The Final Flight of Space Shuttle Columbia

Part 2

by Dr. Asali Zaki / February 25, 2003


Matrix Report

The Matrix starts at Numbers 25:8 and ends at Deuteronomy 33:11


Columbia     Shuttle     Ship of


The Fire Devouring the left Wing

Columbia  / Ship of   /  fire  consumed /  they Wept /


Defect -  Misfortune/accident

Misfortune/accident -from the Defect
fire consumed-Columbia-Ship of-devouring fire-it was stopped-they wept)


They wept (over) Eylan from land of Israel (the Israelis)

Misfortune/accident--from the Defect
fire consumed-Columbia-Ship of-devouring fire -they wept

And they journeyed - ELAN -from land of Israel-"and these are their stages at their goings forth."

Their Journeys


They Dead : Consequence of the defect

They Died : it was a consequence of...the defect -misfortune - the Defect  -fire consumed
Columbia-Ship of-devouring fire-their journeys

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