Terrorism Strikes at New York

September 11, 2001 will go down in the history books as a day of infamy, when murderous terrorists made a sudden attack on the USA, killing in excess of 6000 people (recent numbers indicate ~4000 total for 9-11 including D.C. and in Pennsylvania). That's more than twice as many people as those who died when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. The picture below is of Manhattan and the World Trade Center before September 11, 2001. The twin towers were both 110 stories tall.

The targets of the terrorists were not military targets; their aim was to murder as many unarmed and defenseless civilians as possible. They hijacked 4 airplanes with groups of 3-5 on each airplane including a trained pilot. Two hijacked airliners going from Boston to LA were flown into the two World Trade Center towers in New York City, using the airplanes as a form of missile. These were suicide flights by deranged muslims, who not only wanted to kill themselves, but all the people on each flight. It may only be a coincidence that Boston to LA (B-LA) seems to be the initials of Bin Laden, the head of the Al Quaida coalition of terrorist groups run from Kandahar and Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

A third airplane (American Flight 77) took off from Washington DC or Baltimore, was hijacked, and although it first appeared to be headed for the White House, it veered off and struck one side of the Pentagon Building across the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia. The airplane that hit the Pentagon struck the ground just before the building so the damage, although severe, was less than a direct hit. Perhaps 50 people in the Pentagon outer ring building at that point were killed plus all the people on the aircraft. The satellite picture below shows the demolished burned area of the building, with the outer ring sustaining the damage (there are 5 rings of buildings in the Pentagon). The Pentagon was hit ~9:40 am (EST).

The first airplane to hit in New York City was American Airlines flight 11, which struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center at ~8:45 am (EST). At ~9:03 am (EST), United Airlines flight 175 struck the South Tower. The pictures below show the second airliner just before hitting, and then the explosion. The black building is 7 Trade Tower, an ~50 story building that collapsed too after the two main World Trade Center towers collapsed (the South Tower collapsed ~9:58 am, the North Tower collapsed ~10:28 am, and the 7 Trade Tower building collapsed at ~5:20 pm EST).

I believe the sequence of pictures below shows the North Tower collapsing after the South Tower had already collapsed.

I've worked on the Bible code matrix below as a sort of therapy, to work out my anger at the terrorists by channeling it into something positive. The matrix is the most advanced matrix I've ever done. I have lots of terms that I have not snooped yet, to see if they are part of a longer phrase or sentence. Most of the short terms I've turned off so as not to display them, to create the matrix and matrix report, in order to simplify it. For example, I haven't even yet looked for the names of individual terrorists. Consider the matrix below a beginning, since I am absolutely positive that there is much more in the matrix. That said, the matrix has many complete sentences and statistical odds that is less than 1 chance in 10 to the 250th power.

What Language is in the Bible Code? The Bible code is in Hebrew, period. To further expand that definition, the Hebrew used in the Bible code includes all attested word forms in the Torah and Tanakh, as well as modern Hebrew words. Additionally, I include attested Aramaic as used in the books of Ezra and Daniel. Since the Aramaic part of the Tanakh is a very small part of it, we would assume that proportionally, any use of Aramaic in the Bible codes is proportionally small.

A Short Summary: I may add later, my own summary of what is shown in matrix below, but I think that anyone reading the English translations of the terms can draw their own conclusion. One point is necessary to explain. There is another terrorist event predicted in the matrix below for the 10th of Tevet (24/25 December in 2001?). The year term that goes through it is the abbreviated form of year 5762. That abbreviated form can either mean calendar year 2002, or it can mean the jewish year from Rosh Hashanah to the next Rosh Hashanah in the fall of the year. Therefore, the predicted event could either mean December 25 of 2001, or December 15 of 2002. I believe it means December 25 of 2001, because there is also another term I left off the matrix which is an abbreviated year 5761 and is close to the term shown. That points to me that it is more likely December 25 of 2001. However, since one cannot be absolutely sure, it is better to say that it is on December 25 in 2001 or December 15 in 2002. I will work on it to see whether I can dig out more possible details on this possible future event. (don't e-mail to ask about it, if I get something good, I will put up a new revised version of the matrix). Please read all the terms below and draw your own conclusions.

Explanation of Verb Usages: Below the matrix is a table to explain the verbs used in various terms. The reason for this is that different verb types may be spelled the same but pronounced differently. Therefore, because no vowelization marks are shown, I need to show the verb usage I intended in the sentences. I am not perfect and any grammatical errors pointed out will be corrected.

Matrix Report:


World Trade Center codes matrix:

Statistical Odds Calculation:

The matrix-R-values in the matrix report are calculated in log base 10, by taking account the number of letters and letter distribution in the matrix. To calculate the cumulative R-value for all terms in the matrix, we use the text R-value for the main term, since the matrix pivots on the main term. In this case, the search text was the Torah although the matrix is entirely in Numbers chapter 16 to chapter 32. Then for all other terms, we use the matrix R-value. The calculations are:

cumulative matrix R-value = text R-value for main term + the sum of the matrix R-values for all other terms

cumulative matrix R-value = 8.416 + 332.02 = 340.436

Translating the number 340.436 to odds we invert log, and we get 1 chance in 2.7289778 x 10 to the 340th power.

Let me put that in perspective. There are an estimated 10 to the 80th power individual particles in the universe. If one believes the big bang theory that the earth is 15 billion years old, that is less than 10 to the 25th power in seconds. I want you to understand that the odds of this matrix are extremely huge.

Explanation of Hebrew Verbs used in the Terms: