Note: Webmaster analysis follows at the end of the creatively done matrix

Victor has a talent for artistic expression as shown in the matrix above and all his other works. I certainly respect his creative abilities, and the following is not meant to denigrate him in any way, only to explore for ultimate truth.

Grant Jeffrey used to teach that the surface text of the scriptures was tied into the Bible code. "He used to" is the operative phrase. That was a misconception as shown by many subsequent works in the Bible code afterwards, where the surface text only may have applied to some or a few select matrixes. Since it doesn't apply to all matrixes, then we have to assume that the theory was probably false. My work in the Bible code leads me to believe that using the surface scriptures with the Bible code is misleading to people to have little or no knowledge of codes research. My research leads me to conclude that the Bible code is the Bible code, and the surface scriptures are a separate issue, and not diminished in any way.

That said, I am very suspicious of codes matrixes that make a message out of a couple of terms and seek to buttress it by appealing to the surface scriptures. In the matrix above, in most cases, there is one term at ELS (equidistant letter spacing) and an appeal to the surface text. That doesn't provide me enough evidence to believe that the single term at ELS is meaningful. Unless more fully developed with more nearby terms in a matrix, I could view many of the above beautifully done crosses as mere random occurrences.

The cross in the lower right has the term, "year 5760 the Jubilee", however, that could also be read as, "year 5765, Jubilee", where the letter "hey" is used as a 5 instead of using it as the indefinate article "the". One has to look at all possibilities when trying to do a predictive matrix as the one above. (5760 is fall 1999 to fall 2000, while 5765 is fall 2004 to fall 2005).

My problem with the matrixes above is that they are single terms with no buttressing terms nearby in the matrix. Also, it would be better to investigate all year possibilities than only look for what you want to see there. In addition, even if the year 5760 (fall 1999 to fall 2000) is correct, what are we to conclude? Is it the beginning of judgment & justice that may take some time to develop? Is it a pronouncement in heaven of impending justice and judgment? Is it an actual judgment to begin on the earth in 5760? Is it a future judgment, that is now pronounced, but won't begin for a time?

All these possibilities could be answered by further development of the above matrix snippets. If each were further developed and all had a common message, then I think we would really have something significant. My opinion right now, is that the matrix is beautifully done, but the evidence is not compelling; because (1) they are single terms tied into the surface scriptures, and (2) they are not developed enough to tell the whole message.

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