review of Yacov Rambsel's book,
The Genesis Factor: Amazing Mysteries of the Bible Codes
written by Roy A. Reinhold

Recommendation: flows well, medium/neutral

Yacov Rambsel's 3rd book on the Bible codes; it was published in 2000. Genesis Factor flows well and presents a comprehensive Jewish Messianic point of view of the scriptures that one would expect from a messianic rabbi/pastor. Yacov has been involved in the Bible code for over 25 years, and does all his searches by hand, which greatly limits the quality and quantity of findings. With a computer, one can do more in a day, than a person can do by hand in a year. However, Yacov Rambsel does develop many low ELS Bible code terms by hand, that are interesting. I think this is Yacov's best book on the codes and is available at and Barnes&

Yacov believes that Bible code terms are tied to the surface text (a view not strongly held by a majority of Bible code researchers), and in Genesis Factor Yacov deftly shows examples supporting that connection. As a christian, I liked Genesis Factor for its strong messianic teachings. Yacov weaves examples of Bible code terms in with a cogent story line while examining specific messianic prophecies. Not that I agree with every christian teaching in it, since I have written books on the pre-wrath rapture and taught it for 20 years, while Yacov favors a pre-trib rapture view.

In Genesis Factor, Yacov also has some longer Bible code terms that are phrases or sentences. This lengthening of code terms is the fascinating area of codes research. More than anything else, phrases and sentences in the codes are statistically significant and most likely to convince skeptics of the truth of the existence of the Bible code.

I found the excerpt from The Archko Volume in Yacov's book to be extremely interesting. This is the english translation of an actual existing papyrus scroll, which was a letter from Pontius Pilate in Israel to Caesar in Rome. It describes in Pilate's observations, some of the marvelous events that took place in the week Yeshua (Jesus) was crucified.

I recommend The Genesis Factor, and think one would find it an interesting read. Not the leading edge in the Bible codes, it has a strong christian message with the Bible code interweaved.