ARMENICUM-The New AIDS Therapy? ( PART 1 )



Interview between the Noyan Tapan reporter Inga Zarafyan and patient N. Kolesnikov who denies the German doctor's suspects regarding Armenicum.

In the late 1980's, a group of Armenian medical researchers and scientists in YEREVAN City engaged themselves in AIDS-related studies. Happily, their work was eventually crowned with success. They created a preparation, named Armenicum, removing HIV virus from human blood and restoring man's immune system. Doubtless, before being officially announced, the preparation had undergone a series of laboratory tests. Initially, it was applied on animals only, but afterwards one of the group members applied the drug on himself. It was only in the autumn of 1998 that the drug started to be applied in Armenia. The discovery of the drug was announced worldwide in February 1999, after which Armenian clinics started to receive AIDS patients from abroad. 130 people are said to have been cured of AIDS to date. All of these people are under supervision now and regularly undergo medical examinations. The results obtained so far have been re-assuring, with no virus found in any case.


The components of this drug are not revealed to the public for security reasons. It is considered a state secret in Armenia and all related information will remain classified until the world relevent structures register the medicine, but there are things we can feature. Armenicum looks like a deep-brown solution and is given to patients by injection. Such an injection may throw a patient into a fever and may cause a headache. The situation may last for three hours, and afterward the patient's condition returns to normal. As the injection is administered, the patient may feel his veins burning, which is adjusted by slowing down the injection. All patients using Armenicum say they can feel great changes after receiving the injections, so that they feel a strong desire to walk, run and simply live on. After several such injections, a patient begins to gain weight, herpes phenomena disappears, sores begin to heal, and the voice and breathing are restored. Most importantly, the drug does not adversely affect the organism (the person's overall health). A patient takes one or several courses of treatment depending on the stage of development of the disease. AIDS Center officials in Armenia, assure the public that the treatment with Armenicum is far less expensive as compared to anti-AIDS treatments offered abroad.

WHAT DISEASES CAN ARMENICUM TREAT? Armenicum completely remedies all virus diseases, in particular, hepatitis C. Many wonder if Armenicum cures cancer? Unfortunately, it does not, but Armenian scientists are making some research in this direction as well.

What we found in the Bible about ARMENICUM?

A computer scan using the entire Torah (Bible), found the name ARMENICUM hidden in reverse letters at a minimal skipping code ( -276 ) in Leviticus 3:5 to 13:25.. Crossing and near the central term "ARMENICUM", we find the related words: HIV, VIRUS, CURATIVE, MEDICAMENT, ARMENIA and YEREVAN (the capital of Armenia)               


Matrix (A) Same Matrix in Detail





HIV crossing the encoded word ARMENICUM

HIV in vertical has the same ELS 276 of the central term.

Matrix ( B )

Crossing & near the Central Term ARMENICUM we find the following related words :


The HIV  The HIV





Matrix ( C ) Row Split By 6                             Matrix ( D )






HIV, AIDS &YEREVAN crossing the central term ARMENICUM



What is significant here is the letter skip intervals for the words : ARMENICUM, HIV & CURATIVE is the same =( -+276 ).


WHAT IS ARMENICUM -Pharmacologically ?? ( in work )


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