Very Long String Matrix about the Revelation
by Walter York February 9, 2001

Webmaster note: Walter submitted the following matrix in order to demonstrate that the Bible code has terms longer than previously thought. He graciously made this available for your free perusal. The matrix was done in the Torah using a toroidal or wrapped text. Normally, Bible code searches are done in the Torah unwrapped, where the text is a line of letters with a length of 304,805 letters, with a beginning and ending to the line. A toroidal or wrapped text uses the Torah as a circle where the beginning and ending of the Torah are connected. This is a valid area of research, although it can be done currently with only one software program, CodeFinder: Millennium Edition.

Walter writes: Following a decade of being stifled by restrictive rules and hypotheses, the codes endured a drop in public awareness and interest. But be of good cheer -- the codes are making a come-back.

Much of what has been accomplished of late has been in the area of software development. The increase in data handling speed made by Kevin Acres (in the CodeFinder program), and the advancement in automated evaluation software made by Dr. Haralick (Doc-te-Carlo – the Doc) are the most notable. Webmaster note: Dr. Haralick is developing a non-public adjunct software program to accurately calculate the statistics using Monte Carlo simulations.

Armed with faster computers, the CF boys (CodeFinder) have applied their improved software to precepts such as:

Banding: Banding relationships.
Matrix construction.
3D display: Lateral laterals.
Protocol: as to what terms should be included in the matrix.
Application of automated evaluation software.

Banding: I don’t believe that it is necessary to restrict an array to a single band. Having said that, it is interesting to note that seven out of eight ELS terms in the included matrix fall into a very narrow band (9077 to 9087). Should a "narrow band matrix" be evaluated based on the entire ELS range, or by the "narrow band" where the terms are found? (See Walter's previous article on Banding in the Articles section of the website)

Matrix construction is an important focus. I have offered up two matrixes. The first is what might be typically allowed in a conventional 2D matrix. The second is what might be allowed in a 3D matrix where a focal point is establish in the open text through which ALL of the terms included in that array MUST pass through. This hypothetical focal point is circled in both arrays. Actually, I did that to dazzle Roy with my trick graphics. Note: Walter's 2D matrix below.

It’s a little hard to imagine; but in 3D display this second matrix would appear like sort of a Christmas tree ornament (hanging suspended in the cyber-space of the Torah Codes) -- with the terms coming in and out of a central focal point at all angles. This would include the 2D terms as shown, and the lateral laterals (not necessarily at ELS) that are generated by the 3D software.

This new software will radically change the protocol as to what terms should be included in the matrix. So . . . the message of this particular ornament would be,

Read . . . term 2, then 3, 7, 8, 1, 11.

Application of automated evaluation software. No, I didn’t put these terms into Doc-te-Carlo and throw the switch. The reason being . . . I didn’t think that my erudite comments concerning the displayed report would be of particular interest. These summarial comments often include such classic monosyllabic utterances as, "huh?" and "da-ah?" Actually, these reports have bred a myriad of speculation concerning the Doc. One – my favorite – is that the Doc is really a back-engineered computer that was salvaged in the Roswell wreck. We may never know the whole truth; but the Doc-te-Carlo report does give us a peek (albeit a scary one) into the mind of a mathematician.

The folks with CodeFinder might be able to fool around with this matrix and get the box size smaller. For those folks who don’t have CF . . . well . . . don’t give up your day job just yet.

Below is what Walter is calling his 3D matrix in 2D representation:

I guess you noticed that Walter's main/center term is 54 letters in length. That is far longer than anyone else has shown to date from the Bible code. Any comments or questions concerning the use of Hebrew in Walter's matrix should be directed to Walter.

If you'd like to correspond with Walter on the above matrix, contact him at:

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