Life Matrix on Sid Roth, host of Messianic Vision

I was invited to appear on the Messianic Vision radio program, and subsequently did 5 radio shows as a guest on the Bible code (airs March 6-10, 2000). You can check for a station and air times in your area at After the program airs, you can listen to the 5 radio programs at the Sid Roth website using the free RealVideo player. I also showed the Sid Roth life matrix and many others on the TV show, It's Supernatural, that will air in 2-10 weeks. Sid Roth is also the host of that show and info about stations and times are on his website. You will be able to view the TV show too, after it airs, from the Sid Roth website using the RealVideo player.

Sid had heard many people claim that there are life matrixes on every person in the Bible code, and challenged me to do a matrix on his life in order to prove the point. The following is the Sid Roth life matrix I prepared and discussed on the radio & TV programs. Readers should note that I had a limited amount of time to do the matrix before taping the program, therefore, we can expect that there is far more in the matrix than shown. However, the matrix below has 73 terms (some terms are shown multiple times). The significant aspects, of the matrix, are 8 clusters within the matrix. The clusters show what we have been saying all along, that the design of the Bible code involves large scale clustering effects. Clusters are closely associated related terms in a small size area. Note: Sid Roth has given me permission to use this matrix on his life on the Codes in the Bible website, after all, it is his life.

I am going to use the Sid Roth life matrix as a teaching tool to teach others, many of the things that I've learned in my research in the Bible codes. There are repeatable design aspects in a life matrix. The articles explaining those lessons on life matrixes is in the "articles" section on this website. Please look over the entire matrix on this page before going to articles on life matrixes, since I do not show the entire matrix as a single GIF there, but show each cluster within the matrix as separate GIFs in order to explain the design aspects. Note: I am in no way saying I have all the answers for the Bible code in regard to life matrixes. This work reflects my own research and is repeatable by others for life matrixes.

The center term of the matrix is "Rothbaum" which was Sid's birthname before he shortened it to Roth. In spelling Rothbaum, I went to the Guggenheim Book of Jewish Names at the University library to search out the correct spelling. Rothbaum is a Jewish last name that comes from Poland and means "larch tree, or red tree". The spelling in the Guggenheim book shows a tet for the "th" sound instead of a tav as normally expected. Likewise, Sid's first name at birth was Sidney, and he shortened it to Sid. The life matrix shows his names given at birth. Since Sid was born Jewish, he was also given a Hebrew name: Israel ben-Yaacov David. All of these names are in a single cluster in the matrix, labeled as cluster 2.

The birth date is cluster 1 in the matrix, and shows day-month-year in the Jewish calendar, 4 Elul 5700 for September 7, 1940. Circling it are the terms for birth, and birth of.

Cluster 3 is a tight matrix sub-area showing that Sid's daughter Leigh married Greg.

Cluster 4 shows Sid's wife's first, middle, and maiden name (Joyce Thurley Young), all crossing, and crossing them are two occurrences of wife.

Cluster 5 shows the name of the radio show, Messianic Vision, crossed by radio, and the date it started, February 1977 (Adar 5737).

Cluster 6 shows the name of the TV program, It's Supernatural, the term TV, the month it began (June/Sivan), and two occurrences of the year it began (1996/5756).

Cluster 7 shows the title of a book Sid wrote, They Thought For Themselves, along with the terms author (2), book, and writer. (He didn't give me the date it was published, or else I would have looked for it).

Cluster 8 is a second grouping on the Messianic Vision radio program. It includes the names of two members of Sid Roth Ministries that have long been associated with the program, Bob & Janie Duval.

The Matrix Report

The R-values column in the matrix above is a statistical measure for the occurrence of a term in the matrix. As is, it does not do a good job of showing the significance of clusters, but does do a good job of showing the probability that a term would be expected to be found anywhere in the matrix. The R-values are Rotenberg values and range from +10.0 to 0.0 to -10.0. An R-value of 0.0 has a 50% probability of appearing in a matrix of this size, with positive R-values being statistically significant, and negative R-values showing terms with a high probability of appearing in the matrix. The more negative the R-value, the more likely it is certain to be found in the matrix; while for positive R-values, the more positive, the increased unlikelihood of the term ever being found in the matrix.

Theoretically, we should probably calculate the R-value of clusters based only on the size of the matrix sub-area that encompasses the cluster, rather than using the entire matrix size. The point is that the R-values above greatly understate the statistical significance of clusters within the larger matrix. There are a number of very smart people trying to develop a single statistical measure of significance for an entire matrix, but it is extremely difficult and has not yet been invented. That's the reason why I don't give a statistical measure of probability for the entire matrix. Using the tools available today, it would be only a guess and likely highly inaccurate.

In the matrix below, I used colored lines to connect the letters of each term. I went further and used the same colored line for all the terms of each cluster. That should enable the viewer to pick out all the terms of a cluster very quickly, and visually see the significance of terms in the cluster. The significance is due to crossing or closely parallel terms in each cluster within the larger life matrix. One should be able to see that there is purposeful and deliberate design in a life matrix. Related terms are clustered and in some cases, that cluster involves many terms (up to 10) in a cluster. Clusters are like a matrix within a matrix.

The Sid Roth Life Matrix

Please go to the "articles" section of this website for a 3-part detailed analysis of the matrix above, and lessons learned in doing life matrixes. The 3-part article will teach you many aspects of a life matrix and give you a push in the right direction in order to do a life matrix yourself.

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