Should We Go To War With Iraq?
by Roy A. Reinhold February 5, 2003

Many people wonder whether this coming showdown with Iraq, by the USA and a coalition of nations, is worthwhile and whether it is the right thing to do. As always, I believe that diplomacy and negotiation is the first step any nation should take. However, when Saddam has hidden weapons of mass destruction and ties to Islamic terrorists, if not outright support through covert channels, then we have to look at a Saddam Hussein leadership in Iraq as a serious threat to the world. More important, however, is to know God's will in the matter.

On Saturday, February 1, 2003, I lifted my hands to begin praying and the Lord spoke to me. He said, "Roy, what is your judgment as to whether the USA should go to war with Iraq?" I answered that it was unimportant what I thought, but I wanted to know whether the God the Father's direction was to go to war or not go to war. If He said go to war, then that is my opinion, and if He said to not go to war then that would be my opinion in the matter.

The Lord said, "What if I said, do not go to war with Iraq?" I said, "Then I would be against going to war even though I know that there is evidence that Iraq is directly involved with terrorism."

Then the Lord said, "What if I said to go to war with Iraq?" I said, "Then I would be completely for the war with Iraq."

The Father then said, "I am saying to go to war with Iraq".

I put the above on my message boards and what everyone wanted to know was, "what is God's reason(s) for going to war with Iraq?" That question hadn't occurred to me, because I personally just accepted God's direction. Hopefully, their question is just an interest in knowing and not sitting in judgment of God's will. If they are placing themselves above God as one who will judge whether God's reasons are good enough, then that questioner has a real atitude problem. Rather than ascribing nefarious motivations, I'll just assume that by asking the question they are interested and inquisitive.

On Tuesday, February 4, 2003, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Roy, how much do you know personally about My reasons for saying to go to war with Iraq?" I replied, "Father, I actually don't know any of your reasons for saying to go to war with Iraq. The only thing I know is to make reasonable assumptions based on what is written in the Bible for our example. That said, I don't know any of your reasons for sure."

The Lord said, "Then tell the people that, and don't insert your assumptions as My reasons for saying to go to war with Iraq."

Thomas Gibson is a prolific and reliable prophet of God who mainly prophesies concerning Canada and the USA. His calling is as a prophet to North America. and he lives in Alberta, Canada. He has spoken many prophecies in the last year concerning things to come. The following are prophecies given through Thomas Gibson. At the end, is information on signing up to get on his free e-mail list to receive the prophecies by e-mail as they are given to him.

The number is year - month - day - and number for that day

2002 11 1.1

For thus says the Lord. America is due judgment. My hook is in Bush's nose to pull him into war with Iraq. And when he goes to war, America will be judged in a great way.

For thus says the Lord. America, America why have you forsaken Me?


2002 09 30.1

I am willing, says the Lord, to relent of all My judgments on America as soon as she turns away from her sins. Turn away from the sins and I will turn away My wrath.

But do they cease from the love of money? I will turn their economy upside down.

Do they turn from their pride which says America is great of itself and refuse to give God the credit? I will topple the nation till she is a shadow of herself.


2002 08 25.1

Thus says the Lord. I will allow another terrorist attack on New York. This attack will create fear throughout the city.


2002 09 27.1

For thus says the Lord. Begin to look now for the fulfilment of the further prophecies of judgment of America. Begin to look and see them happening.

For they have not turned to repentance, but they have stayed the course toward their downfall with their sins.


2002 10 29.1

For the judgment of God is rising against America. Canada shall not escape. Many nations shall be judged in the next few days, months, and years. I have delivered many nations to be judged.

Now, says the Lord, is the time to call for the repentance of a nation. There are those who call unto Me to say, "forgive America," but I say judgment will fall. Only repentance can save a nation.

Calling on Me for protection, but not repenting, does not bring protection; but rather judgment. For only a true cry unto Me, and a turning from sin, can change the course I have stated.


2003 01 31.1

For thus saith the Lord. Do not despair. I am going throughout the churches of America to see who will put My Name first, who will put the salvation by the Blood of the Lamb above all else. Those who do so will be blessed by the Lord above; but those who do not will be condemned by Me.

Do not turn to the world or the world's ways. Do not listen to the ways of many who compromise My gospel. Those who turn away from the compromising position of the worldly church will be blessed by Me.

Those who continue in the work of compromising My Word will be condemned!

Do not doubt this word. I am going throughout the world and throughout the churches in America to see who will put me first. It is time that the worldliness be burned out of the church! It is time to see that God is placed first above all things. There is power in the name of Jesus. Those who walk in that power are walking with Me. Those who do not walk in the power are walking with the world.

Not only will I turn away from godless churches, but I will turn to those who are truly serving Me in truth and power, and I will give them a protection in this time. For coming soon is a persecution and a strong attack against My people. Not only that but there is coming trouble to America's shores. I will protect and guide My people through this time.

Do not partake in those churches and religious organizations who will not listen to the Word of God and follow it in a complete way.

Thomas S. Gibson
1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, AB, T9W 1G2 Canada

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On the message boards, Harold added the following yesterday.

On an editon of The 700 Club two weeks ago, Pat was speaking to a gentleman with one of the national intercessor organizations. He said that the Lord had given him a word, that if 1 million Christians would pray, THEN war with Iraq would be Saddam would flee to exile at the last minute. But notice the 'provisal' here..."if" 1 million (U-S) Christians would pray.

The above word mentioned to Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, isn't necessarily in opposition to what the Lord told me, which is at the top of this page (to go to war with Iraq). This word mentioned to Pat is directed to Christians, while what I said at the top of the page is directed to the USA. It is the preparation for war which in a real world sense provides Saddam Hussein with an incentive to flee to exile. Without the preparation for war, Saddam wouldn't have any incentive or threat which would motivate him to go into exile. If the prayers of believers can cause Saddam to flee into exile, then it would result in the same thing as combat--the liberation of Iraq and freedom for the Iraqi people. I just wanted to mention that these words are not mutually exclusive. It is preferable to prepare for war and not have to use it because the desired end result is achieved, than to do it by combat force.

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