Human Embryo Cloning

 Britain grants embryo cloning patent. Britain last week became the first country in the world to grant a patent covering cloned early-stage human embryos. The decision could ignite new controversy among biotechnology critics even though the Geron Corporation, the company licensed to use the patent, has no intention of creating cloned humans. The British patent covers both the cloning process made famous by the creation of Dolly, the cloned sheep, and some of the products of that process. Those products include nonhuman mammals and human embryos in th very early stage of development, when they consist of stem cells that could develop into any sort of human tissue. In the USA, the National Institute of Health came out in the last few weeks with rules and guidelines for stem cell research.

Huge potential: An embryonic stem cell

Bone Marrow and the Stem Cell.

All of the cells in the blood, Red blood cells, all types of White blood cellsand the platelets are made in the bone marrow. This happens primarily in the flat bones in your body such as the skull, the sternum, the pelvis.

This microscopic view of a sample of bone marrow shows mature and immature white cells, the cells that produce platelets and both mature and immature red cells. Notice the variety.

 Blood is made in the Bone Marrow-Blood Cell Development

All of the cells differentiate from one group of "master cells" called Stem cells. The Stem cells can become whatever kind of blood cell the body needs. They are usually making all different types of blood cells.

What is Cloning?

Today, the greatest cloning agent is Nature itself. Cloning, in biological terms, is the production of a genetically identical duplicate of the organism such as seeds, spores, some insects, algae, unicellular organisms that conduct mitosis or binary fission, and occasionally human twins. About eight million identical twins are alive in the world, thus, already eight million human clones inhabit the world. With today's scientific technology, cloning is also artificial production of organisms with the same genetic material. There are presently two types of cloning procedures embryo cloning and adult DNA cloning.

How embryo cloning is done ?

Human embryo cloning starts with a standard in vitro fertilization procedure. Sperm and an egg cell are mixed together on a glass dish. After conception, the zygote (fertilized egg) is allowed to develop into a blastula (a hollow mass of cells). The zygote divides first into two cells, then four, then eight... A chemical is added to thedish to remove the "zona pellucida" covering. This material provides nutrients to the cells to promote cell division. With the covering removed, the blastula is divided into individual cells which are deposited on individual dishes.

 They are then coated with an artificial zona pellucida and allowed to divide and develop. The experiment by Sillman et. al., showed that the best results could be obtained by interrupting the zygote at the two cell stage. Many of these pairs of zygotes were able to develop to the 32 cell stage, but no further. They might well have had the potential to develop further and even mature into a viable fetus, except that the original ovum was defective and would have died anyway. For ethical reasons, the researchers selected embryos which had no possibility of ever maturing into fetuses, and thus into newborn babies.
 The benefits of human cloning
There are many ways in which in which human cloning is expected to benefit mankind. Below is a list that is far from complete.

The above list only scratches the surface of what human cloning technology can do for mankind. The suffering that can be relieved is staggering. This new technology heralds a new era of unparalleled advancement in medicine if people will release their fears and let the benefits begin. Why should another child die from leukemia when, if the technology is allowed, we should be able to cure it in a few years time?

Bible Code Matrix

The Matrix starts at Numbers Chapter 10:29 and ends at Numbers Chapter 14:14

Central Term " He Know the cloning Man" at ELS -272

Matrix A


Central Term "" He Know the cloning Man"
* Crossing the Central Term the word "Human."
* In proximity of the Central Term we found the following words & phrases :
Embryo , Embruonic , Cells , Scientist , Science , Uterus ( Womb), when he cometh out of his mother's womb.'

Cluster-Report A

Cluster Matrix A

Matrix B and Report B: Another expanded view of the same matrix above

The Matrix starts at Numbers Chapter 9:15 and ends at Numbers Chapter 16:1

Crossing and near the Central Term " Cloning ", we found very significant words and phrases:

Central Term " CLONING" at ELS ( -272 ).

Human , He , Man , Embryo, Embryonic, Cells ,  Differentiate, Scientist , Science, DNA , Genetic, Uterus(Womb), Disease, Cancer, research, Object, Method, Produce, Therapy, Transplant ,

when he cometh out of his mother's womb."

Man He Knows ( at the same ELS -272)

The Verse(Numbers Chapter 12:12) :" Let her not, I pray, be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother's womb."

Cluster -Report B

Matrix B

Statistical Analysis-Probability of the Matrix

What is the statistical relevance of the Cluster A and B matrix?

I used the Matrix R-value for main Term and then divided overall results by the expected number of occurences for the main term in the Torah for the ELS range of -272 to 272 .

Probabilty of Matrix A

matrix R-value for the A matrix is 13.523 ( without ELS of +1)

expected number of occurrences for the main term in the Torah for the ELS range of -272 to + 272, which was: 27.83( 28 )

Antilog 13.523 = 3.3342641 x 10+13

Divided by 28 = 1.1908086 x 10+12 = 1,190,808,600,000 

The statistic chance of the Matrix is 1 chance in 1,190,808,600,000

This translates into odds of ( 0.00000000000084 )

Probability of Matrix B

expected number of occurrences for the main term in the Torah for the ELS range of -272 to + 272, which was: 27.83( 28 )

matrix R-value for the B matrix is 7.552 ( without ELS of +1)

Antilog of 7.552 = 35,645,113

divided by 28 = 1,273,040

The statistic chance of the Matrix is 1 chance in 1,273,040

This translates into odds of ( 0.0000008 )

Webmaster note: I agree with the central point of Dr. Asali's work above on the cloning matrix. Genetic research and cloning does offer an opportunity to cure disease and also to allow infertile couples the possibility to have children. However, there is a dark side to this whole discussion. Many people will remember the physician in the USA who ran a large fertility clinic. He substituted his sperm for the husband's in 100's of cases, and in doing so, created dozens or hundreds of children that were the doctor's offspring and not those of the husband. In an absurd manner, he was using these hopeful couples who paid him large fees, to force them to bear the physician's children and furthermore, to pay for all their upbringing expenses. In other words, he was using science to enslave people to his own warped sense of importance. The whole point is that laws are needed and safeguards need to be enacted to prevent physicians and scientists from destroying lives and hurting the people and animals of the planet earth. "Trust me" is not good enough with this avenue of research.

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