Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar diabetes)

Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder caused by decreased production of insulin, or by decreased ability to use Insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the Pancreas that is necessary for cells to be able to use blood sugar.

Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders with one common manifestation, hyperglycemia. Long-term, complications of diabetes causes damage to the: Retinas of the Eyes, Kidneys, Nerves, Heart and Blood Vessels (Cardiovascular system). A lack of insulin can bring on a serious diabetic condition known as ketoacidosis, in which the blood becomes increasingly acidic from the accumulation of toxic by-products called ketones, that are produced as the body breaks down fat for energy.

Central Term : Insulin

The Cluster of words encoded in proximity of the Central Term Insulin : Note from webmaster, Dr. Asali has used a wrapped text (toroidal Torah) to create this matrix. That's why the main term starts at Numbers 30:1 and ends at Genesis 1:20, even though it is a positive ELS. A wrapped (toroidal) text is a valid area of codes research, although it is yet to be conclusively proven.

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