Jerusalem terror bombing death toll reaches 21


Copyright 2003  by Asali Zaki  August 20, 2003

2003-08-19 -
At about 9:10 pm Tuesday night August 19, an  terrorist blew himself up on the number 2 bus in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood of northern Jerusalem. 20 people were killed, including a number of children, and 110 were wounded. By Thursday morning, two of the victims had not yet been identified. At least two of the victims killed were under a year old. In the attack, another bus and a passing car were also heavily damaged, and a high number of pedestrians were also injured.


 all the words of the  Matrix have been found at Minimal ELS ( Equiditance Letter Sequence ).

"Minimal Encounter between the encoded words" .


The Matrix starts at Genesis 32:27 and ends at Genesis 33:5.

The Matrix In Detail

Key of the Matrix : main term " Time Of Pain" at Minimal ELS (-62 )


Time of Pain , Critic and Difficulte

Enemy Crime, assassination


A) The Enemy unto this day he   hit....  attack....Killing ...Crime


B)  Assassination of the Children  and they Bleed ,and they wept


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