Code matrix about the Sun Eclipse -August 11, 1999

By Dr.Asali Zaki -Israel 10/08/1999

This Code array shows the Hebrew of the Torah text from Numbers Chapter 6:6  to Deuteronomy Chapter 3:4
laid out in array of 32 columns ,8 rows=256.


Legend: (key words set)
Eclipse (of the Sun) ELS/ 9589 
Obscurity,Darkness ELS/9586 
Complete,full ELS 1/-1
 Brief,Short time,a moment ELS/1
to Happen, Come-ELS/3
Moon ELS/9586
August ELS/1/Av 


      -We found the encoded and related words near to each other in a small area.
-The words encoded many times at low or minimal intervals ; and have the exact same interval.
 -Some of the key words have and sharing a common letter and share some common space.

***an important and significant point is that  in close proximity to the encoded word SUN Eclipse
 we found related words Darkness, (Obscurity)and the word Complete.
The Three ELS Code can be considered rather compact  because the they share some common  space in their domain. This means that they will appear together  on a matrix that includes the locations :  Start from 197236 Start from  197236   End 254770.


In another passage we found other words encoded in close proximity of the word Sun Eclipse:
Sun Eclipse 
The Moon
to Darken,to Obscure
1999 =   /  august /

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