Cloning of Sheep Matrix
by JW Embry January 17, 2000


In 1996, the Roslin Institute in Scotland succeeded in producing a cloned sheep which they named Dolly, born July 5, 1996. Garnering worldwide attention, the cloning opens up a whole new area of discussion on ethics and possibilities.


Notice how Dolly nicely poses for the camera, a veteran of thousands of photo shoots, she does it all for free unlike other supermodels (a joke).


The cloned sheep is named Dolly, and she has since given birth to an ewe named Bonnie.


The matrix below has some significant features. United crossing Kingdom, identical and cells crossing genetic, Dolly crossing cloned, and more. The terms in the matrix are not randomly shown in a helter-skelter way, but associated terms cross or are closely parallel. Well done, JW!

Shown posing with Dolly is the research scientist who did the cloning, Dr. Ian Wilmut.


JW wishes to thank Dr. Asali Zaki for his assistance in getting the correct terms for the above matrix. Some of them are new words not yet found in any dictionary.


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