The Ten Commandments in Equidistant letter Sequences



God's Covenant with his people at M.Sinai , the 10 Commandments , are rules and admonitions to live by.

Nearly all the foundations on which Jewish life is built--the ten Commandments, the historic Festivals, the leading

principles of civil law--are contained in the book of Exodus.

The central human figure is Moses, the man whom God chose to lead his people out of Egypt; and He dictated

the Torah (The BIBLE), word by word, and letter by letter to Moses at Mt. Sinai (Horeb).

Exodus Chap.19-24 :

The image below is a Bible Code array , containing in detail a part of a continuous narrative that runs through the Torah (Bible)-the covenant between God and the people of Israel.( Please See the  II° Bible Book-Exodus Chap.19-24 )
The Central Term Commandments of God (YHWH), ELS (-13896)"

In proximity of this term in ELS we found:

- several encoded words and phrases that all specifically related and near to each other in the same area.
-The encoded words and the occurrence verses describe in detail the same event , and the meaning of the
event described by the clustered words on the basis of the content of the Torah passage.

The Central Term running Vertical "CommandmentsYHWH"ELS / -13896

Encoded Words & phrases in Proximity of the Central Term "Mezvot YHWH":


 MATRIX(A)-Bible Code Array with ELS -13896/ 3 ( Row Split by 3)

MATRIX( B )-The Same Bible Code Array  

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