Book review by Roy A. Reinhold, April 4, 2008


The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament

by Pastor David Bauscher, a new fresh translation in 2007

Believe it or not, but prior to Pastor David Bauscher creating his new word-for-word Peshitta Aramaic-English Interlinear, there was none available for the entire NT. It's a new Interlinear published in 2007, and based on years of work. I've been using his Interlinear and his separate smooth English translation in excess of 6 months and am basing this review on my extensive use of these wonderful books.

Pastor David Bauscher completed the Interlinear first; and it has extensive notes throughout which comment on differences with the Greek NT manuscripts. The Interlinear is based on the 1905 Syriac Peshitta Aramaic NT except for The Revelation which uses the Crawford manuscript. Pastor Bauscher's Interlinear is a fresh translation throughout, although he consulted Paul Younan's Interlinear of the Gospels, Murdock's translation, and Dr. George M. Lamsa's translation. For those unfamiliar with the Peshitta Aramaic NT, traditionally Western academics believed that the Aramaic NT is a 2nd Century AD translation, whereas the Ancient Church of the East claims they received the originals from the apostles in their own language with no need for translation. There is extensive evidence that few people spoke fluent Greek in Israel at the time of Jesus (Yeshua) according to Josephus. (He says that only a handful of people in the entire country were fluent enough in Greek to write it well, and that is why he wrote The Wars of the Jews and The Antiquities of the Jews in his own language: Aramaic, and then had it translated to Greek later.) The point is that this Peshitta Aramaic NT preserved by the Ancient Church of the East is likely the original New Testament.

What a powerful statement: that the Peshitta Aramaic NT is likely the original NT! You will see in Pastor Bauscher's Interlinear, extensive evidence for Peshitta Aramaic primacy, with helpful direct linguistic proofs. As you might discern, I love using this new Interlinear. Yes, the Greek NT or English translations from the Greek are 95% the same as the Peshitta Aramaic NT; but it is the 5% difference that is compelling, interesting, and highly useful for Bible students and scholars. There are nuances of meaning differences throughout the Interlinear as compared to most modern English Bibles. What this Interlinear will do is re-invigorate your NT Bible reading. I therefore give my highest and best recommendation that everyone buy this Interlinear. (Pastor David Bauscher's Aramaic New Testament website)

Formats available for The Peshitta Aramaic-English Interlinear NT:
Printed books or low cost eBook version

1. Best price deal is 5 eBooks on CD for only $19.99 plus shipping. Includes the Interlinear (798 pages), Peshitta Aramaic NT in Plain English (558 pages), Divine Contact book , Aramaic-English English-Aramaic Dictionary, and Jegar Sahadutha--Heap of Witness book (Aramaic NT primacy evidence).

2. Low cost option is the Interlinear as an eBook in full color (798 pages), $9.99. Download after payment.

3. Printed Interlinear in B&W or Full Color in 8.5"x11" page size. (larger print size is easy to read)

4. Printed Interlinear in B&W in 6"x9" page size. (more compact size)

My recommendation for those who want to try out the Interlinear is to get the eBook for only $9.99, which is in PDF format. It's easy to use and the same as the full color printed version. I have both the eBook version and printed B&W Interlinear and use both equally; they are great! Or, take my word for it and just buy the printed Interlinear (the B&W version is far less costly than the color version). Here's a link to Pastor David Bauscher's storefront page at his publisher.

The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English:
At the end of 2007, Pastor Bauscher completed, The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English. It's a smooth English version of the Interlinear, which was requested by readers who stumbled over the word-for-word Interlinear, since Aramaic sentence structure is different than English. Personally, I strongly encourage readers to get the Interlinear, because you can see the Aramaic words for study purposes and look them up in an Aramaic-English dictionary like A Compendious Syriac Dictionary by J. Payne Smith. However, I can understand why those less disposed towards indepth study might prefer the smooth English translation.

Pastor Bauscher has two versions of the Plain English NT available: One has all the same textual notes as the Interlinear throughout the text, and the other is a compact version stripped of all the wonderful textual notes. As you can tell, I have the version with all the notes in it, and highly recommend that printed version of the Plain English NT from the Aramaic.

Formats available for The Original Aramaic NT in Plain English:
Printed books or low cost eBook versions

1. Printed books come in 8.5"x11" or 6"x9" page size versions with all the textual notes.

2. Printed version without notes is in 6"x9" page size.

3. Low cost eBook versions available too; download after payment.

The storefront page link above for Pastor David Bauscher's books has all the Plain English NT options too, besides the Interlinear NT options. My highest recommendation is to purchase the Interlinear NT, but if you don't want to dig indepth and want a smooth English text, then get the Plain English NT printed version with textual notes. You won't regret it!

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