Middle East Peace Process


Summit collapses without agreement

A Middle East peace summit called to resolve 52 years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict . The White House announced it had ended in failure.

CAMP DAVID - The future of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations plunged into uncertainty, as Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat headed back to the region without a peace agreement after a failed 15-day summit.
The talks collapsed primarily over Jerusalem, neighborhoods of which Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians control over in exchange for an agreement that would expand the city's borders to include nearby Jewish settlements.

The collapse of the Camp David summit may be a major setback for US diplomacy and for President Bill Clinton, but he vowed not to give up on finding a solution to the long-standing Middle East conflict
One day after the two-week-old talks ended without a deal, Clinton said peace between Israel and the Palestinians was a real possibility if the "legitimate interests of both parties" were addressed.

Bible Code Matrix

Central Term : Camp David at ELS ( -1889 ) Gen.Ch.32 V10 to Lev. Ch.18 V23

encoded words and phrases that all specifically related and near to each other in the same area.Very Significant is: proximity of the central term we found :

Treaty, Peace , Israel ,Fail and the phrase " With Great Power and with a Mighty Hand "

crossed the words " Treaty " & Peace .


Cluster 1 : Report

Cluster 1 : Matrix (no row-split)

The Same Matrix (row-split of 2)
 Cluster 2 : Report

Cluster 2 : Matrix

The Same Matrix (Row Split by 2)

Statistical Analysis-Probability of the Matrix

What is the statistical relevance of the Cluster 1, and 2 matrix?

If we add up the positive matrix R-values from the Cluster 1 Matrix Report,without ELS of +1,we get a cumulative matrix R-value of ( 5.656 )

I used the matrix R-value for the main term and then divided the overall results by the expected number of occurrences for the main term in the Torah for the ELS range of -1889 to + 1889, which was: E=0,120485871 .

Cluster 1 Statistics

inizial overall R-value---5.565 

E = 367282,30 

divided by 0,120485871 = 3048343,32

the statistical chance of Matrix one, is 1 chance in 3048343,32


From webmaster: I calculated the probability of the matrix very conservatively. For the main/center term, we use the text R-value instead of the matrix R-value, because it is used to find the matrix. In this way, the cumulative R-value for matrix 1 above is 5.355. This translates into odds of 1 chance in 226,464. Even if we get more conservative and divide that by 7 to account for possible row-splits from 1-7 (even though there is no row-split in matrix 1), then we get odds of 1 chance in 32,352. This is a very significant matrix.
The matrix is very meaningful, describing the events and people involved, and a cohesive message.

Cluster 2 Statistics

matrix R-value ( without ELS+1) is 4.283

expected number of occurrences for the main term in the Torah for the ELS range of -1889 to + 1889, which was:0,120485871 


divided by :0,120485871 = 159244.29

divided by 2 ( row-split) = 79622.14

the statistical chance of Matrix 2, is 1 chance in 79622


From webmaster: Using the same conservative methodology for calculating probability, we get a cumulative R-value of 3.773 for matrix 2, which translates into preliminary odds of 1 chance in 5,929. Since a row-split of 2 is used, we divide that by 2, and get odds of 1 chance in 2,965. This is a significant matrix and shows a cohesive message.

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