore they will have to receive it by judgment, and I will judge them until their repentance, says the Lord God.

March 1, 1998
(Prophecy, #149); The Coming Judgment Times:

For this is the will, says the Lord, for My people, that they be not defined by the ways of the world, not defined by the ways of the flesh, and not defined by the ways that this earth thinks.

There is coming a time when the needs in this world will not be met by the ways of the world. There are coming bad times.

But those who put their faith in Me, those who put their trust in Me, those who walk after My ways, says the Lord, they will have their needs met, no, not by worldly ways, but by My ways; for I am all powerful, able to do all things. And those who walk with Me will always be with Me, and I will provide in every way for them no matter what the cause, or what the situation, I will provide, says the Lord.

Do not be disheartened by what happens in this earth in the coming years. Do not be disheartened. There are coming rough times. So be it. Let it be. It must be. It cannot be taken away.

Do not pray against it, but pray for it. For it is in these rough times there shall come a great revival far beyond anything you can imagine, there shall come a great revival. And though satan will fight it with everything he has, it will not be stopped, it will not be held back. For I will have a great revival in this earth, says the Lord. And it will take judgment and the wrath of God to wake people up and bring it to pass.

So let it be. Trust in the King of Kings, not in the world of worlds. For only the King has the answer, and the world has only its own ways which will fall and fail.

There is this, says the Lord, that you understand that you can't walk with one foot in the world, and one foot with Me. You must choose which path to walk on. You must choose which path to walk on. You must not be turned aside after the ways of the world. You must choose the ways of God. You must make a final decision. Go with Me, says the Lord, or go with the world.

Too long My people have tried to play with the world, I will not allow it any more, says the Lord. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT. IT MUST STOP. IT MUST STOP. IT MUST STOP.

Great are the times to come in the spiritual realm. Many a prophet has wished he could live in this time. Yet My people are scared of this time. Why are they scared? I said I will take care of you. I am good for My word, says the Lord. I am good. I will not be disheartened by your attitude against Me. I stand fast on My promise. I will make everything work toward your end, and I mean toward your end. Every need you have will be met. But the lust you have for new cars and new houses, I will not meet that, says the Lord, it is not of Me.

When all this comes, remember it has been prophesied to My prophets, prophets upon prophets have desired to see it, because the power of the Lord will flow so strongly.

So set aside the things of the earth. Stand fast in the things of God, and know that never, never, never will the earth be shaken like it's going to be shaken. Never will the earth be shaken like it's going to be shaken. Never will the earth be shaken like it's going to be shaken. Never will the earth be shaken like it's going to be shaken.

Hear Me, says the Lord, the end is near. The end is near. But it is not as close as you think, but it is coming, says the Lord. And never again will I bring judgment like I will bring on this earth. But it will come, a little at a time, then more, then more, then more, till it finally finishes with My return, says the Lord.

So stand fast in My word and know that the Lord is on your side, and I am with you even unto the ends of the earth.


March 2, 1998
(Prophecy, #150); Persecutions:

For I am, says the Lord, a servant to those who will serve Me. I will serve them as they serve Me. I seek to serve My people. I desire their best.

When I ask them to give up the things of the flesh, I do not do so because I am against them, I do so because it is their best interests to give up the things of the flesh, to turn to the things of the Spirit, to turn to the things of power that rise above the things of this earth.

It is in their best interest to lose interest in the things of this earth which will not protect them, and to rise unto those things of God which
will bring them through the coming trials, and tribulations, and persecutions, and troubles, that I shall bring upon this earth.

Yes, I shall bring them, says the Lord. For I desire to let satan run to and fro through the earth to do these things, because My children have fallen prey to devils' very clever ways.

They have sought the things of the earth. My children have sought the things of the earth. They have forgotten the things of God, and have sought the things of the earth.

But when they have to rely on the Kingdom of God, on the Spirit of the Lord, and on the protection of the Most High, then and only then, will they give up the things of the earth and turn to the things of God.

And I will raise up a church, and I will raise up a people, and I will raise up a voice in this earth that shall reign powerfully strong in My

For you see, there are those who will stand only for Jesus when the times are good, but their hearts are corrupted with the things of the earth. But those that stand for the things of God when times are bad, their hearts are pure before Me. Because they do not care about the earth, and the things of the earth. They care about the things of heaven. They'll stand and declare My Name no matter what! Them I will be with, I will empower, and I will use them to bring about a massive strong word of the Lord, and more of God in this age, says the Lord.

March 3, 1998
(Prophecy, #151); Removing Sin From My Church:

These days are final days which are to be, says the Lord. These days are the final days which are to be. Look forward to the coming changes, judgments, and wrath of God.

For as the wrath descends, those of My people, who will not stand fast in My word, but look at the flesh, worry, be shaken, will themselves be shaken by the Spirit of God, to wake up and learn to stand, not on their own two feet, but with Jesus. For I will lift you up, I will lift you up, I will lift you up, says the Lord, I will lift you up.

Never has there been a time in the earth, such as is to come, and such as is beginning at this time.

Change not from the ways of the Lord. Stand fast in the word. Many of you will lose things of this earth, but do not be disheartened, for the things of this earth are so temporal.

If you could see it from My viewpoint, you would understand that nothing in this earth COUNTS AT ALL, except what you do for the Lord. What I call you to do, that do, and be obedient. For the King of Kings is here.

You are just entering the time of the wrath of God. Just beginning to enter into this. In years to come you shall enter strongly into this. Look forward to it, for the Spirit and the power of God on you shall be stronger than it's ever been in your entire life, and than it's ever been since sin has come into this earth. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

Satan will fight like never before and I will strengthen My people like never before. Stand fast. Know the Word. Do not be deceived, for many, many false prophets have gone out into this earth to deceive many. Many false preachers have gone out, preaching to tickle the ears of the churched of My people.

Hear not the word of those who walk to tickle your ears. For when you come to the Spirit of God, He will be honest. If you need to repent, you will know, for He will convict you of your sin. And as you repent and turn away from your sin, a great joy and a great power shall be upon you to protect you, to guide you, to lead you, to bless you.

Hear the word in this hour. Gone are the days in the past when I will allow My church to be flesh-filled and like the earth. I will remove them from those ways. THOSE WAYS SHALL NEVER BE IN MY CHURCH AGAIN, says the Lord!!

May 9, 1998
(Prophecy, #164); Just entering into Wrath:

For this will of the Lord, that there be judgment and wrath come upon this earth, is not to be dismissed lightly. Heed it and note it. For you're just entering into a time of wrath of this earth. Just entering in. Do not despise it. Do not turn away from it.

Do not believe in a false report. For there are many false reports that shall come and go. They shall say that these times shall not be. Oh, it
shall not be that bad. Oh, there won't be this kind of a problem. And oh, this isn't true. And you shall hear them, from one end of the church to the other. This is a false report, they'll say.

But I tell you this is a true prophecy. This is the Word of the Lord. Never again, never again, never again in the history of mankind, will the wrath and judgment come, like it is about to come.

For this is the end times, says the Lord. This wrath and this judgment shall lead into the very coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. You're just
entering into this time. And as you enter in, be aware of the way to walk. For any way outside of the will of the Lord, will not be successful.

If you will walk in My ways, put yourself in My hands, says the Lord, and let Me walk with you, guide you, and protect you, you will be the most blessed of this earth, you will be the most blessed of your nation. And those who walk with Me, shall be blessed going in, and shall be blessed going out.

May 15. 1998
(Prophecy, #165); Serving God:

Listen to the word which I say, says the Lord.

There is but one God, and this God, I AM. There is but one God, and He has control over all things. No judgment shall occur on those who seek My will, serve Me, and desire Me to be Lord in their lives.

Over those who use My name, over those who depend on the world for their prosperity, depend on the world for their plans, depend on the world for all their things, but use My name, on them the judgment will fall. For they have not put Me Lord of their lives. They have just used My name. They are looking for a shortcut to heaven. They don't want to give up the things of the earth to serve Me. What if I called them into the ministry? What if I called them to someplace they didn't want to go? What if I called them into some foreign country? What if?

But I say, says the Lord, I am with you to the ends of the earth. I am with you no matter where I send you. For I am not with you if you rebel against Me. For if you want to be left out alone, don't turn down where I send you, but rather go where I send you, and I will be with you, meeting your every need no matter what the circumstances around you. I am a great God. Nothing I can hold back from you who serve Me in all ways, says the Lord.

May 16,1998
From: "Susan Chebar" <>

It is a grievous thing, says the Lord. A grievous thing. My Spirit has tarried with My people for SO long, and yet they will not heed.

You who are Mine: Do you think I do not know, do you think I do not see? Do you think the Accuser does not remind Me gleefully of you who do not follow, of you who think you can live in both kingdoms?

I am weeding My garden, judgment has already been sent forth. The woes to My people have begun, and it is a grievous thing.

You were fashioned in My likeness, to reflect the glory of My love, My compassion, My power. Yet you concern yourselves with things that are not of Me, thinking I do not know or see. Woe unto you, My rebellious children! You will will drink of your own cup, you will eat of your own fruits, and many - yes many - will drink the blood of the damned. You and your seed.

Do I ask of you perfection? Nay, says the Lord. I ask you for a HEART of obedience, and a sacrifice of your will. I want to do My will and work in you, but you will not let Me. And it is a grevious thing.

Have I not said, "COME OUT!"? Have I not said, "BE SEPARATE!"? Have I not said, "LOVE NOT THE WORLD!"? Do you want to partake of the cup of the unrighteous instead of the cup of the blood of My Son?



June 15, 1998
(Prophecy, #169); Special Time of Decision:

These days that you are now in, these days that you are now in, these days that you are now in are the beginnings of the wrath of God coming on this earth.

Never mistake the times that you have been in, which have been so good in terms of the world around you -- they are at an end. The time is short till things start to turn away from the worldliness that has been so successful.

You'll begin to see the things of this world crumble, some fast, some slow, and some not at all for a while, but they will. It is at this time you must make a commitment to the God of all gods, to the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords, to the Ruler of the universe. You must make a commitment not to live according to the things of this earth. For the things of this earth shall pass, and the things of heaven shall never fail. Put your faith, your rewards, your treasure, your time to the things of heaven. They shall never fail. They shall never fail.

Remember this: the time is at hand to make a decision of what you consider the most important. To turn from the world and unto the Lord is the most important decision you can ever make.

To stand fast with the world and pretend all is well will destroy much of your prosperity in the future. For you'll have put your treasure in the things of earth, (and not in heaven), and they shall pass, and they shall cease, and they shall come to an end.

There is a time to stand up for the Word of God, that is always the time to stand up for the Word of God. But now is the time that you must make a special decision: to make sure you are not being pulled by the world, you're not being pulled by the world, you're not being pulled by the world, to put your money into their investments, to put your money into things of this earth, because they say you shall reap the reward.

While I say, says the Lord, you shall reap damnation if you put your money into the things of this earth. For they shall come to an end, and I shall bring it to an end.

Time is now short, and I shall bring fast upon this earth, judgment, first one thing and then another. Those who have put their trust in Me, they shall walk with Me. Those who put their trust in Me, they shall be with Me. And those who have put their trust in Me, they shall be rewarded.

But those who have put their trust in this earth, they shall reap the damnation because they have failed to yield to the God of the universe, but rather they have yielded and served the god of this earth, and all its pleasures, and all its sin.

For do you not see, and do you not understand? There is never a time that you should trust this earth. But you should always trust in the Lord God of all. But this is a special time, that if you trust in this earth, you will lose all.



June 25, 1998
(Prophecy, #170); WAR ON YOUR KNEES:

This word is a warning to those who do not care for the Kingdom of our Lord. It is now at the time, when you shall see great wrath and judgment coming upon all the earth. It is now here, at the door. In just a short time you shall see it begin. From that time on it shall never turn around. It shall get greater, more strong, more severe, than ever before.

Never again will I bring wrath on this nation, and on this world like I'm about to do. Canada, the US, and much of the world will suffer severe hardship because of their sin, and their rebellion against God.

Never again shall this be, except this time. But this time will last from now till My coming, says the Lord.

So hearken and heed the word of God. I will protect you and heed you. I will not be dismayed at those who turn around and say, "I give up
everything in this earth that God has given me to go further and serve the Lord in the most hard places to reach."

Those people will be blessed, and I will meet their needs like you have never seen before.

As this comes, great miracles, like never before, will come. As they step out in faith, I will move with them.

But those who turn against Me, they will suffer hard. Those people who have led a sheltered life trying to protect themselves FROM MY WORK WHICH I HAVE CALLED THEM TO DO, trying to pretend they don't have to do it, they will suffer, because My wrath will be upon them, says the Lord.

Hearken and heed the call of God. Heed and know the Spirit is moving to end this age. And in the moving it toward the end of this age, you will fight a war against spiritual forces. YOU WILL DO IT ON YOUR KNEES, AND IN PRAYER, AND IN OBEDIENCE TO THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD.


July 5, 1998
(Prophecy, #171); Economic Collapse:

This is the circumstances to which this world is now heading. It will lose control of its societies as it heads in to the greatest economic collapse that will befall mankind.

This collapse shall come fairly quickly, and as it comes people will stop obeying the law, because it is no longer convenient for them. As they become economically deprived they shall turn to illegal activities in greater and greater numbers, till authorities cannot control it in any way.


Subject: Prophecy for America
22 July 1998, 17:56:12 GMT, through Katie Jordan

Thus saith the Lord: How I love you My people, for if I did not love you so much, would I continually cry out to you? I weep as I see what is coming upon the world. I am deeply saddened as I watch judgment fall upon your nation, but I have warned all who would listen for over a quarter of a century. Have you listened? Have you understood? Have you believed what I have said?

Believe Me when I say that My WORDS WILL NOT RETURN UNTO ME VOID: FOR THEY CANNOT RETURN TO ME EMPTY. I spoke and the world came into being. MY WORDS ARE NO LESS POWERFUL TODAY. I have judged your nation, for her sins are so blatant as to have surpassed even those of Sodom and Gomorrah. They have even surpassed the sins of the people in Noah's time. I promised that I would never flood the entire earth again, and I shall not, but many may wish I had.

The blood of millions of innocents has been crying out to Me for years and years. DID YOU BELIEVE THAT I WOULD STAND BY AND ALLOW THIS INCREDIBLE SLAUGHTER? It is up to Me alone to decide when any human of any age shall die. IT IS NOT UP TO MAN TO PLAY GOD! There is no turning back. Again I say that I have judged your nation and I do not expect you to ask Me to change this decision. THESE ARE MY WORDS AND THEY SHALL BE ACCOMPLISHED AND VERY SOON! I have told you before and I will tell you again, YOU MAY ONLY PRAY FOR MERCY. Your only safety is UNDER THE WINGS OF THE ALMIGHTY. PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD! MAKE STRAIGHT A HIGHWAY FOR YOUR GOD! PREPARE YOUR HEARTS; PREPARE YOUR HOMES; AND PREPARE YOUR FAMILIES.

Soon you will watch your nation totally crumble. YOU WILL SEE ANARCHY AS NEVER BEFORE. Men's hearts will fail them for fear because of the things they see coming upon them. If you are not close to Me and trusting Me completely, your hearts will also fail you.

There is not enough paper to list the sins of your nation and of her leaders. In the day of judgment, even Babylon, and Sodom and Gomorrah will be shocked as the list is read. BELIEVE THIS!

The church, My Body, has lived too much like the world. They have excused repulsive sins when there is no excuse. As a people you have backed up and backed up until your back is now against the wall. I say to you Beloved, look up and you will find that it is not a wall but the CROSS OF CHRIST. Now you must choose, either you will fall away or YOU WILL TAKE YOUR STAND BENEATH THE CROSS. THERE IS NO MORE MIDDLE GROUND. THERE WILL BE NO MORE BACKING UP. THERE ARE NO MORE
EXCUSES. Soon there will be no one left in the valley of decision. The choice is yours. Decide this day whom you will serve. If you will serve Me then rededicate your lives to Me and TAKE UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. Decide to serve Me with all your heart, and all your mind, and all your body and soul. I WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS! BE VERY CERTAIN THAT YOU ARE STANDING UNDER THE WINGS OF THE ALMIGHTY WHEN JUDGMENT FALLS.



August 12, 1998
(Prophecy, #172); America, and It's Leader:

For this you shall see before your very eyes, the Fall of America, and The Fall of It's Leader. You shall see it, says the Lord.

Look and beware. For as the things I have commanded have come to pass, so you shall see the word of God come to pass.


August 12, 1998
(Prophecy, #173); Crash of US:

This is the time for christians to get their lives in order for the coming crash of the United States. Do not weep for this nation, for it is sick. It is filled with wickedness, and I am laying upon it a just and deserved wrath. Do not weep for it, but look to yourselves; that you are in touch with the Spirit of God, that you are serving the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

Do not turn aside, do not pretend that you are serving God, when your heart is on the things of this earth. Serve Me, says the Lord. For there is coming a time when judgment on this earth shall be so great that only those who walk with Me can have any chance of survival. And they will walk in power and strength, and I will be with them, and I will strengthen them, and I will protect them.

But those who pretend, those who play the games, seek the things of the world, seek to build up big names for themselves; they shall fall hard at this time -- very hard.

And when the dust is completely settled, My people will stand.


August 20, 1998
(Prophecy, #174); Standing on the Rock, Christ Jesus:

For you see in this time of great redemption by the Blood of the Lamb, there is judgment, and shall be judgment.

But look to yourselves, not by your own fleshly eye, but by the spiritual eye. To do this: spend time in My Word, and spend time in prayer, and spend time allowing Me to take My Spirit and show you what needs to be changed. As you spend this time with Me in prayer, in fasting, and in time, in spiritual time, in strong spiritual time alone with Me, says the Lord; as you do these things, you will see that I will show you what needs to be done to grow closer to Me. And as you grow closer to Me, you'll grow stronger in Me. As you grow stronger, you'll see more things that need to be changed. And as you change more things, you'll grow much closer to Me. And on it goes, till I bring you into an era of spiritual revelation you did not even know could exist on this planet. Yet I shall do it. And many shall walk in it.

Understand this time, and be part of this time. For this is the end times. And I am bringing about a move of My people by bringing them into a close relationship with Me, that they will stand, that they will stand and know that God is God, and He upholds them under all circumstances.

For great judgment is coming. And as it comes, you must want to stand on the Word. For if you put your faith in the things of man, you shall fall. But if you stand on the Word of God, and on the righteousness that He has provided through the Blood of Jesus, then you shall go on. And the things of the world may fall around you, but you shall go on. It shall not affect you. For you are standing on the Rock, Christ Jesus, and not on the world.

August 29,1998
through Jeff Rodrick,
Heart-Life Ministries <>
Subject: "he who hath ears to hear"

A decree made known this day from a mere servant of the Lord
God will do his work
And the whirlwind will take away the chaff
The warnings have gone out
Precious time has been given to repent
But the hearts harden beyond repair
What is God to do, but to lay a foundation of love upon the souls?
How will He do this, but to bring forth His hand to break the hardness
It will come and it will come and it will come
And only those who know the safety of His bosom will know rest and peace
The remainder will fear for their lives
They will fear for their loved ones
They will fear for what they own and possess
They will know no true love in these last days.

"I warned and I warned, but you busied yourselves with other things
I warned and I warned, but you thought Me to be the fool
I warned and I warned, but you heeded not because your advisors all said, that all was well
I warned and I warned
I longed for you to repent
For you to return to My side - to My bosom
But you truly did not know the way - for you knew Me not to be your Lord
I came to save, but if I am not Lord - I am not truly yours and you are not mine
This is the day of separation
This is the day of punishment
This is the day where my hand will sweep over this earth and only the righteous will stand
This is the day
Run and hide from this God that you have forsaken
Run and hide, but it won't be long before you hear My footsteps
Think now - while it is quiet
Think now - what will you do when you see Me come in judgment?
Think now.....
My hand can come in blessing or it can come in judgment
Do you choose to be mine or another's?
Think now - for there will be no peace until you make the right decision
Think now
The days are short - and shorter they become as the wars increase - as the fear escalates - as the famine and drought and floods and earthquakes rummage this earth
Think now - where will you go?
Who will you turn to?
Who is your God?"

September 2, 1998
(Prophecy, #175); Be Apart from the World:

For in this time and in this age, I am renewing My church, and I am the I AM, says the Lord. I shall not turn aside, neither left nor right, from the path which I have set forth for My people to walk on.

They shall turn, some of them, left and right; and they shall not be found in the way that I have called, but rather in the way of the world.

Listen and know that God has called many peoples to specific callings in the word of God. Now listen and listen carefully!

There are those that are in that call who have answered it, who are being drawn by the world into an area that I have not called them. They are seeking the lusts of the flesh, the praise of men, and it is not of Me.

You seek not the praise of men, you seek the praise of the Lord God. You seek Me, says the Lord. You seek My will, and you seek My things. Do not go after things which are not of Me.

You divorce yourself from the world, and you commit yourself to Me. Let them care for themselves, and their evil lusts that they have. Don't be drawn by the world. Don't be drawn by its system. AND DON'T TRY AND COPY THEM!!

Be apart from the world, and be drawn together with Me, says the Lord. And I am with you, even unto the ends of the world.


October 25, 1998
(Prophecy, #183); The Ways of God:

For I am this type of God! That you who are far off from Me, I will bring to Myself, and then to the place where you will make a decision about My salvation!

Those who choose to serve Me will be blessed. Those who choose not to serve Me shall be damned. That's the way it is! God is in control of all. He decides all things by His wisdom, not by man's.

Choose to study the Word and see what God is like, and you will know the ways of God and what you should do!

October 25, 1998
(Prophecy, #184); Times of the Lord:

For there is a time in which I will show mercy. There is a time in which I will show grace. There is a time in which I will show my longstanding, as I await those whom I have called to repent.

BUT, there is afterward, a time of deep commitment on My part to judge those who will dare to stand against the God of Heaven!!

November 14, 1998
(Prophecy, #188); The Fall of a Nation:

For thus says the Lord, when a nation falls, it falls for sin.

There has not been a civilization that has fallen, that has not fallen because I commanded it, says the Lord.

This time, at exactly this time, you are on the verge of the falling of a nation -- so-called, the greatest nation in the world. The United States of America has stepped so steep into sin that it shall fall, and fall hard! Make no mistake, this word shall come to pass in the very soon-coming time.

Thus says the Lord, nobody who follows the Spirit of God closely, nobody who follows the Spirit of God closely, will deny this. For nations rise, and nations fall based on their walk with God.

November 14, 1998
(Prophecy, #190); The Economic Fall:

There is a time coming when the United States shall fall a greater fall than what you shall soon see. What you shall soon see, is the economic fall. But there is much more coming than just that fall.

Many things shall come to pass. And each one will take the United States down another notch -- more and more. And as these things come to pass, remember, the nation that sins before Me, says the Lord, is a nation that shall fall.

A nation that repents before Me, says the Lord, is a nation I will rebuild!

December 2, 1998
(Prophecy, #192); The Greatest Economic Collapse:

Now thus says the Lord to those who believe they are headed for the kingdom.

Beware. Have you listened to My word? Have I not prepared My people? Have I not told them of things to come? Yet you stand on the verge of the greatest destruction of the economy of this earth.

This world shall not see an economy like it has now, ever again. I shall bring it down, and I shall keep it there. For they shall try and raise it up, but I shall not allow it.

Trust Me, says the Lord. When the great crash occurs, it shall come down.

Have I not for years sent prophets, prophesying that you are to pay off your debts and not borrow? Have I not done so for years? Yet My people claim to believe this, yet they turn around and borrow, and borrow, and borrow. They dig themselves a hole of debt, and yet they claim to believe My prophets.

Hear Me. Those who walk with Me follow My word, and My direction -- I will prepare a way for them. No matter how it is done I will do it.

But those who seek to fill their hearts with the things of this earth, so that they may have money and goods to make themselves proud and boastful in their hearts, those people shall fall. I shall bring them down, says the Lord, and I shall bring them down hard!

You hear the word. You stand on the verge of the greatest economic collapse in the history of mankind.

December 17, 1998
(Prophecy, #193); Wars to Come:

Thus saith the Lord, some have looked to wars in the east and have said, "there is trouble brewing."

But I say, says the Lord, there shall be much more than this going on in the years to come. Much more than one little war with one little nation by the United States. I say, says the Lord, there'll be many more wars, and many nations involved.

But you are not to look and fear these things, for the Lord is your God, the Lord is with you, even unto the ends of the earth.

December 19, 1998
(Prophecy, #194); Division of Church and World:

For this is the saying that the Lord gives, that all My people shall be protected from the coming storm.

Yes, there is a coming storm. It shall be severe. It shall take out all the former standard ways of the world, except My people, and there shall be a strong movement to stand against the rising church. The church that I am raising up shall be one of strength and power, like as the book of Acts, but more so.

There will stand, at this time, a strong and complete division between the church and the world. There will no longer be a division that is blurred, but rather one that is obvious even to the casual observer!

December 23, 1998
(Prophecy, #195); Do not Fear the Time:

This hour, this day of the Lord, be pleased to note, God is in control. He always has been, and He always will be.

There'll never be a time, never will be a time, never will be a time that God is not in control. In the coming months, days, and years, you'll see much disaster in the United States.

Do not fear it, as most will greatly fear it. For My hand of protection is upon My people. And I shall protect them with My power. The day of miracles is not over, it's just about to begin! And I shall protect them above all things, for they are My children, and I am their God!

December 23, 1998
(Prophecy, #196); Woe to the United States:

This year, says the Lord, for the United States, is the worst year for disaster that they shall ever have in their history from the beginning until now. The year of 1999, that is just about upon you, this year, is the year of disasters.

They have loved the president who lived in sin! They have loved the president for his sin!! And they have loved the president because of his sin!!!

For I have tested My people in the U.S., and they have stood against this. But the American people have stood for the lies, deception, and sin of a president, because they loved that sin. They desire it. It's in their heart.

Therefore, the wrath and judgment that shall appear in the United States in the year of 1999, shall be greater than anything else, than anyone could have ever imagined.

Woe to the United States for its sin! Woe to them!! Woe to them!!!

December 24, 1998
(Prophecy, #197); Preparation for the Times to Come:

For this word is given to all that obey the Lord, that all may understand and be at peace: the God of all is taking care of His Own!

Listen to the word. Do not be upset at the times, for they must be. There is a long series of events that must take place in the near future, and a long series of events after that, that will take place in their appointed times. These events are total and partial disasters to various areas of the world.

In the days to come, you will see destruction and damage to the U.S. like has never been seen before. It is judgment coming upon them, because of their disbelief in the God of all things. He it is that is in control. Never before has there been a time like this: when judgment will start in earnest and things in the world will change very dramatically! Never before!!

Now listen to the commands of the Father. It is time you started to listen to the Spirit of the Lord. I have spoken to many of mine to tell them of things they ought to do, in their specific case, and most have not! So listen and know, that God is preparing a way for you, through these commands that I have given to some. If you do not follow them, you are not totally under the protection of the Lord.

It is time for many to repent and go back and listen, follow, and obey the Lord in His commands to specific people and specific things.


January 8, 1999
(Prophecy, #201); The Wickedness of America:

For look to yourselves, to the United States of America, says the Lord to the U.S.

Stand and note the glory of God has departed from this nation.It has departed for the wickedness of the nation. It has departed for the
wickedness of its leaders. It has departed for the wickedness of the church.


January 9, 1999
(Prophecy, #202); The Dread of the United States:

The great dread against the United States came in December of 1998 when they invaded Iraqi airspace to bomb Iraqi targets. That dread upon the United States shall not leave until the United States has suffered a severe blow -- more than once, says the Lord.


January 10, 1999
(Prophecy, #203); The Lament for America:

For the Lord said, Take up a lament over the nation of the United States.

Oh, America, America,
The Great America,
How far have you fallen,
How far have you fallen.
The Great America
How far have you fallen.

For soon is your time to fall,
and fall hard,
and fall hard,
and fall hard.
Soon is your time to fall hard.
Soon is your time.
Soon is your time.
Soon is your time.

Hear the word, Oh, America.
Hear the word.
Hear the word.
Know the time.
Know the time.
Know the time.

The Great America who could have been above all nations, and risen above them, and stayed above them has fallen, has fallen, has fallen.

The Great America who could have been above all has fallen for sin above all sins, says the Lord.


January 10, 1999
(Prophecy, #204); Date Setting:

How many, says the Lord, how many shall fall? Prophets upon prophets. Date setting upon date setting for My return.

I will return, says the Lord, when I choose to return.

How many date setters will fall when I don't come back this year, or next year? How many shall fall, says the Lord? How many shall fall?


January 13, 1999
(Prophecy, #205); The Firm Foundation:

This word of the living God has come from the throne of heaven above.

Stand fast on the word of God. Stand fast on the word of God. Know that as you stand with the Lord Jesus Christ, that you will stand on the Rock most solid.

There is no other place to stand. No matter what may come in this earth, standing on that Rock will give you a firm foundation. A foundation that shall not be shaken. Now the rest of the world may be shaken to and fro. There shall be no shaking if you stand on the Rock Christ Jesus.

Stand on that Rock! Stand on it. Beware that you do not step off. For if you step off you walk in the ways of the world. But walk in the ways of God, standing on the Rock Christ Jesus. Firm foundation. Even unto the shaking of the world, a firm foundation.


February 13, 1999
(Prophecy, #206); The Coming Great Turmoil:

For those christians who put their trust in Me, says the Lord -- their complete trust in Me -- they will find the time easy going in the great hard times to come. But for those who will try and rely on their own power, and on their own strength, and the world's systems, and on the world's answers; they, they will have trouble.

For you see, I will bless those who will put their complete trust in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Those who want to play games with the world are welcome to the world and its ways. For they shall be in great trouble in the hard times to come.

Note this: there is a time when all of the earth shall be in great turmoil. Those who walk in faith of God, shall walk with God. Those who try and play games with God, are relying on the world; will walk in turmoil.

This is the time of the separation of the sheep and the goats.


February 13, 1999
(Revelation, #207); The Four Specific Phases of the Greatest Depression since the World Began:

The Lord gave me the following revelation concerning the upcoming economic crash.

1. The Crash:
The crash will come soon. It will be a time of great disparity of mankind. From this time on there will be no turning back. Turmoil and trouble will come to all those who will not put their complete faith in God.

2. The Continuing Attempts to Put Things Right:
These will result in much hope and thinking that things will straighten out in a short time.

At the beginning there will be an acceptance of the markets coming back. This will lead to a short term rising of the markets in a significant way, but only for a short time. Again it will crash and this time it will stay quite low. No attempts from this time forward will bring markets back to any significant degree.

3. Violence:
Violence will become so bad that people will seek to leave the larger cities to take up residence in the country at almost any cost. This will mainly be available to those who still have some money left to them.

Police and authorities will not be able to keep things under control.

The streets of many large cities will become a struggle of power for many gangs. Police will settle for keeping gangs from tying up up too much police manpower in keeping the gang wars to a minimum.

Violence shall come to all areas. While cities and larger areas will be worse, it will be bad everywhere on the North American continent.

4. The Settling In:
So many different disasters will be taking place that thought of bringing the market back will disappear over time and people will just accept the fact that times are bad.


February 28, 1999
(Prophecy, #208); The Things of Earth:

For the things of this earth are not to be in the hearts of christians. Things of this earth are a fleeting thing, they shall come and they shall go; then the flesh always looks at it as a trustworthy thing.

But do not be deceived. For the things of this earth are not trustworthy.

The things that you cannot see, from the throne of God, these things are trustworthy. These things stand by. These things shall last!


March 9, 1999
(Prophecy, #209); Preparation For Things To Come:

(Long piece in tongues)

Oh, says the Lord God of heaven and earth, listen to the word and listen to the power of the might of heaven.

Those who put their faith in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords shall be rewarded! They shall be rewarded with peace, and life, and kind peace. But if they take their eyes off the Lord, and put their eyes on the things of the earth, and the troubles of the things of the earth, they will seek not anymore. Seek not the things of this earth, but seek the will of heaven. Seek not the things of this earth, but seek the will of heaven. Put your eyes not on the things of this earth, but put them on the things of the Lord. For if you take your eyes off the things of heaven and put them on the things of the earth, you'll be distracted, and be distracted enough that satan can deceive.

Look not to this earth. You shall go through trials and tribulations. Look to the Lord, and He shall provide you strength to walk, peace in your heart, and direction in your feet. You shall know where to go and what to do. He shall give you direction. Heed what He says now, in this time. For He is directing His people now to heed the Spirit of God, and to note and take preparation for things to come.

Look not to the things of the earth, and look not to wild observations of man, wisdom of man, or opinions of man, but listen to the Lord and let Him guide you. For He shall guide and prepare you for all the times to come. He shall prepare you in the spirit, and He shall prepare you in the flesh. He shall prepare you for the things to come.

And those who are prepared shall stand in the times to come. And, yes, there shall be weak times on this earth, and the earth shall fall and fail in many ways. But the Lord shall rise up, and His people shall rise with Him. And those that have been prepared shall guide and lead the others who have not prepared themselves. They shall be the leaders. They shall be humble in spirit. They shall be obedient in spirit. And they shall submit to the will of God in incredible, total ways.

For I am teaching My people to submit to the will of God. No, not when it's convenient, and not when it's obvious; but to submit to the things of God when they have no idea of how it will work out. When it doesn't look like it's the right thing to do! I am teaching My people to submit on that level. And I have prepared a way before them! Though they cannot see it, they will walk in it by faith!!

This is the will of the Lord, and this is the will of the Lord, that you will stand in these times. Waver not on the things that He has showed you, and told you, and prepared you for! Fear not the times to come, but rather look forward. For those who follow My will, will be responsible and participating in the greatest revival, and soul gathering that has existed since the beginning of time.

So heed the will of God! Know the will of God! Participate in the will of God! Heed the Holy Spirit in all things, and you shall be at peace, and you shall be at war! Yes, at war! For satan shall be your foe. And the world shall be your foe. And yet, you shall be at peace in the war! For I shall give you a peace in you that is not of this earth. You shall rise up and be a strong victor, leading many, many, many, many souls into the kingdom of God.


March 10, 1999
(Prophecy, #210); Stand Fast for the King of Kings:

(Piece in Tongues)

For this word of the Lord, given among those who will listen to the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

Hearken, and listen, and know that the times are hard, and the times are harder! And yet they will get harder yet again!

But listen, I am with you always. Heed My word; prepare My ways; stand fast in what is to come. For you are My servants that shall lead many unto the gospel, that shall be laughed at by the world, and shall stand fast for the King of Kings.


March 20, 1999
(Prophecy, #211); The Future of America:

For the people of America have said they want to choose their own ways, they want to choose their own destiny -- and so they have.

I sent Clinton and his sins to be a test of those people who have chosen their own way. And they chose. They chose to be in love with a man of sin. They chose to love that sin. They chose to love that way of life.

It is the joke, it is the formal training, that came from satan himself, that they love the things of sin.

So they have chosen their way, and they have chosen their future. The future of wrath, the future of judgment, the future of damnation from the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

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